Last Epoch: A Time-Twisted Odyssey Through Customization and Combat


On February 21st 2024 Last Epoch finally got freedom from the early access stage. This action RPG game was developed by Eleventh Hour Games. It brings a unique blend of time travel, engaging combat and detailed customer customization.

This long-awaited release marks the culmination of efforts throughout the year by developers. The developers also integrated many community feedbacks. It will offer a compelling experience for veteran ARPG enjoyer and newcomers to this genre.

A World Through Time

The Last Epoch revolves around the world Eterra, which is on the brink of destruction due to an encroaching void. Players start their thrilling journey from Eterra to take on the mantle of a hero capable of surviving this tedious combat. This unique narrative allows for exploring various eras in Eterra’s timeline. Each era has its own distinct style, enemy types, and lore.

The time travel mechanics are not just plot armor. It plays a crucial role in your character progression and world exploration. Players can revisit the locations to access powerful equipment and secrets that were previously unavailable. It adds a layer of strategic depth and rewarding exploration.

“Your adventure transcends time when a mysterious force sends you into a ruined future. Only by uncovering the secrets of the past will you be able to reforge the future and save the world of Eterra from the Void.”


Unveiling the Depths of Character Creation

All gamers have a soft spot for detailed character customization. Similarly, one of the main features of Last Epoch is a comprehensive character creation system. Players can choose from 15 mastery classes offering unique skill trees and play styles.

Each class caters to a different play style and preference, which means there is something for everyone. Players can choose from elusive Rogue to fire-wielding Paladin. The skill system further expands on this variety, allowing players to specialize in specific aspects.

This level of customization empowers players to have a personalized experience. They can discover their playstyle and try out various other styles.

Crafting a Path to Power

“Fill your arsenal with magic items that you can craft to perfection, change the rules of your build with powerful unique and set items, and know that next upgrade just on the horizon with Last Epoch’s deep and randomized loot system. Last Epoch’s community-revered crafting system features robust and deterministic upgrade mechanics, allowing you to control your character’s power progression.”

Last Epoch’s loot system is a typical ARPG model that focuses on crafting and gradual progression. This might be better than random drops, as you will be focusing on crafting. As a result, players will be determined to upgrade their material fully.

While players can still find equipment through exploration and defeating enemies, the emphasis lies in crafting powerful gear using the intricate crafting system. Players can collect materials and acquire recipes to progress. They will need to collect items like “glyphs” and “embers.”

Glyphs act as modifiers that alter existing item stats, while embers offer opportunities to completely reroll an item’s properties.

Engaging in the Thrill of Combat

Last Epoch’s combat system offers a satisfying blend of strategic and visceral action. Players need to grind to master their skills and utilize their class’s power to its fullest. As we know practice makes perfect so the combat does have a learning curve.

The combat feels impactful and responsive. You need to master the art of well-timed dodges and skillfully execute combos delivering a sense of accomplishments. Moreover, there are challenge modes to elevate your gaming experience. Hardcore mode has the thrill of permanent death.

“Choose how you want to play – Hardcore for the thrill of permanent death, Solo Self-Found for the rugged individualist. More Challenge Modes are coming soon.”

Unveiling the End Game

If you think once you reach the end game there is nothing to do then you are wrong. Last Epoch has a unique approach with end game. The Monoliths of Fate procedurally generates challenges that offer an ever-evolving gauntlet of enemies, bosses, and environmental hazards.

Each Monolith challenge has it own unique mechanics which will test your build, skill and strategy. Completing these Monoliths rewards players with powerful gear, experience points, and unique cosmetic options.


Last Epoch is becoming a competent game in the ARPG genre. It offers a unique blend of time travel, character customization, and thrilling combat. Players who are into ARPG will love this game. So, those seeking a fresh and innovative ARPG experience make sure to look for the Last Epoch.

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