Leica Leitz Phone 3 With 47.2-Megapixel Primary Camera, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC Launched


Leica, a brand known for its heavenly cameras, has ventured into various specialized fields. Despite the fact that Leica is most popular for its cameras, the organization has additionally stretched out into delivering watches and smartphones. This article investigates the less popular parts of Leica’s product offering, including its one of a kind cellphones and mechanical watches.

Leica’s Expansion


Leica’s strategic foray outside of its customary camera business began with successful partnerships with major players in the smartphone market, such as Huawei and Xiaomi. But the company’s independent foray into the smartphone market is evidence of its unrelenting dedication to innovation. This audacious decision is embodied in the Leica Leitz Phone line, which honors the visionary inventor Ernst Leitz. In the nomenclature, the combination of “Lei” from Leitz and “ca” for “Camera” represents not just a brand identification but also a heritage firmly anchored in the art of photography.

The Leitz Phone Series

The Leica Leitz Phone series made its debut in 2021, catering specifically to the affluent Japanese market. Since then, it has quickly grown to represent elegance and luxury. Leitz Phone 2 and its most recent addition, Leitz Phone 3, continue to carry the attraction of Japanese exclusivity while building on the popularity of their predecessors. These devices are more than just toys; they’re a perfect fusion of cutting-edge smartphone technology with Leica’s recognizable design language, appealing to both professionals and fans.

Camera Capabilities


Unmatched photography skills are the foundation of the Leitz Phone series. The main camera boasts outstanding picture quality with its 47.2 MP 1-inch Type sensor and adaptable 19mm equivalent f/1.9 lens. To enhance this capability, a 12.6 MP selfie camera with a wide f/2.3 aperture is included to guarantee that each self-portrait radiates luminosity and clarity.

Performance and Display

The Leitz Phone 3, powered by the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU, is ready to provide a fluid and snappy user experience. Whether you’re editing photos or watching media, its large 6.6-inch 240 Hz IGZO OLED display with a dazzling 1260×2730 resolution and an astounding 2,000-nit maximum brightness makes every interaction a visual feast.

Memory and Storage

With its big 12GB RAM and large 512GB expandable storage, the Leitz Phone 3 breaks through in a world where storage limitations sometimes stifle innovation. With so much RAM, multitasking is seamless, and there’s enough room to store a large collection of material, allowing users to express themselves freely.

Battery and Durability

The Leitz Phone 3’s powerful 5,000 mAh battery allows for continuous use all day long, saving consumers from the inconvenience of constant recharging. Moreover, users may explore and record moments in a variety of locations with confidence and certainty because of its IP65 and IP68 certifications for dust and water protection, which provide peace of mind.

Innovative Features

With a plethora of cutting-edge capabilities, the Leitz Phone 3 promises to take mobile photography to whole new levels. Previously available only with Leica cameras, the innovative Leica Perspective Control software allows users to easily fix perspective distortions, creating new opportunities for architectural photography. A further creative element is added with the release of new Leitz Looks and Leica Tone, which let users give their photos unique looks and tones.

Software Enhancements

In addition to its physical capabilities, the Leitz Phone 3 comes with a number of software upgrades designed to satisfy the particular requirements of photographers. As a dependable friend, the Golden Hour widget alerts users an hour before dusk and an hour after dawn, guaranteeing ideal lighting for shooting amazing pictures. Additionally, the carefully chosen widget that features photos from the Leica worldwide collection is a source of inspiration that fosters respect for the artistic merits of photography as well as creativity.

Exclusive Accessories

A “lens cap” and an exquisitely designed matching case are among the rare accessories that come with the Leitz Phone 3, which is a tribute to its dedication to elegance and sophistication. These attachments have a functional use in addition to being aesthetically pleasing; they protect the gadget while highlighting its high-end attractiveness. The Leitz Phone 3 is the pinnacle of elegance and refinement among smartphones, with each accessory painstakingly designed to blend in with the device’s overall design language.

Market Availability

On April 19, the much anticipated Leitz Phone 3 is supposed to go marked down, which will be a significant defining moment in Leica’s improvement of smartphones. Despite the fact that it is only available in the Japanese market, Leica’s dedication to providing its discriminating clients with unmatched quality and workmanship is evident from its limited accessibility. The Leitz Phone 3, regardless of its provincial focus, is evidence of Leica’s constant obligation to push the boondocks of innovation and maintain its status as a trailblazer in both the visual and specialized spaces.

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Leica’s latest smartphone, the Leitz Phone 3, blends the brand’s photographic brilliance and cutting-edge technology. The Leitz Phone 3 showcases Leica’s workmanship and creativity with its powerful camera, Leica Perspective Control, and special accessories. Although only available in Japan, it represents Leica’s development beyond conventional photography. As Leica diversifies its product line, the Leitz Phone series honors the brand’s tradition and commitment to innovation.

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Leica Leitz Phone 3 With 47.2-Megapixel Primary CameraSnapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC Launched
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