Leica SL2-S Mirrorless Digital Camera Review | Key Features & Performance


Do you need a high performance camera and on the same time appreciate an integration of stylish design? Introducing the Leica SL2-S Mirrorless Digital Camera: a tool that raises the bar of your photography and videography exploits. To give you a basic understanding of what this specific gadget is all about, as well as determine whether this mirrorless digital camera is worth your attention, you can read this article, which reveals the main characteristics of this device and describes what makes it special among the multitude of similar products.


The Leica SL2-S Mirrorless Digital Camera is so much more than what can be simply described as equipment for photographers and filmmakers. With a boost of 60MP with digital processing, the Af sensor, and the consistently reliable autofocus system, everyone from professional photographers to photography enthusiasts may find this camera appropriate for their shooting needs. Let’s look at what is built into and what we consider as its merits to determine is it right for you.

 Key Features

60MP Full-Frame BSI CMOS Sensor

In potency at the central of the Leica SL2-S, there is forty-fifth megapixels full-frequency BSI CMOS sensor. This is a high-resolution sensor that brings about a clear focus and better quality that is full of lively coloration. It matters if you are capturing landscapes, subjects’ faces, or fast-moving objects; in all these, the 60MP sensor provides detail to provide large prints and extensive crops without evident image degradation.

 Maestro IV Image Processor and 8 g Buffer

In the bit that falls alongside the sensor, there is the Maestro IV image processor. There is seven percent improvement in this powerhouse processor augmented with Eight Gigabytes buffer for speed that is well advisable for still image shooting and equally effective in video shooting. Possibly the most eye-catching part is the 8GB buffer which extends from the SL2-S and delivers doubling buffer capacity for all functions from power on to image processing.

 Hybrid Autofocus System

SL2-S is equipped with the Phase Detection AF, Object Detection AF, and the Contrast Detection AF types of hybrid autofocus. Together, these provide for a rapid and accurate focus, particularly in low light environments. Hybrid AF system ensures that moving subjects or low light conditions are not a problem and your images remain in focus.

EyeRes OLED EVF and Touchscreen LCD

When composing your shots, you have the 5. 76 million dot EyeRes OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF) and a 3. 2-inch approx. 2. 3 million dot tilting touch screen LCD. The viewfinder experiences a boost in resolution with the EVF and helps in providing an accurate view of the scenes helping in composition of photographs, while the vari-angle, touch screen, LCD screen is a flexible lot that shoots in different angles and the menus are also controlled with ease.

Video Capabilities: 8K, C8K, 4K, C4K, and FHD

Videographers will be pleased with the SL2-S’s numerous features focused on video performance. Regarding the shooting, it is possible to record in 8K, C8K, 4K, C4K, and Full HD (FHD) standards. There is the possibility to record internally or externally, and Full HD together with the ProRes 422 HQ provide the highest video quality. There are HDMI 2. 1 and USB-C ports and thanks to them, the connection to external recorders and other pieces of equipment is easy.

 Image Stabilization

This camera also comes equipped with the 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization. This allows for shake reduction up to 5 axis and that is good for shooting handheld since it anchors the camera in place to get better images. This stabilisation is useful, regardless of whether you’re still shooting with a camera and photographing an event with a still rather than filming a video with that famous Spielberg shake.

 Body Design and Usability

In terms of design, SL2-S appears to be much more powerful, balanced, and gentle in its forms while retaining the kind of durability that would not allow anyone to change the manufacturer’s intentions. I will give you a brief of it; It comes with magnesium and aluminum build that is splash and dust resistant with an IP54 rating. It is also more portable given that it only weighs 1. 7 pounds, which means you can easily have it with you for long shooting sessions.

 Connectivity Options

Thus, connectivity is the key for contemporary photographers and videographers. SL2-S comes equipped with the USB-C high speed transfer/data sharing, HDMI2. 1 PORT for video usage, standard 3. 5mm mic/ headphone jack availably for high end recording. Integrated Wi-Fi 5 (MIMO) and Bluetooth 5. 1 allow for smooth connectivity with Leica FOTOS App for transferring files wirelessly and camera controlling.

Triple Resolution Technology

Leica’s Triple Resolution Technology enables the photographer to decide whether the camera should deliver 60MP, 36MP or 18MP output, but in all these settings the complete sensor is used. This is very good news for different shooting conditions offering high-quality resolutions with deep 14-bit color data and 15-stop dynamic range irrespective of the available resolution modes.

 Enhanced User Interface

New graphical user interface has supplied with modern icons and specifically designed typeface on SL2-S. This design makes the menu more easily readable as well as more easily used, which makes it easier to customise this camera. The interfaces also provide distinct colors to mark the settings that are photo or video preferred.

 Versatile Storage Solutions

The SL2-S has a CFexpress Type B card slot and a SD UHS-II card slot so you have various options with storing your work. This configuration enables one to keep JPEG and RAW files in separate folders or copy files in duplicate to different cards for backup.

 Build Quality and Durability

The build of the camera is strong enough to allow it to work efficiently in harsh weather. The IP54 rating offers dust protection and protection from water splashes which makes it appropriate for outdoor and tough conditions. The robust structure does not in any way affect the beauty of the camera as it still posses the usualLeica design.


It is a well-developed tool, which offers many opportunities for the user at the same time being rather modern and advanced. Starting with a super high resolution sensor and further backed up by a completely new image processor, powerful 4K video, to having a strong weather and dust resistant construction, is what the SL2-S offers to its targeted audience of photographers and videographers. For those who are looking for a performance-oriented camera that is also very reliable, then the SL2-S deserves to be on the list of hopefuls..

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Leica SL2-S Mirrorless Digital Camera
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