LENCO L-3810WH: Direct-drive Record Player with USB Encoding


Who of us does not like the traditional figure of vinyl records? The LENCO L-3810WH does so, thereby creating this ‘retro feel’ with today’s technology making it enjoyable in bridging between the old and the new. If you are a DJ, a lover of vinyls or just a music lover this is a record player for you.


The LENCO L-3810WH is a device that is more than a record player, it is the means to a musical enjoyment of the combination of the traditional and modern eras. Featuring a modern white look, direct drive, and USB encoding, this turntable having a wide appeal ranging from an amateur listener to the DJ.

 Pros and Cons


  • Direct Drive: Ideal for DJs owing to the fact that the music plays at a steady pace and is powerful.
  • Audio-Technica AT3600 Cartridge: This is because the audio system in the large speakers is usually of high quality, which enables them to make clear sounds.
  • USB/PC Encoding: Effectively transfer your vinyl records to digital.
  • Pitch Control: Tune in to your task and tailor your listening over.
  • DJ Design: Modern design for business or work purpose.


  • External Speakers Needed: Integrated preamplifier; the set does not include speakers, so you have to purchase external ones.
  • Plastic Dust Cover: It is rather functional but it can not be said that its concept is pretty.

 Direct Drive: Ideally suitable for Disco Jockeys

The direct drive system of L-3810WH has made it one of the most popular models that DJs prefer to have. Comparatively to belt-driven turntables, direct drive offers the needed torque to get the desired platter speed, and sustain it. Most DJs require accurate control over the music and this feature is vital in the discharge of the task. If the direct drive is like a race car, then the fully authoritative approach is like having a means of transportation with an instantly powerful engine at the driver’s disposal.

Equipped with Audio-Technica AT3600 Cartridge

Cleanness of the sound is crucial and in this aspect, LENCO L-3810WH does not disappoint. It has the Audio-Technica AT3600 cartridge which can provide the best sound quality that any vinyl lover would desire. This cartridge guarantees that every disc note, beat, and subtle detail of your records are faithfully received and returned to the ears in full and vivid details.

USB/PC Encoding: Convert Your Collection

Another advantage of using the LENCO L-3810WH is that it has the ability to USB/PC encoding. This enables you to easily convert your vinyl records to MP3 format of your choice. This innovation is a combination of the old design which reminds the early age and the functionality of the modern world – you can copy your list of records on the device. It is like having a modern way of listening to music while taking a step back in time to appreciate good music.

Pitch Control: Fine-Tune Your Music

The pitch control feature gives you an opportunity to set the speed through which records are played at. This is particularly beneficial for the mixers especially the DJs because they can easily manipulate the sound thus enable them to come up with the perfect mix or simply listen to a certain track at a slightly different rhythm and tone. It is like turning a knob that allows you to set your music’s sweetness level to suit your taste.

 Typical DJ Design

The LENCO L-3810WH is especially intended for DJs and due to that, it features a typical DJ layout. Manufactured with a white glossy, backend gives it a superb look, and in addition it is well constructed to stand the brutal DJ practices. Controls are interesting and implemented in correct positions, so that you can have no distrains while fating music.

 Built-in Stereo Preamplifier

Few things in life are as satisfying as listening to your music loud and clear and this comes easy due to the built-in stereo preamplifier. This scenario implies that you do not need an additional preamplifier to connect the turntable to the stereo system. Some sound peripherals can just be plugged into external audio ports to output lose and you’re ready to rock the room. It’s as if an orchestra is already at hand, ready to perform as when you please.

 Removable Plastic Dust Cover

This unit additionally has a dust cover, made of plastic and is detachable so that you can keep your turntable looking as good as new. This cover shields your player from getting in touch with cases of dust and dirt hence keeping your player clean. This is one of the best simple ways of prolonging the use of a turntable just as a shield guards a valuable item.

Mechanical Arm Lift

The mechanical arm lift also ensures that the tonearm gently sets on the record and does not just fall on the records which would harm the records. The addition of this feature leads to the enhancement of the outlook of the operation and rough edge and a certain element of class is brought into the functioning which feels somewhat akin to the needle lowering onto a spinning record in an old fashioned juke box.

 Product Specifications

The LENCO L-3810WH falls under the Radios category that is designed with features that will be fit the demand of the audiophiles and the lovers of technology. Here are the key specifications:

  • Direct Drive with USB recording
  • Recording of Music via PC
  • Built-in Stereo Preamplifier
  • 2 Speeds: 33 RPM & 45 RPM
  • Moving Magnetic Cartridge (MMC)
  • Mechanical Arm Lift
  • Removable Plastic Dust Cover
  • Connections: USB-PC and RCA line output


In conclusion, the presented LENCO L-3810WH is one of the most stylish and quite useful record players for Multiple technologies and all-you-see elegance. It has direct drive system, high quality cartridge, USB encoding and other features which make the item very useful for a DJ and music lovers. Apart from that, this turntable does not only maintain the look of the records from the old days but also allows for the contemporary ways of listening through connectivity.

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