LG C4 vs LG G4: Unveiling the Differences in LG’s 2024 OLED TVs


Hey there fellow TV lovers! Today I’m excited to dive into a detailed comparison of two of LG’s flagship OLED TVs for 2024: the LG C4 and the LG G4. As a person who’s constantly in search of the brand new and greatest in TV era I couldn’t wait to discover the variations between these two fashions and help you are making an knowledgeable selection approximately which one is right for you. So let’s soar proper in and find the key differences among the LG C4 and the LG G4.

Display Technology

Let’s begin with the most vital aspect of any TV: the show technology. Both the LG C4 and the LG G4 feature OLED panels which provide several advantages over conventional LCD displays along with deeper blacks wider viewing angles and faster reaction times. However there are a few differences in how each model implements OLED era.

The LG C4 utilizes LG’s latest OLED panel technology which boasts stepped forward brightness coloration accuracy and HDR performance compared to preceding models. The result is a stunningly colourful and sensible image with great assessment and detail. On the alternative hand the LG G4 also functions LG’s superior OLED panel era however may offer slight upgrades in certain areas which include brightness stages and color accuracy.

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Design and Build Quality

Next up allow’s communicate about design and construct pleasant. Both the LG C4 and the LG G4 characteristic glossy minimalist designs with slim bezels and top class finishes. However there are some variations in their aesthetic processes and construction materials.

The LG C4 opts for a extra understated look with smooth traces and a focus on simplicity. It functions a slim profile and a top class metal stand that adds a hint of beauty to any room. On the alternative hand the LG G4 may additionally feature a slightly greater futuristic layout with sharper angles and bolder accents giving it a extra eye-catching appearance.

Picture Quality and Performance

When it involves photograph satisfactory and performance both the LG C4 and the LG G4 supply first rate outcomes. Both TVs provide stunningly vibrant colorings deep blacks and razor-sharp element making them best for the entirety from watching movies and TV shows to gaming and sports activities.

However there can be a few differences in how each TV handles positive components of image first-class. For example the LG C4 can also excel in terms of movement handling way to its fast response times and easy movement interpolation generation. On the alternative hand the LG G4 may also provide barely higher colour accuracy and peak brightness levels specially in bright rooms or HDR content.

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Smart Features and Connectivity

Last but no longer least allow’s talk about smart capabilities and connectivity alternatives. Both the LG C4 and the LG G4 come geared up with advanced clever TV structures that provide a huge variety of streaming apps voice manipulate competencies and different smart features.

The LG C4 runs on LG’s webOS smart platform which is known for its intuitive interface clean performance and big app choice. With webOS you’ll enjoy smooth access to all your favourite streaming offerings customized hints and clever home controls all in one handy interface. Similarly the LG G4 features LG’s webOS smart platform supplying the equal person-pleasant revel in and good sized app selection.


In end both the LG C4 and the LG G4 are superb OLED TVs that provide lovely photograph excellent advanced functions and immersive viewing reviews. Choosing among them ultimately comes all the way down to your personal choices and priorities.

If you prioritize motion coping with and a sleek understated design the LG C4 may be the higher desire for you. On the opposite hand in case you’re seeking out barely better colour accuracy and height brightness levels the LG G4 might be the manner to move.

Whichever LG OLED TV you choose you may relaxation assured understanding that you’re getting a among the best TV so as to increase your private home entertainment experience to new heights. Happy viewing!

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