LG developed a two-legged AI-powered robot that can watch your pets for you

Discover LG's advanced AI-powered robot, a two-legged masterpiece designed to watch over your pets. Learn more!

LG is going to start selling a compact bipedal robot that can roll around your house freely. The AI-powered robot, which will debut at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, has a wide range of capabilities — from notifying you that you left the AC on while you’re away to watching your pet while you’re at work. Like stationary smart home aids, like Alexa or Apple HomePod, LG’s robot can also tell you the weather and remind you to take your medications on time.

The Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform powers the robot, integrating a combination of hardware and software to execute its AI program. This includes features such as facial and voice recognition, emotion processing, and the ability to engage in conversations. LG envisions the robot greeting you at your door, assessing your emotions, and playing music to enhance your mood or induce relaxation. Additionally, the robot can express emotions through changes in posture, facilitated by its articulated leg joints. Despite its charming feature, its practical utility may be limited to enhancing approachability.

The robot is furnished with a facial camera, speaker, and various sensors enabling navigation, speech, and listening capabilities. It can also assess indoor air quality and temperature. However, it remains uncertain whether it can integrate with smart home systems to control devices like thermostats. LG has not yet provided information on the robot’s pricing, with details expected to be disclosed later.

Enabled with free movement, the robot can be programmed to care for pets in your absence and send smartphone notifications for any detected unusual activities. Utilizing monitoring tools, it can function as a mobile security guard, notifying you of movements in the house during your absence, or simply reminding you about left-on kitchen lights.

In conclusion,

LG’s innovative AI-powered robot may just revolutionize pet care. This two-legged marvel is paving the way for a new era where technology can be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, offering convenience and peace of mind in unexpected ways. With its ability to monitor pets and alert owners of any unusual activity or behavior, this robot is an exemplary example of how artificial intelligence can significantly enhance our lifestyles. As we anticipate further advancements from LG and the wider tech industry, it’s clear that the future holds exciting possibilities not only for us but also for our beloved pets. So why wait? Embrace this technological breakthrough and let LG’s AI-powered robot take some stress off your plate while ensuring your pet’s safety and well-being.

Maybe not doing the rest, but the new iRobot can clean your house within no time…

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