LG G3 4K OLED evo Smart TV: Unveiling the Ultimate OLED Experience


The display technology improvement of LG G3 4K OLED evo Smart TV can be considered as a huge advancement in the field of white OLEDS. This television with MLA OLED display captures the amazing picture quality along with the engaging gaming experience and remarkable sound. With G3, its long-running reign in the OLED TV market, LG continues by adding an extra edge to its OLED TVs and reviving the white OLED fire on the competitors. In the course of our review, we will touch upon the design, photo features, software, gaming experience, and audio features of the LG G3, and find out if it is able to live up to the hype.

LG OLED evo G3 4K Smart TV Specifications

Before delving into the details, let’s take a look at the specifications of the LG G3 4K Smart TV:

Design and Remote

The LG G3 sports a metal frame and narrow bezels placing a premium on the design and catching an eye for its slim and sleek look, thereby providing an enhanced visual experience. TV manufactures supplied with a full motion wall mount. Nevertheless, it does not contain any table mount stand in a package. If you prefer to demo the machine such as a tabletop demonstration, you will need to explore such third-party solutions. The back of the TV includes various ports arranged in such a way that it is funtional from different angles. The bottom-facing ones are located in a bracket.

With the handy LG magic remote, similar to the old one, the LG G3 provides you with more convenience than ever before because of the updated and upgraded version. The remote includes a gyroscope and accelerometer which permits to control the TV through pointing at options and selecting. The remote features those buttons that are frequently used and placed them where they lie under the fingers. Besides, the long-standing of the home or input button brings LG ThinQ Smart Home Hub to the table and that means you can monitor and control smart devices from home remotely. But it should be noted that major gainers like Netflix and Prime Videos have got specific hotkeys while other notable apps have not yet provided this kind of benefit.

Performance and Software

LG G3 offers Octa-Core, Alpha 9 Gen 6 processor coupled with 3GB of RAM and 8GB of ample storage. Choose different apps easily, and there isn’t a big difference between smartphones and this TV. Besides the traditional apps like Opera TV Apps platform which focuses on video apps and devices generally, your TV accesses to more apps and television now. The UI transitions when toggling between applications or jumping forward in context are always prompt. Through the WebOS software, a set of AI-powered smart features are being incorporated such as AI Picture Pro, AI Brightness Settings, and AI Genre Selection. The interface is user-friendly and hence, very responsive, unlike other interfaces that are less responsive and complicated to navigate. With a quite facts interface overlay users are able to alter, for instance, the audio and image modes whilst the contents are rolling. It is possible to cast through a program that comes with phone or via screen mirroring that is, flawlessly.

The LG G3 is among the rare smart TVs that can stream through AirPlay 2 and HomeKit, which create connections and access other devices under a program. Plus, the TV has the Multi View split-screen functionality which is a slight disadvantage because currently it is not supported by other apps. The voice assistant used by Smart TV from LG performs inversely to Alexa and Google Assistant, but the TV has a dedicated key for integration with Alexa. Through the LG TV Skill you can simply say Alexa to switch on your apps or apps content search or device control among many other things.

Picture Quality

The LG G3 is built on MLA OLED technology which within its system, includes a Micro Lens Array layer for the enhancement of the light emission and viewing broadening. The outstanding LG OLED Meta lights which are inbuilt ones are pushed inwards by a mechanism and as such reflections of the lights from the sudirect side are no longer there hence brightness is increased to the maximum. In addition, the TV set uses a contra-meta booster that boosts white pixels to make up for the limited representation of the image brightness in different parts of the screen. In our test, a known geometry window sample that occupies 10% of the current display had a perfect maximum brightness of 1820 nits while on Vivid Mode, a rare and magnificent achievement since we used an OLED panel.

The LG G3’s Filmmaker mode evens can be tuned “out-of-box” and, the color accuracy is outstanding for already-experienced enthusiasts. The said mode imitates real industry conditions with a white point that is closer to standards and managed to create peak brightness of 1350 nits on a 10% full-screen window. The Cinema Mode can be adjusted using similar white point settings as well as the feature to make motion smoother and gradation less white, and therefore it can be used in a living room with many light sources.

Concerning the color accuracy, LG G3 has done an excellent job. When in SDR mode, the process of Filmmaker mode reveals the nanometer-level precision of colors which is confirmed by our perceptual testing. Compared with other TVs, the color reproduction of this screen is excellent, because the average delta error is less than one, and the maximum delta error is only 1.8. In HDR, the color accuracy keeps being the top one, but the maximum error is slightly higher because the high error of saturated primary and secondary colors happens.

The LG G3 does a great job implementing of EOTF curve adjustments, retaining a true color RGB ratio without calibration being required. The OLED with deep black and high brightness gives extreme HDR for gaming and other high-definition videos as well. Under HDR, skin tones appear very natural both in bright and dark episodes of the video. Moreover, LG G3 is awesome when it comes to the legacy content upscaling, delivering widespread coverage for RGB color gamut, DCI P3 color gamut, and BT2020 color space.

Gaming and Audio

LG has fitted the G3 with its manufactured chipset including four full bandwidth HDMI 2.1’s. 120Hz VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) functionality is fully supported for the latest gaming consoles. The TV also provides an excellent HDR game play experience with HGIG mode for an accurate HDR tone mapping and the compatibility with Nvidia G-sync and FreeSync. The user will get a game optimizer as dashboard and all the game stats and the game settings can be accessible very easily on that dashboard.

The audio system of LG G3 was loud and well-balanced in point of 60W. AI Sound Pro makes use of the deep learning technology that guarantees the best possible audio adjustment to a particular music genre. As well as this, the TV uses AI tuning, which relies on the remote’s microphones to adjust the sound depending on the room and how ambiant it is. In spite of its premium audio experience, however, it is obvious that Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound+ tech is no longer the leader it once was.


In conclusion, the LG G3 4K OLED evo Smart TV delivers an exceptional viewing experience, with its brilliant picture quality, immersive gaming capabilities, and impressive audio. The incorporation of white OLED technology, MLA OLED panels, and advanced processing enhancements have solidified LG’s position in the OLED TV market. While the LG G3 faces tough competition from QD-OLED options, it successfully brings white OLEDs back into the game. With its intuitive software, cutting-edge connectivity options, and stunning design, the LG G3 is a top choice for those seeking the ultimate OLED experience.


Q: What is the LG G3 4K OLED evo Smart TV?

A: The LG G3 4K OLED evo Smart TV is the latest model in LG’s Gallery Series of OLED TVs. It features a new MLA OLED panel that delivers brighter and more realistic images than conventional OLEDs. It also supports various HDR formats, has a sleek design, and runs on webOS 23 smart platform123.


Q: What are the benefits of the MLA OLED panel?

A: The MLA OLED panel stands for Multi-Layered Array OLED, which means that each pixel has multiple layers of organic material that emit light more efficiently and uniformly. This results in higher peak brightness, better color accuracy, and lower power consumption compared to standard OLED panels12.


Q: What are the connectivity options and gaming features of the LG G3 4K OLED evo Smart TV?

A: The LG G3 4K OLED evo Smart TV has four HDMI 2.1 ports that support 4K 120Hz, eARC, VRR, ALLM, and QMS. It also has three USB 2.0 ports, dual-band Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, Ethernet, SPDIF, and antenna. For gamers, the TV offers low input lag, G-Sync and Free Sync compatibility, and Game Optimizer mode that automatically adjusts the settings for optimal performance


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