Light Up Your Life: Lola Table Lamp’s Magic Touch! (12″)


Are you looking for to infuse your residing area with a touch of elegance and warmth? Look no in addition than the Lola Table Lamp! This top notch piece no longer simplest illuminates your room with a soft, ambient glow but also boasts a lovely design that elevates your decor to new heights. In this comprehensive manual, we can delve into each aspect of the Lola Table Lamp (12″), exploring why it’s a need to-have addition to your private home.

Key futures

Natural Stone Beauty

The Lola Table Lamp is a testament to natural splendor, as it’s miles crafted from actual natural stone. This special choice of fabric gives a unique texture and shade version, imbuing every lamp with its very own man or woman individual. Unlike mass-produced lamps, the Lola Table Lamp celebrates the uncooked, unrefined splendor of nature, including an element of authenticity on your dwelling area.

Strong Silhouette

One of the most hanging features of the Lola Table Lamp is its strong silhouette, which commands attention and provides visible hobby to any room. Whether placed on a side table or nightstand, this lamp serves as a focal point, effortlessly enhancing the general aesthetics of your space. Its strong build exudes sturdiness and sturdiness, ensuring that it remains a timeless addition to your private home decor for years to come.

Fair Trade Certified™ Craftsmanship

Supporting moral manufacturing practices has by no means been less complicated with the Lola Table Lamp, proudly crafted in a Fair Trade Certified™ facility. By deciding on this lamp, you aren’t simplest investing in best layout but additionally in the nicely-being of workers who make a contribution to its creation. Fair Trade certification guarantees truthful wages, safe running situations, and environmental sustainability, making your buy a socially accountable preference.

Built to Last

Quality is a cornerstone of the Lola Table Lamp, as evidenced by way of its Contract Grade designation. Whether supposed for residential or industrial use, you could agree with that this lamp is built to withstand the needs of every day lifestyles. From its strong creation to its top notch substances, each thing of the Lola Table Lamp is designed with sturdiness in mind, imparting you peace of mind and long-time period price.

Ambient Lighting at Its Finest

The true beauty of the Lola Table Lamp well-knownshows itself when illuminated from inside, casting a smooth, heat glow that transforms your residing space right into a cozy retreat. Unlike harsh overhead lighting fixtures, ambient lighting fixtures creates a welcoming surroundings, perfect for enjoyable evenings or intimate gatherings. Whether located in the residing room, bedroom, or observe, the Lola Table Lamp complements the environment of any room, enveloping it in a gentle luminosity that soothes the senses.

Stunning Stone Design

The Lola Table Lamp exudes an air of beauty and sophistication with its lovely stone design. Resembling elderly stone, this lamp provides an organic detail in your decor, bridging the distance among nature and indoors design. Its timeless enchantment transcends developments, making it a versatile preference for numerous adorning patterns, from rustic farmhouse to fashionable chic. With its herbal finish and earthy colours, the Lola Table Lamp complements a wide range of colour palettes, resultseasily enhancing the visible attraction of any room.


Fiberstone Construction

The frame of the Lola Table Lamp is meticulously made from fiberstone, a long lasting cloth that mixes the power of fiberglass with the natural splendor of stone. This revolutionary construction guarantees the durability and resilience of the lamp, making it a practical and stylish addition to your private home.

Natural Finish

Finished with a natural coat, the Lola Table Lamp retains the proper attraction of its materials even as including a touch of sophistication to your decor. The subtle sheen of the finish complements the texture of the stone, creating a visually appealing contrast that attracts the attention.

Convenient Features

Equipped with a clean PVC wire and plug-in E26 socket, the Lola Table Lamp offers hassle-free setup and operation. The UL list ensures safety and reliability, providing you with peace of thoughts as you enjoy the gentle, ambient glow of your new lamp.

Versatile Lighting Options

The Lola Table Lamp is well matched with both 7″ and eleven” T9 bulbs, permitting you to pick out the perfect size in your lighting needs. Whether you pick a soft, diffused glow or a brighter illumination, this lamp gives versatility to suit your possibilities. Additionally, it’s far well matched with dimming clever bulbs (bought one by one), supplying you with complete manipulate over the environment of your area.

Easy Assembly & Care

Like other lamps on the market, the assembly required for the Lola Table Lamp is minimal, and this makes it a favorable option for those who have busy lifestyles. Only a few pretty straight forward moves will take you from getting the lamp set up to lighten it up with. To make it keep pristine look, it is better to remove the lampshades and wipe the lamp with a damp cloth, carefully avoiding the use of any abrasive or chemically aggressive compounds which may damage the texture. With a due care your Lola Table Lamp will stay the glow of your interior space down with incomparable beauty and charm forever.


  • Overall: 9.75″w×4.5″d×12″h
  • Cord Length: I came across a black and clean canvas 8 feet.
  • Product Weight: 12.7 lbs.


To sum up, this Lola table lamp has come to be much more than just a lighting device as it has now become my favourite decorative accessory that adds all that warmth, style, and aesthetic to space. The pure stone building makes this lamp something above it, and the Fair Trade Certified™ skill of product making is able to make it something positive in your home decor and the world at large. Lola Table Lamp blessed with ambient lighting and exquisite design will by all means surpassingly exalt to be a cherished centerpiece in your living space. Therefore, watch it illuminate beauty and elegance in your house for many years to come.

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1. Is it possible to use the bulb of any type with the Lola Table Lamp or it requires some specific attachment?

Indeed, one can use the Lola Table Lamp with 7″ and 11″ T9 bulbs each of which has been tested and rated for the best possible result.

2. Do the Lola table lamps come fully assembled or is additional self-construction required?

Absolutely! It features minimal assembly, meaning that all parts are already pre-assembled, and you will have no difficulty at all in installing your home kitchen.

3. Do I need special light sources to go with the Lola Table Lamp?

Yes, ‘dimming smart bulbs’, that are available as separate purchases, can level up your lighting.

4. Just as the Lola Table Lamp cleaning is important, you should also remember to inspect the lamp for any damages or problems?

If any of this is compromised, immediately discontinue using the lamp and contact the manufacturer for further instructions.
Just use a damp cloth and wash it to clean it and improve its appearance. Abstain from employing strong detergents which can destroy the paint’s top layer.

5. Lola Table Lamp one question that you may be wondering is What this the manufacturing location?

The Lola Table Lamp is elaborately manufactured in India out of a Fair Trade Certified™ factory that aims in looking after the workers and ensures ethical production.

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