Lodge Unveils the Solar Powered Speaker 4 Series 2


Lodge pioneers audio technology with the Solar Powered Speaker 4 Series 2. This Bluetooth speaker breaks battery life rules and elevates outdoor audio. Lodge’s newest solar-paneled model offers practically limitless runtime, making it a game-changer for outdoor parties, gatherings, and music fans on the go.

The Ongoing Battle with Battery Woes

The dead battery has plagued portable Bluetooth speaker users for decades. Lodge addresses this age-old problem with the Solar Powered Speaker 4 Series 2’s 10,000 mAh battery. This outdoor speaker offers endless performance without recharging when exposed to full sunshine. The speaker claims 22 hours of playing inside or without solar charging, even if winter testing may not provide endless playtime.

This idea is based on Lodge’s eco-friendly approach. Lodge connects the speaker to the sun’s plentiful and sustainable electricity with four solar panels spanning 180 square inches. The speaker’s solar panels add to its unusual design and demonstrate Lodge’s commitment to decreasing consumer electronics’ environmental effects.

Rugged Design for All Environments

Lodge Solar Speaker 4 Series 2 is built for outdoor usage and can survive varied situations. The speaker is IP66 dust/water-resistant, making it ideal for beach picnics, park gatherings, and other outdoor events. The speaker grill protects the shatterproof and chip-resistant solar panels on all sides, assuring longevity without sacrificing looks.

The 7.5-pound speaker balances mobility and durability. A three-piece outside mounting pole lets users fix it on grassy terrain. The pole’s magnetic connection and anchoring screw assure stability during outside events, making it suitable for picnics, parties, and other occasions that need a stable outdoor audio solution.

Intuitive Controls and LodgeLink Connectivity

The top panel controls make using the Solar Powered Speaker 4 Series 2 easy. Power, battery status, volume control, play/pause, LodgeLink, and Bluetooth are shown via rubber strips with icons. A beautifully fitted carrying handle in the top panel makes the speaker simple to take to any place.

Bluetooth 5.3 revolutionizes device connectivity with smooth and robust connections. LodgeLink lets customers connect numerous speakers, improving the user experience. Lodge provides immersive sound and broad coverage for big events with up to 30 speakers.

Audio Excellence With Unmatched Sound Quality

In addition to being sustainable, the Lodge Solar Speaker 4 Series 2 delivers great quality. This speaker’s 50-watt class-D amplifier, three-quarter-inch tuned dome tweeter, 4-inch tuned driver, and 4-inch passive radiator provide surprising sound.

The Solar Powered Speaker 4 Series 2’s strong bass, clear sound, and high loudness wowed after prolonged testing. Event attendees were amazed to find that a single Bluetooth speaker provided rich music. Lodge has increased portable speaker audio standards.

Versatility Unleashed With Lodge Solar Speaker 4 Series 2 for Every Occasion

The Lodge Solar Speaker 4 Series 2 is more than a speaker—it makes every moment an aural miracle. Its versatility makes it a great option for many occasions:

Outdoor Gatherings and Events

  • Solar Powered Speaker 4 Series 2 is the pinnacle of outdoor audio with its durable design and weatherproof characteristics.
  • LodgeLink connection brings rich, immersive sound to every location of your outdoor event.

Musical Bliss Amidst Nature’s Elements

  • This speaker’s lightweight design and solar-charging ability make it ideal for beach vacations and family picnics, where music and nature create the mood.
  • Unmatched durability protects the speaker from sand, water, and other external elements, ensuring continuous enjoyment.

Seamless Integration for Indoor Elegance

  • The speaker, designed for outdoor excursions, also fits into home entertainment settings for wireless interior music.
  • For movies and music, the Lodge Solar Speaker 4 Series 2 offers high-quality sound that enhances your home atmosphere.

Uninterrupted Music on the Go

  • The solar-powered speaker is excellent for on-the-go people since it eliminates battery life issues.
  • Users may enjoy continuous music on vacations, hikes, and camping areas with renewable energy.

A Symphony for Every Setting: Why Lodge Solar Speaker 4 Series 2?

The Lodge Solar Speaker 4 Series 2 offers more than sound. It has a symphony for every occasion and fits your lifestyle. Let Lodge reinvent the soundtrack to make every encounter a musical masterpiece.

Current Offer: $100 Discount – The Time to Invest is Now

As an experienced portable Bluetooth speaker reviewer, ZDNET’s Matthew Miller says the Lodge Solar Speaker 4 Series 2 has established a new benchmark. This speaker has raised outdoor entertainment standards with its solar-charging capacity, large battery, and great sound. The Solar Powered Speaker 4 Series 2 is $100 off at Lodge for a limited time, giving it a good opportunity for music lovers, party hosts, and enthusiasts to get a speaker that breaks the mold. Lodge‘s Solar Speaker 4 Series 2 really combines innovation and sound. Lodge has built a gadget that improves audio and supports global sustainability by using solar power. Lodge leads the solar revolution in outdoor audio as we transition to a sustainable energy future.

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