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Working or even sitting from home or from the computer has become a culture in societies, and thus proper equipment has to be purchased to reduce pains in the back and neck. When it comes to a wireless keyboard that has the ergo friendly aspect similar to a Qwerty Keyboard, Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Ergonomic Qwerty Keyboard does the job. In the following, justification as to why this keyboard may be perfect for your workplace will be essentially based on the aspect of features/benefits of this product.

 Wireless Range

But the Logitech ERGO K860 contains some of the most significant features such as the 10 meters (33 feet) wireless range. One of the performance feats of this feature is that the setup of the workspace can be done on a standard desk, a standing desk, or at a couch. These include the ability to provide a rock steady and reliable connectivity to enable type and do other related activities without any interferences in the most efficient manner without cluttering the working place.

 Improved Typing Posture

The flat typing on a keyboard naturally imposes undesirable angles for the wrist and forearm, which makes these body parts sore and tired with time. ERGO K860 has a curved and split keyframe design, so this problem is solved by it. This unique lay out helps to bring your fingers in a more neutral position making it easier and less stressful on your wrists and forearm. Like a wave you can just float your hands on it, the ergonomic factor of this keyboard is simply perfect.

 Pillowed Wrist Rest

It is gentle on hands, and this is obvious when typing for long hours; this is provided by the pillowed wrist rest of the ERGO K860. The shaped section is embedded with a memory foam that provides 54% of support to the wrist and makes for 25%lesser bouncing of the wrist as compared to the normal keyboards with no wrist support or palm rest. The feeling of typing in the clouds – it provides enough back support to keep the body pleasantly comfortable during work.

 Perfect Stroke Keys

The keys of the ERGO K860 are scooped to take the shape of fingertips and therefore offer an ergonomic and accurate touch. These keys also let one type happily and with a great deal of accuracy and the speed that one desires. Regardless of whether you are typing out the next part of a report, the content of an e-mail, or code, the perfect stroke keys guarantee that the pressure applied does not jar and that each stroke is a pleasure to execute.

Adjustable Palm Lift

ERGO K860 has pretty interesting functions, one of the most noticeable of which is the adjustable finger rest. The tilt legs are adjustable to 0, -4, and -7 degrees to enable you to position the keyboard according to your typing position; whether you are a sitting or standing person. This adaptability guarantees that your wrists are in a neutral position which eliminates tension and pressure.

 Ergonomist Approved

This design of the ERGO K860 seeks the backing of ergonomists then certified by the United States of ergonomics. This certification reinforces the keyboard in the light where is can enhance the posture of a person and reduce muscle fatigue hence being a good brand for people who need an ergonomic keyboard for typing. It is a stamp of endorsement that guarantees you of the health fortunes inherent in the keyboard.

 Familiar Features

It also incorporates modern ergonomic design but it has some elements that traditional users of the good quality keyboards would expect to find. Connect with the USB receiver or via Bluetooth, customize your Fn keys, benefit from quiet keys, the full size of the keyboard, and of course, the CAPS LOCK indicator. Such aspects make sure that you are provided with all the features that are needed for functionality purposes yet comfort is not comprised.


The ERGO K860 also comes with the corporate social responsibility aspect of product design through the incorporation of ergonomic design. For the Graphite version of the keyboard, seventy-one percent of the used plastics have been certified post-consumer recycled plastics. Also, the packaging of the products employs the printed paper from the certified FOREST Stewardship Council hence reflecting the company’s environmental consciousness. It is a decision that benefits your health while further promoting the conservation of the environment.

 Powered by Logitech Options

Logitech Options is the tool that supplements the hardware of the ERGO K860. This helps you optimate Fn keys, define your own shortcuts and to be notified about battery status. The integration of the software improves on the keyboard that becomes a very flexible input device that meets specific needs.


Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Ergonomic Qwerty Keyboard is extremely comfortable to use and efficient but it is also an environmentally conscious product. Lack of stress is achieved via its design and among the highlights are:-the pillowed wrist rest;- perfect stroke keys;-adjustable palm lift. Thus it offers a wider range of wireless, the familiar interface, and sustainability it is ideal for anyone who wants to make their working space better.

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Logitech ERGO K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard
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