Maniac: A Rogue-Lite Rampage Through Mayhem


Gamers play video games as an escape from the reality. The world of video game is filled with mind blowing narratives, world building and balanced character progression. However, some days you just need to play a game where you can unleash your chaos.

Skystone Games launched a game called Maniac where you can unleash your frustration or simply just enjoy the chaotic nature of the game. It is a rogue-like where you have to cause as much chaos as you can before there is a nuclear detonation.

“Welcome to Maniac where chaos is just waiting to be unleashed. Maniac is a throwback to times of the Original GTA’s of the world in which mayhem reigned supreme.”

The game is heavily inspired by top-down GTA titles. The game embraces a free-roaming sandbox experience. You have to control a nameless character who is a maniac criminal hungry for causing mayhem in the city. This time you don’t have to focus on character building and plot all you have to do is channel your inner destruction.

A City on the Brink

The city in the games is procedurally generated each time you start a new run. The city itself feels bustling with life and business of city people. Each city is embraced by highly developed urban environment only to get absolutely annihilated by you. The city has distinct neighborhoods, hidden alleyways and destructive elements to enhance the damage. Maniac’s world feels like a same level of chaos like it is almost the end of the world.

Mayhem is the Name of the Game

The objective in Maniac is as simple as water which is to create chaos and destroy the city before it gets nuked. The fate of city is merciless regardless as it is stuck between either getting nuked or absolutely demolish. Once you start destroying it triggers a countdown timer. Every act of destruction adds some seconds in the clock for continuing the mayhem.

The tolls of destruction are heavily diverse and it is scattered around the city waiting for it to get used. It can range from firearms to rocket launcher to cause maximum damage. You can also get machine guns and just go crazy with it.

“Don’t feel crazy enough? We got you! With an arsenal of Democracy at your fingertips from high jacking Bulldozers, Buses, Cop Cars, Tanks, and then some, destruction is all around!”

However, the weapons are not the only things that is used for destruction. You can use your surroundings to cause panic as well. You can ram people with stolen cars which is one of the most highlighted moments from early GTA games. Moreover, you can use gas to create multiple explosions. You can also set gang wars to create a ballet of destruction.

The Thrill of the Chase

As mentioned before the gaming mechanics is highly inspired by old school GTA. When you start causing destruction the police will start chasing you with pistols and patrol cars. The more mayhem you cause the more aggressive will be the response. You will soon start dodging military vehicles, SWAT teams and helicopter to stop you from your goal.

Use the city’s layout as your advantage to escape through the chasing and cause more destruction. You can take down the police cars by shooting at them with machine guns and rocket launchers. The chase in the game creates an adrenaline-fueled action.

Rogue-Lite Progression with a Twist

The rogue-like elements in the game ensures that players can have a fresh start each run. While death is inevitable you will still earn experience during your run. The accumulated experience can be used to unlock permanent upgrades.

The upgrade huge range of variety. It can increase the number of civilians who will help you to destroy the city or you can gain access to more powerful weapons. The most useful upgrade is slowing down the clock which allows you to destroy more. This skill upgrading allows you to come back for more playtime and does not make you bored.

The plot twist of this rogue-like is after death you can still keep certain items and power ups. In traditional rogue-like everything gets wiped out other than your skill sets. So, there is an incremental growth in this game.


Maniac feels like a love letter to the old GTA classics. The top-down perspective makes people nostalgic about GTA Chinatown. Moreover, the chasing mechanism will really take you back to the true essence of GTA. This is the perfect game for anyone who just wants to play mindlessly. So, if you want a game where you just have to play without worrying about missing questlines Maniac is the one for you!

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