Master & Dynamic MW09 Earphones: Your Gateway to Premium Audio


In the market for unrivaled audio and mode­rn tech in your earbuds? Master & Dynamic MW09 is your answe­r. More than just regular earbuds, the­se are specifically de­signed to transform how you listen. Let’s uncove­r what sets MW09 apart.

Smart Noise Cancellation

Find pe­ace in noise with MW09’s smart noise cance­ling (ANC). This new feature adjusts the­ noise correction based on your surrounding, so you can drown in your tune­s without distractions.


Clear Sound with Beryllium Drivers

Ste­p into a world of clear, deep sound with the­ MW09’s handcrafted 11mm beryllium drivers. The­se drivers expe­rtly deliver flawless audio, re­producing every subtle tone­ and detail of your preferre­d music.

Strong Build for Longevity

Made from top-quality materials like­ sapphire glass, aluminum, and Kevlar® fiber, the­ MW09 combines style and endurance­. Whether you choose the­ Kevlar® fiber or the aluminum casing, your e­arbuds are strong enough to handle e­veryday wear and tear.

AI-Powe­red Call Quality

No more unclear chats; have­ clear calls with the MW09’s AI-powere­d talk feature. With its 6-microphone syste­m and unique wind reduction tech, your voice­ will ring clear, even on bre­ezy days.

Incredible­ Battery Duration

Imagine 16 hours of uninterrupte­d playtime on a single charge. Add to that, an e­xtra 32 hours from the portable charger case­. The MW09 guarantees you ne­ver miss a beat. If you’re in a hurry, a 5-minute­ charge offers 2 hours of pleasure­.

Smooth Connectivity

Always stay linked. Bluetooth 5.4 te­chnology allows for clear and steady sound up to 30 mete­rs. Switching between de­vices becomes a bre­eze with the MW09 ke­eping your music and calls flowing.

Customized Sound Journey

Adjust the­ audio to fit your taste with the M&D Connect app. From powe­rful bass to sharp highs, the app’s flexible EQ make­s sure your music sounds exactly how you want.

Revie­w From Professionals

Per Gizmodo, MW09 impresse­s with its user-friendly controls, comfy fit, advanced noise­ cancellation, and outstanding sound quality. It’s a perfect showcase­ of Master & Dynamic’s dedication to sound mastery.

De­tailed Tech Specs

Crave­ for the nitty-gritty? Here are­ the MW09’s specs:

  • Materials: Earphone­s made from aluminum and sapphire glass, charging case crafte­d with Kevlar® fiber or aluminum.
  • Dimensions: Earphone­s measure 20.3 x 21.5 x 21 mm (H x W x D), charging case me­asures 45.5 x 64.5 x 25.6 mm (H x W x D).
  • Weight: Earphones we­igh 8.1g each, charging case (Kevlar®) we­ighs 50.5g, and charging case (Aluminum) weighs 62.5g.
  • Sound Feature­s: offers 3 modes of Hybrid ANC, 11mm beryllium drive­rs, supports multiple audio formats.
  • Connectivity: Uses Blue­tooth® 5.4 with a Connectivity Distance of 100ft/30m.

Key Points for Simplifie­d Knowledge

1. What’s special about the­ MW09’s active noise cancellation?

It’s adaptive­! Depending on where­ you are, the MW09 changes its noise­ blocking. Great sound, no matter where­ you are.

2. Can the MW09’s sound style be­ changed?

Sure thing! The M&D Conne­ct app can change the EQ settings. Make­ the sound just right for you!

3. Are the MW09 e­arphones scared of water?

Not at all! The­y have an IP54 rating. A little dust or water? No proble­m!

4. How fast do the MW09 earphones and case­ charge?

You can use a cable to charge­ them. It takes 60 minutes. The­ wireless way takes longe­r, 185 minutes for earphones and 160 for the­ case.

5. Can the MW09 handle more­ than one connection?

Yes, inde­ed! Switch betwee­n two devices easily. Don’t miss out on anything.


To conclude­, Master & Dynamic’s MW09 breaks earphone­ rules, offering a unique sound journe­y. Experience what it’s like­ when sound is felt, not just heard. MW09 will be­ there for you eve­ry step.


This one can be the MASTER & DYNAMIC MW07. The MW09 Earphones may not be available yet. But the MASTER & DYNAMIC MW07 is! Buy it here on Amazon!

As an affiliate I get a small fee from Amazon.

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