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The teenage engineering CM-15 microphone emerges as a beacon of innovation within the realm of transportable studio recording gadget. With its compact size, big-diaphragm pill, and groundbreaking functions, it guarantees to revolutionize the manner we capture audio at the cross. In this complete review, we’ll delve into the difficult details of the CM-15, exploring its layout, capability, programs, and more.

Design and Build Quality

At first look, the CM-15 exudes an aura of sophistication with its smooth and minimalist layout. Measuring just ninety mm x sixty five.Five mm x 19 mm and weighing an insignificant 132 g (4.Sixty five oz.), it is remarkably compact and lightweight, best for cell recording setups. The build high-quality is notable, with a sturdy construction that evokes confidence in its sturdiness, even in annoying recording environments.


Large-Diaphragm Capsule

One of the standout functions of the CM-15 is its big-diaphragm pill, a rarity within the realm of portable microphones. This design preference allows for superior signal capture, ensuing in clearer and extra precise recordings with reduced noise. Whether you are recording vocals, instruments, podcasts, or field productions, the CM-15 ensures terrific audio high-quality that competitors large studio-grade microphones.

Integrated Audio Converter and Preamp

Another key spotlight of the CM-15 is its integrated audio converter and preamp. This modern function removes the need for outside audio interfaces, streamlining the recording procedure and enhancing portability. With the CM-15, you can attain professional-grade sound excellent without the trouble of sporting additional gadget, making it a great preference for on-the-move recording periods.

Versatility in Applications

The CM-15’s versatility extends beyond its compact size and exceptional audio duplicate. It’s equally at home in numerous recording eventualities, thanks to its huge range of packages:

Vocal Recording

The CM-15 excels in shooting crisp and clean vocals, making it perfect to be used in vocal cubicles or recording studios. Its directional pickup sample ensures focused sound capture, minimizing history noise for pristine vocal recordings.

Instrument Recording

Whether you’re recording guitars, drums, pianos, or other units, the CM-15 delivers brilliant results. With its flat frequency response and huge-diaphragm capsule, it captures the nuances of each instrument with accuracy and clarity, ensuring that your recordings sound genuine to existence.

Interviews and Podcasts

Podcasters and interviewers will respect the CM-15’s excessive audio exceptional and portability. Its compact size and versatile connectivity options make it smooth to installation and use in any recording environment, whether or not you are in a studio or out in the area.

Field Productions

For on-the-go recording in outdoor or far off places, the CM-15 is a reliable partner. Its compact shape factor, lengthy-lasting battery, and rugged construct make it properly-ideal for shooting audio in hard environments, ensuring which you never pass over a moment.

Camera Microphone

When filming films with a camcorder or DSLR, the CM-15 can serve as a splendid external microphone. Simply join it thru the road out port to report synced audio immediately to your digital camera, enhancing the overall audio excellent of your films.

Connectivity Options

The CM-15 offers various connectivity options to suit your recording desires:

  • Mini XLR: For connecting to recording consoles or audio interfaces, making sure compatibility with professional studio setups.
  • 3.5 mm Jack: Ideal for monitoring audio with headphones or connecting to devices with wellknown audio inputs.
  • USB-C: Enables virtual audio interface connection, firmware updates, and charging, imparting seamless integration with modern-day recording setups.

Technical Specifications

  • 1-inch Large-Diaphragm Capsule: Ensures superior signal capture and audio fine.
  • 10-Hour Rechargeable Battery: Provides ample electricity for extended recording sessions at the cross.
  • 48 V Phantom Power Compatible Pseudo-Balanced Mini XLR Output: Offers versatility in powering alternatives, making sure compatibility with a extensive variety of devices.
  • Dual Mono 3.5 mm Jack Line Output: Enables simultaneous audio monitoring and recording.
  • USB-C Class-Compliant Device with High Performance: Ensures speedy and dependable connectivity with well matched gadgets.
  • ESS Sabre ES9822Q PRO Analog-to-Digital Converter: Delivers excessive-constancy audio conversion for pristine recordings.

Audio Characteristics

  • Self Noise: 14 dBA
  • Max SPL for 0.5% THD: 138 dB
  • USB SNR dBA FS: 120 dB
  • Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
  • Polarity: Positive


In conclusion, the teenage engineering CM-15 microphone represents a paradigm shift in portable studio recording. With its compact size, big-diaphragm capsule, included audio converter and preamp, versatile programs, and strong connectivity options, it gives unprecedented audio nice and flexibility in a transportable package. Whether you are a professional recording engineer, content material creator, podcaster, or discipline producer, the CM-15 is sure to elevate your audio recordings to new heights.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.Is the CM-15 suitable for out of doors recording?

Absolutely! With its compact shape component and lengthy-lasting battery, the CM-15 excels in outside recording environments.

2.Can I use the CM-15 with my phone?

Yes, the CM-15’s USB-C connectivity allows for seamless integration with smartphones, supplying terrific audio recording at the cross.

3.Does the CM-15 include any add-ons?

Yes, it includes a fashionable 1/4″ and 3/8″ adapter, as well as a mini XLR to XLR cable for connecting to recording consoles.

4.How does the CM-15 compare to other transportable microphones available on the market?

The CM-15 units itself apart with its massive-diaphragm pill, advanced audio fine, and tremendous connectivity alternatives, making it a standout desire for professionals and fanatics alike.

5.What is the warranty coverage for the CM-15?

The CM-15 comes with a general warranty overlaying production defects and malfunctions.

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