Maxsun Challenger B650M Wi-Fi Review: A Competent Entry-Level MicroATX Board for Basic Builds



In the ever-expanding universe of computer motherboards, the Maxsun Challenger B650M Wi-Fi emerges as an interesting proposition for those looking to build a cost-effective, compact system with decent capabilities. Aimed squarely at the entry-level market, this MicroATX board is designed to accommodate basic builds while still supporting flagship-class Ryzen processors. However, as with any budget-oriented product, it comes with certain compromises, particularly in terms of storage options. This review delves into the features, performance, and overall value of the Maxsun Challenger B650M Wi-Fi, providing insights into who this motherboard is for and whether it’s worth your investment.


Design and Build Quality

The Maxsun Challenger B650M Wi-Fi, true to its MicroATX form, offers a compact design that is ideal for builders looking to save space without sacrificing too much on the functionality front. The board is well-constructed, with a robust layout that provides essential features for most entry-level and mid-range builds. It features a modern aesthetic with subtle heatsinks and a black PCB that should fit nicely into most case designs.

Processor Compatibility and Performance

One of the strong points of the Challenger B650M is its compatibility with AMD’s Ryzen processors, including the latest flagship models. This is particularly notable for an entry-level motherboard, as it allows users to pair it with a powerful CPU for better performance. In testing, the board handled a flagship-class Ryzen processor with competence, showing no issues with general operations and multitasking.

Performance-wise, the Challenger B650M is quite capable of supporting everyday computing tasks, light gaming, and content creation, provided that the other components in the system, such as the GPU and memory, are also up to the task. The motherboard supports DDR4 memory and features adequate VRM cooling, which helps in maintaining stability and performance under load.

Connectivity and Expansion

As a budget motherboard, the Challenger B650M Wi-Fi comes with a reasonable set of connectivity options. It includes Wi-Fi support, which is a significant addition at this price point, providing users with wireless internet connectivity out of the box. The board also includes Bluetooth, adding to its versatility.

For expansion, the motherboard offers one PCIe 4.0 x16 slot, suitable for modern graphics cards, and additional PCIe slots for other expansion cards. This setup should suffice for most entry-level and mid-range users but might feel limiting for those looking to build a more high-end system with multiple GPUs or other PCIe cards.

Storage Options

One of the limitations of the Maxsun Challenger B650M Wi-Fi is its storage options. The board provides a minimal number of SATA ports and M.2 slots, which might be restrictive for users who need extensive storage for applications like video editing or large-scale data management. This limitation makes the motherboard more suitable for users with moderate storage needs.

Features and Software

Despite its budget orientation, the Challenger B650M includes a decent array of features. It offers basic RGB lighting support, which will appeal to users looking to customize the aesthetics of their build. The motherboard also comes equipped with a user-friendly BIOS that is easy to navigate, making system setup and tuning relatively straightforward for even novice builders.

Price and Value

Priced as an entry-level motherboard, the Maxsun Challenger B650M Wi-Fi offers good value for money, particularly for those who are building their first PC or need a simple replacement motherboard for basic tasks. Its support for high-performance processors and inclusion of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth make it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.


The Maxsun Challenger B650M Wi-Fi is a solid choice for anyone seeking an affordable MicroATX motherboard that doesn’t skimp on processor support or essential features. While it is light on storage options and might not satisfy the needs of more advanced users, it strikes a good balance between cost and functionality for basic builds. Whether you are assembling a home office PC, a budget gaming setup, or a simple multimedia station, the Challenger B650M provides a reliable foundation that meets the needs of most casual users and budget gamers.

Maxsun Challenger B650M is not available on Amazon. However, we have the MAXSUN B660 LGA 1700 – a similar version if not better!

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