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Unveiling the Future of Intelligent Lighting
Leading lighting expert Nanoleaf has taken the smart home market by storm with the launch of five innovative solutions that are all matter-compatible, in a stunning demonstration at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Of them all, the Nanoleaf Skylight is particularly noteworthy as a ground-breaking modular ceiling fixture that ushers in a new era of adaptable smart lighting.

Skylight: An Exquisite Combination of Form and Function

The Nanoleaf Skylight is the first modular ceiling light of its kind, setting a new standard. Different from traditional lighting solutions, Skylight gives users total control over the layout and coverage area of their ceiling lights. Inspired by the popular modular wall light panels from Nanoleaf, Skylight has square RGBW LED panels that can be combined in different ways, giving consumers the ability to create custom and one-of-a-kind designs.

Utilizing Wi-Fi, Skylight offers a wide range of over 16 million dynamic hues for ambient lighting in addition to practical white light for daily use. It is simple for users to change the temperature, color, and brightness, and even schedule their preferred illumination. The Skylight has all of Nanoleaf’s well-known intelligent features, such as the Screen Mirror, Group Scenes, Dynamic Lighting Scenes, and Rhythm Music Visualizer.

A Center of Networking: Skylight acting as a Thread Border Router

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the Skylight doubles as a Thread border router, allowing smooth communication between the house Wi-Fi network and the network that connects smart home appliances. Furthermore, Skylight has integrated Sense+ motion and ambient light sensors, which provide homeowners with more control over routine lighting automation.

Sense+ Controls: The First Hands-Free Intelligent Lighting System

Alongside Skylight, Nanoleaf presents the Sense+ Controls line, which includes the Nala Learning Bridge, Sense+ Wireless Smart Light Switch, and Sense+ Smart Light Switch. This revolutionary set of controls enables lights to ‘think’ for their users, providing the first hands-free smart lighting experience in history. With the integrated motion and ambient lighting sensors found in all three models, homeowners may customize and program their home’s lighting according to daily schedules.

In addition to being a thread border router, the Nala Learning Bridge has a soft glow and changes color to provide a subdued lighting alternative for the evenings.

Increasing the Ecosystem of Nanoleaf

With the debut of a Lightstrip later in the year and Matter-certified Essentials Bulbs (A19, BR30, GU10, and a Recessed Downlight) at CES 2023, Nanoleaf broadens its ecosystem. These goods claim to improve the overall smart home experience by lighting homes with dynamic, bright hues and clear, useful white light.

Additionally, Nanoleaf guarantees customers that later in the year, their entire range of modular light panels and light bars—which includes Shapes, Elements, Canvas, and Lines—will be Matter upgradeable, providing a smooth software update for improved smart home interaction.

The Smarter Kit for Nanoleaf 4D TV: Increasing Entertainment

The 4D TV Screen Mirror Camera from Nanoleaf is available for enthusiasts looking to enhance their entertainment experience. It comes with a Smart Addressable Lightstrip that is compatible with Matter. Think of this ground-breaking kit as Philips Ambilight on steroids—it uses Sync+ technology to evaluate on-screen material and modify the Lightstrip’s color output to produce a room-filling, immersive experience.

Users may personalize their entertainment area with the Lightstrip (5M length)’s 50 programmable zones and four Screen Mirror settings. For a complete visual experience, the camera, which can be positioned on either side of the TV, synchronizes with the entire Nanoleaf lighting system. Two screen size options—55″–65″ and 70”–80″—will be offered for the Nanoleaf 4D TV Smarter Kit beginning in Q2 2023. The debut of all other new Nanoleaf devices is scheduled for Q3 2023.

Nanoleaf’s Bright Future

With their cutting-edge products introduced at CES 2023, Nanoleaf is redefining smart lighting, and their future seems bright. Pioneering in its field, the Skylight modular ceiling fixture provides Matter compatibility and unmatched creative control. Hands-free smart lighting is revolutionized by the Sense+ Controls, and Matter-certified Essentials Bulbs and Lightstrips, which will soon be available, guarantee a complete illumination experience. The dedication of Nanoleaf to improving its modular light panels reinforces its leadership in the sector. The company not only brightens homes with the Nanoleaf 4D TV Smarter Kit, but it also molds the future of linked and personalized smart living.

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