New Post-nuclear Tactical Shooting Game Hornet Is Announced!


Antistatic Studios is a new team of developers. It has former Bioshock, Cyberpunk 2077, and Borderland developers. They dropped the game trailer for their debut title, Hornet.

According to Antistatic, Hornet is just a codename given right now. It may or may not change when the game is fully ready for release.

Hornet seems like the love child of Lethal Company and STALKER. Antistatic Studios said their inspiration trickled down from their passion for supernatural and war stories. So, seeing horror elements in the game will not be surprising.

What Is Hornet About?

Antistatic Studios gave a brief description of the basic plot of Hornet. So far, we know the game will be a PvE cooperative tactical shooter game.

The main story is based on a field agent you will be controlling. The field agent works in a company known as Mortfield Industries. The game’s main objective is to search and contain any paranormal activities. It becomes challenging as the game takes place in a post-nuclear European continent.

As it is a post-nuclear dystopian world, we can expect enemies to be mutated. Moreover, it would be nice to see some levels where the characters deal with nuclear radiation, like in Fallout 4.

Additionally, from the game trailer, it seemed like the footage was from the field agent’s bodycam. It would be pretty thrilling to see if the body cam becomes one of the prominent tools in the gameplay.

There is a lot of expectation and speculation, especially when no gameplay is revealed.

Will It Be an Open World?

So far, from the developer’s website, they are claiming that the game will be a procedurally-assisted open world. Hornet will have a world full of dynamic events, secrets, and encounters with multiple factions and entities.

It will be exciting if the open world atmosphere overlaps with the soulsborne mechanism. Having a post-nuclear tactical shooting game with soulsborne elements seems like an addicting combination.

It is not out of the ordinary to expect developers to add some eerie easter eggs or secret side quests. Gamers are also questioning how many endings Hornet might have as it is an open-world game.

Ultimately, the story writing and perfect implementation of paranormal activities make a horror game successful.

Rumors About the Enemy in Hornet

Antistatic Studios’ website has a faux conspiracy theory blog, which gave us a possible lead for an antagonist candidate in Hornet.

According to the website, there is a creature straight out of eldritch horror. It has feminine features with a height of 2.8 meters. The creature has long dark hair with elongated nails. The interesting part is the beast has eight nails in total.

(Image Credits: AnomaLeaks)

A few lines in the blog give us the impression that we may get to see this unearthly creature as an enemy in Hornet.

“Examination of the scene revealed sixteen deceased among Soviet forces and five dead Mortfield’s personnel. There were no survivors.” (via AnomaLeaks)

According to this sentence, we can see that this creature is a part of the Mortfield industry. It is safe to assume that you will come across bodies with scars from claws when you are playing as the field agent.

“The anomaly was tracked through the snow to Edenland Park, a forested leisure park for horseback riding and rope trails.”

This quote gives us an idea that we may encounter areas with snow. We have yet to see what type of enemies we will see in the snowy regions.

However, in the game trailer, we saw the field agents going to some sort of amusement park surrounded by tall trees. It almost felt like the leisure park was in the middle of a forest.


One thing is sure Antistatic Studio is doing great work at slowly creating the suspense. Their conspiracy theory website has already grabbed many gamers’ attention.

As the game is still in development, it will undergo several changes. Hopefully, the developers will cater to us with something unique. Once again, the combination of a post-nuclear open world and tactical cooperative shooting game sounds very intriguing. Gamers who are heavily into cooperative games might get another gem soon.


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