Nintendo Switch 2: The Rumors of 8-inch LCD Screen


The Nintendo Switch took over the market like a storm since its release in March 2017. It became a popular gaming device worldwide.

So far, it has been well-received for its innovative design and strong catalog of games. It has become one of Nintendo’s most successful gaming platforms, with more than 130 million units sold. Nintendo Switch takes over the Wii and DS handheld market.

The combination of innovative hardware design, strong software support, and effective marketing helped Nintendo Switch to gain popularity among gamers.

As we know, in the gaming world, to keep your popularity intact, you need to evolve continuously. So, what is the next step for Nintendo?

According to several sources, around September 2024, Nintendo will release its new console, Nintendo Switch 2. It is the successor of the Nintendo Switch. This news made its chaotic entry into the gaming world, which is causing speculation and guessing games for the console’s design and specs.

The Buzz About 8-Inch LCD Display

It is expected to assume that Nintendo Switch 2 will come with an OLED display like its predecessor, Nintendo Switch. Most gamers were hyped, hoping the new switch would have an OLED display with a higher refresh rate.

However, according to a report from Bloomberg, everything was shaken up. The rumors of LCD screens spread like wildfire.

The Research Manager Hiroshi Hayase, an Omdia Analyst, claims that the Nintendo Switch 2 will have an 8-inch LCD panel, and the OLED screens were not mentioned.

Sharp Corp, the company that works as the Switch assembler for Nintendo, also made some remarks. Sharp Corp’s comments gave a hint that the rumor might become true. According to Sharp Corp, they are supplying LCDs, and the console was in the R&D stage last year.

One might think that Nintendo got a better offer from Sharp than the company supplying their OLED display panels. As Nintendo aims for an 8-inch display, OLED suppliers may need more resources to meet that requirement. As a result, Nintendo is opting for LCD screens for their latest console.

The Switch 2 Specs Rumors

According to RedGamingTech YouTuber, a leak about Nintendo Switch 2 specs is emerging from a Taiwanese website. According to the information, Nintendo will use Nvidia’s T239 processor for the new console. Additionally, it will have 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

It was also mentioned that the battery life will see a considerable improvement. Currently, the Nintendo Switch can last around 4.5 to 9 hours. The console’s battery usually lasts 4.5 hours for demanding games like Zelda. This gives us hope that Nintendo will improve the battery life and that the Switch 2 will last longer while playing demanding games like Tears of the Kingdom.

Moreover, it was also mentioned that the refresh rate will increase from 60Hz to 120Hz. Despite switching to LCD screens, knowing that they might spike the refresh rate is comforting.

Apart from these, the YouTuber also suggested that the console may have 8x Cortex A78AE. It will also have DLSS 2 and FSR 3 support. The Switch 2 will be roughly up to par with PS4 when docked. Moreover, it will be backward compatible.

According to the sources, Nintendo might release a pro version after the initial release of the Switch 2. The main feature of the pro version will be increased storage.

The Pricing Rumors

Current models of Nintendo 2 Switch sell at $299 for the original version and $349 for the OLED model. SoldierDelta shared the possible release price of the Nintendo Switch 2 in discord messages.

According to them, the standard model will cost around $499, and the digital model will cost $400. If the speculation is true, this will be the first time Nintendo has a digital version.


At the end of the day, leaks and rumors may not be entirely accurate. However, even if Nintendo opts for LCD panels instead of OLED, they are highly expected to increase the refresh rate as compensation. Moreover, the rumors about the pricing seem likely as the prices are not far off.

So, now we have to wait and see what Nintendo intends to do. Until then, we have to play Zelda on our current switch.

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