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Nothing has established itself as one of the most promising new smartphone companies quite quickly. That’s because of its assertive marketing approach and distinctive industrial design, which embraces a transparent appearance on its accessories and devices. The first phone to emerge in the US was the Nothing Phone 2, which was released in mid-2023. We anticipate seeing the Nothing Phone 3 at roughly the same time in 2024, so our expectations are high. What we now know about a potential future top phone is listed below.

Design And Display:

Nothing has been successful in preventing the release of its upcoming flagship phone. The only choice if the firm wishes to maintain a distinct lineage to its prior devices is to call it Nothing Phone 3, though we’re not even sure whether that will happen. As one of the company’s most notable visual differentiators, Nothing is probably going to continue with its transparent back design for the Nothing Phone 3. It will most likely come with Glyph lights once more, which are LED strips that can be programmed to flash and provide video fill.

The specifications of the Nothing Phone 3 should be comparable to those of its predecessor. Nothing chose to utilize a CPU from the prior year instead of investing in state-of-the-art technology. When the Nothing Phone 2 was released, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 was the model that was available, not the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

This implied that the phone’s performance wouldn’t suffer significantly, allowing the company to offer it for a little less money. Nothing is expected to employ a comparable tactic with the Nothing Phone 3 in order to maintain its price advantage over rivals. Aside from that, there are reports that Nothing is developing a “Phone 2a,” which would be the brand’s less expensive mid-range model. Should this naming system succeed, it would adopt an approach akin to that of the Google Pixel series. There have been previous speculations of a less expensive Nothing Phone. Note that the CEO of the company denied these rumors, therefore consider this information speculative.


When it comes to software and hardware, nothing is renowned for emphasizing aesthetics without including needless bloatware. With the exception of a few Pixel-only features, the Nothing Phone 1 and Phone 2 felt quite similar to one other. However, the Phone 2 offered more extensive theming options, such as the option to have your home screen appear all white and intelligent lock screen widgets. This is probably the direction that the Nothing Phone 3 will go, providing greater customisation without introducing superfluous bloatware.

Nothing guarantees four years of bimonthly security patches and three years of Android updates for the Phone 2. Although several manufacturers have subsequently caught up and surpassed Nothing, this was still sufficient for 2023. We hope that the Phone 3 will receive extended support from the manufacturer.


There are two existing Nothing cellphones, and each have different photographic experiences. Although the business resolved a number of the Phone 1’s initial software problems, it was never able to compete with Samsung phones and Pixels priced similarly. Although improved, the Phone 2 is still inferior to many of its rivals.


Nothing allows a more realistic look than trying to make every dark region as bright as the rest, but the Phone 2 does a fantastic job of taking good-looking images in good lighting. With its long exposure times and poor shutter speed, the Phone 2 is still not up to par in difficult lighting situations. It’s obvious that Nothing needs improvement in its image processing, and we’re hoping the Phone 3 will be able to outperform.

Price And Release Window:

Given that the price of the Nothing Phone 3 varied between its two predecessors, it is challenging to predict how much it will cost. The Nothing Phone 2 witnessed a price increase of about $100 to reach $600 in the US, whereas the Nothing Phone 1, which never made an appearance in the US outside of a restricted beta program, sold for £400 or €470 (about $500) in Europe. We may have to consider another $100 hike, depending on what features Nothing will bring to the Phone 3. Nevertheless, the business might remain with the $600 that the Phone 2 came with. It’s doubtful that the cost will differ greatly from that of its predecessor.


One thing is certain while we wait for additional information about the Nothing Phone 3. Nothing will probably start a crazy marketing effort that continuously teases the device before presenting it. With the company’s distinctive approach to the translucent backs of its phones, the design is probably going to be unusual.

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