OM SYSTEM Olympus OM-1 Mark II Micro Four Thirds System Camera



Do you need a camera that should provide extraordinary results and at the same time be well built? If this sounds like you then the OM SYSTEM Olympus OM-1 Mark II Micro Four Thirds System Camera could be just what you have been seeking. Many built-in functions enhancing performance of this camera and its’ construction creating an exceptional tool among others on the field of photography. Now it is time to consider the main features that make this camera outstanding.

 Revolutionary Autofocus System

The OM SYSTEM Olympus OM-1 Mark II has the Cross Quad Pixel AF system providing 1,053 points / all are cross-type / 100% of high-precision AF. This is beneficial for every shot as most are pin sharp; good for quick moving subjects such as sport or wildlife. It might be likened to having a thousand small eyes all focusing towards the lenses to ensure the snaps are clear.

 Superior Image Quality

This camera has 20M Stacked BSI Live MOS sensor; it has high resolution with remarkably low noise in low light background. Whether you are taking a landscape photo during the twilight or a portrait indoors, you will be confident of getting vivid and sharp images to the smallest of features.

 Powerful TruePic X Engine

The camera is equipped with TruePic XI to its optional which was about three times faster than prior cameras. Not only does this make your shooting progress faster, but it also increases the efficiency of the camera and transitions between various settings giving you a much better and fluid shooting experience.

 Innovative Computational Photography

The OM-1 Mark II is equipped with a few Computational photography functions that distinguish it from the other offers. These features include:

  •   Handheld High Res Shot: Set stunning extremely high quality photos with no need of the tripod accessory.
  •  Live GND: Replace graduated ND filters in-camera starting with the lighter density.
  •  Live ND: Get long exposure effects without taking off external filters.
  • Handheld Live Composite: Ss for building light paintings and other night photographs.
  •  Focus Stacking: Use of several shots to have deeper focus.
  •  HDR Shooting: Work with High Dynamic Range [HDR] images.

Rugged and Durable Build

Another admirable attribute of the OM-1 Mark II is its rating, which is IP53, this makes it dust proof, splash proof and is safe for use in freezing conditions 10℃ below zero. This camera is shockproof, waterproof, frost-proof, and dust-proof–meaning that it will not fail on any tricky outdoor or adventurous shots.

Perfect for All Weather Conditions

Think of a camera lens that would make no mistakes no matter the weather or the time of day. And no matter if you are in the hot desert or rainy jungles or cold snowy mountains, OM-1 Mark II is ready to capture all of that. It is reinforced and therefore you will not miss a shot as a result of tough weather conditions.

 Versatile Shooting Modes

This camera comes with a package of features that may fit the needed shooting type of a photographer. Ranging from fully automatic mode for first-timers, to fully manual mode for professionals, the OM-1 Mark II has it all. The device is formed like having many cameras in one.

 User-Friendly Design

At the same time, pop focus and other improved characteristics did not make the OM-1 Mark II complex to operate. The controls are simple yet smooth and this helps in the transition to maneuver the camera and set up the shots. Regardless of whether you are new to DSLRs or have been using them for a long time, you will find this model easy to use and fun.

 Ideal for Videographers

Videographers will benefit from 4K video options on OM-1 Mark II. It delivers ‘sharp, clear, colorful’ output image quality and fairly keeps the true-to-life color natural. The camera also has other features that are peculiar to shooting videos such as focus assist and zebra stripes to help in shooting high-quality videos.

 Battery Life and Storage

Battery is well served on the camera and this will enable the photographer capture more photographs without having to charge the battery. Also, locations are important for storing enough data, thanks to two SD card slots that allow not to worry about running out of them during important shoots.

Connectivity Options

They note that staying connected is critical in the contemporary society that is characterized by technology advancement. Connection privileges as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are present in the OM-1 Mark II to transfer photos or control the camera with the aid of smartphones or tablets.


The OM SYSTEM Olympus OM-1 Mark II Micro Four Thirds System Camera is as packed with features as it is with nostalgic appeal. As a first timer in photography or as a professional seeking for a primary camera that will favor what you do this camera will serve its purpose to the letter. However, with fast and accurate autofocus, high image quality, and exclusive novelties, this is the best option for photographers and videographers.

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OM SYSTEM Olympus OM-1 Mark II
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