OnSign TV Comprehensive Review

OnSign TV Comprehensive Review

Image source: OnSign TV

A top choice for digital signage projects with complex requirements 

Digital signage software like OnSign TV lets you make, organize, and show content on tablets, screens, or video walls. While its headquarters are in Hong Kong, OnSign TV’s development team is based in South America. It has a global perspective is dedicated to satisfying consumers worldwide with its top-notch service. Constantly looking to broaden its reach, it does so through its network of partners in more than 50 countries.

With a background in developing internet services since 1995, it knows what it takes to make cloud services reliable and scalable. Managing material, creating and scheduling playlists, and tracking viewing data is a breeze using OnSign TV’s cloud-based platform.


You can control your screens and content from any location with OnSign TV, a digital signage platform. Among OnSign TV’s many user-friendly and dependable features are:

Remote View: From any web browser, you may view the action unfolding on your screens in real-time.

Apps: More than a hundred apps are free, allowing you to make interactive content for your screens.

Custom Apps: Integrating third-party apps with OnSign TV is also possible with the help of the free software development kit (SDK).

Redundancy: You can ensure your screens never go blank by setting up backup players and material.

Use Management: Management of individuals and groups with varying access and privileges is possible.

Touch Support: With touch support, you can have your screens respond to motions and interactive content.

Triggers based on GPS: You can trigger content, like weather, traffic, or nearby events, depending on the position of your screens.

IoT-integration: With the Internet of Things integration, you can make intelligent and responsive signage by linking your screens to various devices like cameras, sensors, and more.

Server integration: You can connect OnSign TV to your existing server infrastructure to show data and information specific to your business.

API: The OnSign TV API allows you to automate processes and connect with many platforms.

Offline HTML file support: Support for offline HTML files means you can add and show HTML files even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Custom font upload: The ability to upload and utilize one’s typefaces on displays is available.

Support for nested and complex playlists: You may make playlists with different levels and conditions to show your content, which also works with complex and nested playlists.

Enterprise features: Improve the safety and efficacy of your signage network with features like audit logging and single sign-on.

Android, Windows, Linux, BrightSign, and Samsung SP are just a few hardware devices compatible with OnSign TV. One more way to use your Android device as a signage player is with the OnSign TV app.  It’s a robust feature set that caters to the needs of both beginners and specialists.


There are two different pricing tiers available with OnSign TV. There isn’t a free plan tier that we could identify, but you may try it out for 14 days—much shorter than the 30-day trials offered by several of the competition.

Professional is the base plan tier; paying monthly gets you $19.99/player. If you have more than 25 players, you can get a volume discount of $16.99/player; if you have more than 100 players, you can get a $14.99/player discount. Additionally, yearly discounts begin at $215.88 per player, equating to $17.99 a month per player, and comparable discounts for larger volumes. Email alerts, on-demand content triggering, the ability to upload custom fonts, and animated content transitions are just a few features available.

The top package is Enterprise at $29.99/month per player every month or $323.90/player per year (a substantial reduction of $26.99/month). If you have more than 100 players, you can save $269.90. If you have more than 250 players, you can save $215.90 per person. In addition to everything in the lower plan, this one provides many more features, such as the ability to cancel active and continuing sessions, a single sign-on, and a trail of audits.

Customer Support

With only one contact method, OnSign TV’s direct support is negligible. To tackle more complex issues, it is often necessary to have direct contact. Hence, we would want to see a phone number and the opportunity to live chat. The ability to post a screenshot and annotate it with relevant information is an excellent feature of the help portal that we appreciate. We did manage to track down an email address, but since it begins with info@, it’s more geared toward sales than user assistance.

There is more information available on the self-help support side. There are many tutorials available on YouTube, both written and video-based. The ability to save it as a PDF makes it much easier to print out when we need to refer to it when fixing a problem. An excellent collection of video-based resources is available under the Expert Tips tab. Additionally, we appreciate the Release Notes, which cater to advanced platform users with extensive information, and the Blog, which is more geared toward beginner users.

The Bottom Line

Professional content management system (CMS) software, OnSign TV, lets you make, manage, and show content on a wide range of sign screens. Several positive aspects can be mentioned, such as the extensive set of features, the abundance of materials, and the availability of yearly and bulk savings plans. A short few drawbacks are:

✔ A short free trial period (only 14 days)
✔ Lack of direct phone help
✔ Limited direct support (just a contact portal)
In summary, Onsign TV is a formidable newcomer to the cutthroat world of digital billboards.

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