Panasonic LUMIX Full Frame Camera Lens, S 100mm F2.8 Macro



The serious and subtle details of the world are recorded in this marvellously crafted Panasonic LUMIX S 100mm F2. 8 Macro lens that continues to impress photographers and videographers. This lens known as the world’s smallest and lightest macro lens to other lenses in its class is a fairly remarkable mix of compactness and quality. For someone who wants to photograph flowers and insects or someone who wants to create interesting videos, this lens will not disappoint.

The World’s Smallest and Lightest Macro Lens

Envision standing behind a lens which allows enlarging the most unconscious motives of the planet and being able to throw it into the back of a backpack for the night. The Panasonic LUMIX S 100mm F2. 8 Macro is that lens; one that is versatile as well as flexible. Since January 8, 2024, it became the smallest and the lightest macro lens in the line of the interchangeable lenses for the AF compatible full-frame mirrorless cameras. This lens, with a magnification ratio of 1:Is an excellent lens, especially when it comes to the lens’s focal length measurement, which is 1 and a focal length of 90mm or more.

 Compact and Lightweight Design

Perhaps, one of the most profound aspects with regards to this particular Zoom lens is that it is relatively small and lightweight. The older macro lenses might be somewhat large, cumbersome pieces of equipment, but through the use of Panasonic’s distinctive technologies the company has developed a lens that is about two-thirds shorter or three-dimensionally less and half as heavy as normal macro lenses. With the LUMIX S5II attached at around 2. 2lb, this system is for those who need the freedom of mobility while shooting, because the lightweight and portability will let you shoot creatively.

 Life-Size Close-Up Photography

The macro range of the LUMIX S 100mm F2. 8 enables life size magnification up to 1x. It is useful for capturing the details of the petals, bugs, paintings, carving, and the surface of the food items. The kind of detail and reality that is achievable with this lens is astounding; the lens is a favorite among macro photographers.

Versatile Applications

Though this lens is particularly useful for taking macro shots, one can take shots of far more than that. It can be used at a medium telephoto range for portraiture for you to have the ability to take very sharp shots with splendid bokeh on the background. Also, it is perfect for shooting landscapes since you can make use of it to capture the razor-sharp image and high level of detail. Thus, as a tool for an arsenal of any photographer, the lens allows to incorporate different shooting styles into work.

 Ideal for Video Recording

To the younger generation of shoo producers and videographers, the following characteristics of the LUMIX S 100mm F2. 8 Macro lens may benefit their video shooting. The ultrasonic focusing and smooth adjustments of the aperture are essentials when recording 4K videos or stunning photo sessions. Thanks to its high resolution and great performance in delivering photographic quality, your videos will be provided with beautiful blur in the background and rich depth of expression that distinguish your content from the rest.

 Efficient Workflow

S 100mm F2. 8 Macro is another lens that Panasonic has introduced to fit perfectly with the LUMIX S F1. 8 product range of fixed focus lenses. These harmonously achieved sizes, weights and operating characteristics make lens changing on gimbals easy and quick. For every photographer or videographer who swaps lens during shoots, this aspect enhances the shoot experience because time is saved and creativity enhanced.

Rugged Design for Tough Conditions

In the field, the conditions do not spare you and the weather can be really harsh sometimes. The LUMIX S 100mm F2. 8 Macro lens is designed for tough shooting environments, through overall dust and splash resistance. It is also built to work under very low temperatures of up to 14°F so that your shooting will not be restricted by unfavorable weather conditions. This analog’s construction makes it ideal for photographers who shoot in the field, requiring equipment that is capable of surviving the elements.

Professional Build Quality

What makes the LUMIX S 100mm F2. 8 Macro very desirable is the professional feel of the lens that photographers will admire. Its optimum design offers 13 factors in 11 groups as well as 3 aspherical lenses, 2 ultra extra-low dispersion ones and one extra-low dispersion one. All these help to reduce distortion and give excellent acuteness of the image even at the frames peripheries.

 Outstanding Performance

It hardness and acurtity, color re production and contra sky, the LUMIX S 100mm F2. 8 Macro lens tick all the right performance booxes. Taking the pistil of a flower or the beautiful wings of a butterfly, this lens guarantees that each click is as sharp as they come. For portrait photography, the smooth, creamy bokeh it can produce makes it even more creative for that perfect artwork.


As any professional knows, equipment having the appropriate tools goes a long way in making the difference in the results of a shoot. It is a macro, portable, versatile, and high performance lens all in one package that cannot be easily matched. Whether it is for business purposes or for the mere love of photography, this lens will make the observer/stylist enjoy the different creation of the world with different impressive detail.

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Panasonic LUMIX Full Frame Camera Lens
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