Peugeot 3008: Stylish Evolution in 2024


Throughout its generations, the Peugeot 3008—once a modest MPV—has seen a stunning transformation. Peugeot has consistently pushed limits and redefined expectations within the SUV sector, starting with its resurgence as a fashionable family SUV in its second generation and continuing with its most recent incarnation, the all-new Mk3 3008. The most recent 3008 has a more coupé-like style, adding sophisticated and athletic design cues that are reminiscent of the sporty Cupra Tavascan.

Design Evolution: A Coupé-SUV Marvel

The new Mk3 3008’s external design is captivating, with a coupé-SUV form that has a smoothly sloping roofline at the back. This redesign uplifts the 3008’s aesthetic appeal by adding a dash of sportiness. The automobile’s avant-garde wheel designs, well-defined body lines that follow the contour of the car, and Peugeot’s characteristic three-claw LED running light trademark at the front and back are striking elements.

Peugeot promises that the new 3008 retains the utility of its predecessor while having a sharper design and a roomy 520-liter box. Complete redesign of the inside includes a 21-inch screen that is softly curved and sits above the dashboard. Media controls and essential driving information are effortlessly integrated with this multipurpose display. Peugeot’s well-known i-Toggle touch panel of shortcut buttons underneath the screen gives the user interface a more tactile and understandable element.

Technological Prowess

Peugeot’s dedication to state-of-the-art engineering is evident in the all-new “EV native” STLA M platform, which forms the foundation of the Mk3 3008’s technical arsenal. Peugeot’s electric ambitions are supported by this platform, which was created from the creative concept of the brand’s parent business, Stellantis. The Mk3 3008 range consists of the all-electric E-3008, a regular full-hybrid version, and a plug-in hybrid model.

E-3008’s Battery Symphony

Peugeot’s electrification journey reaches its apex with the all-electric E-3008. With two battery packs to choose from—73kWh and a massive 98kWh—the E-3008 has an outstanding electric range. Peugeot states that the bigger 98kWh model has a range of an amazing 435 miles, while the smaller 73kWh unit can only go up to 326 miles. With its impressive range, the E-3008 is a serious contender in the electric SUV market, appealing to customers who want efficiency as well as longer travel distances.

Tailored Performance for Every Driver

As standard, the E-3008 has front-wheel drive, which is in line with modern electric vehicle specifications. Peugeot, on the other hand, offers a dual-motor vehicle with all-wheel drive to appeal to a wider market. In addition to improving traction and stability, this dual-motor setup meets the needs of drivers looking for a more dynamic and adaptable driving experience. Peugeot is committed to offering solutions that appeal to a wide range of customer tastes, and this is shown by the flexibility of its engine variants.

Plug-In Hybrid Ingenuity

In addition to the E-3008, the Mk3 3008 expands the roster with a combination of electric and combustion power by introducing a plug-in hybrid variant. Plug-in hybrid vehicles enable drivers to easily switch between internal combustion and electric power, which is in line with the rising trend of environmentally responsible driving. In addition to improving fuel economy, this dual-power capacity helps to lessen the environmental impact, which is an important factor in the modern vehicle scene.

Infotainment and Connectivity

In the Mk3 3008, Peugeot places a premium on the driver’s interface, with the 21-inch screen acting as the hub for communication and infotainment. Peugeot has shown its dedication to delivering a simple and easy-to-use driving experience by combining media controls and driving information into a single display. Beneath the screen, the i-Toggle touch panel offers a haptic element that improves overall system interaction by giving rapid access to important features.

Market Positioning

The Mk3 3008 has a dramatic design, cutting-edge technology, and a diverse range of engine options as it makes its way into the competitive SUV market. Peugeot presents the 3008 as a representation of perfection, providing a seductive fusion of design, practicality, and elegance. Peugeot’s strategic usage of the STLA M platform and the launch of the E-3008 highlight the brand’s commitment to influencing the direction of mobility as the automotive industry moves toward electrification.

Peugeot 3008 Mk3—A Visionary SUV

The brand-new Mk3 Peugeot 3008 is an innovative SUV that personifies Peugeot’s dedication to sustainability and innovation. In the very competitive SUV market, the 3008’s design progression, technology competence, and adaptable engine lineup position it as a leader. The Mk3 3008 raises the bar for SUV excellence thanks to its sleek coupé-like design, superior electric capabilities, and flawless electronics integration. The Mk3 3008 redefines driving by inviting drivers to go on an adventure where performance, elegance, and sustainability come together.

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