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Are you ready to level up, Liftoff? The new DIRTYWAVE M8 Tracker Model:02 that is now available for preorder and with it comes some great changes to the series. Orders that were made after June 10 will feature their new device to ship in September. The clothes that were ordered on April 8th will be delivered in the month of July 2024.

 What’s New in the Model:02?

The DIRTYWAVE M8 Tracker Model:02 has been given many upgrading on its features making it to be even more interesting to be used by music producers and enthusiast. It is now time to focus on some newly included functions that made this letter different from the previous one.

 Design and Display Improvements

One of the most noticeable changes in the Model:02 is the change of solid-body-material-turned-machined-aluminum, which provides a smarter, harder-wearing aesthetic. In addition to this the intake of the larger 3. An obvious advancement compared to the initial plan with a 2. 8” screen, the player is at the disposal of a 5” IPS TFT display. It also lends to a more detailed user interface especially when using the gadget to move from one music track or setting to another.

 Enhanced Battery Life

Is your music tracker a burden to your brainstorm, and does it constantly die right at the middle of the music creation process? The Model:You will be pleased with the upgrade on battery life in 02 with the new coming phones. Currently, you can get up to 12 hours use time without charging and that means, you do not have to keep on charging the battery all the time you want to record your music.

 Built-in Microphone for Sampling

Mobile sampling has simply never been a problem before. The Model:02 has an incorporated microphone that lets you directly record melody samples into the device. By giving control over environmental sounds or small vocal snippets this is a useful addition which also does not require any additional equipment.

 USBC Connectivity

The addition of USBC port is obvious that the its availability in the device mode allows for easy connectivity and charging. This modern connection type ensures faster data transfer and compatibility with a wide range of devices, making the Model:02 a very useful gadget to have when engaged in music production processes.

What’s Included in the Package?

When you preorder the DIRTYWAVE M8 Tracker Model:02, you have a package that is so rich that it enables you start right from the first moment. Each package includes:

  • A soft micro fiber bag
  • A travel case
  • A USBC cable
  • The specific product type in this circumstance is a MIDI TRS-A to MIDI DIN adapter
  • A memory card of 64 Gigabyte Micro SD card with songs demos, presets and other samples.

This perfectly assembled pack guarantees that you are ready to produce music from the moment you unpack your new device.

 Shipping Information

To ensure you receive your Model:02 on time, then the shipping time schedules need to be known. The devices ordered after June 10th will be shipped in September while devices ordered on April 8th will start shipping in July 2024. Save the date and get ready for a quite modernizing experience!

 Why Upgrade to Model:02?

You might be wondering, why should you consider upgrading to the Model:02 is the number before 03, and it is also the same number that has been used in the previous subtotaled row. This indicates that the formatting of the column has not changed. It is relatively lighter as compared to its predecessor; design, display, battery life, built- in microphone also makes it a worthy successor to the original M8 Tracker. All these enhancement in combination make a positive impact on the users as music production becomes easier and fun.

 Support and Updates

DIRTYWAVE is committed to providing continuous support and updates for the M8 Tracker Model:Censored content may include text, images, or links that are obscene, vulgar or contain lewd graphics, videos, flashing banners or long text messages. The manual and firmware updates can be located in the support section, which keeps your gadget current for improved features and changes. These supports ensure that you get the best out of your investment hence enhancing its effectiveness.


In summary, the DIRTYWAVE M8 Tracker Model:02 is the standard that comes with numerous enhancements that are required for music producers and true lovers of music. Starting up with the improved detailing on the remote as well as the graphics on the LCD, each aspect has been developed to give you the best of music creation. Don’t miss out on this exciting upgrade – preorder your Model 02 Today !

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DIRTYWAVE M8 Tracker Model:02
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