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Proclaim, a top provider of personalized preventive healthcare, has introduced its ground-breaking 3D-printed Custom-Jet Oral Health System. To eliminate the common P. gingivalis bacteria that may be found in nearly everyone’s mouth, this cutting-edge device effectively gets rid of trash, food particles, and plaque. By treating the underlying causes of oral health problems, the company hopes to save millions of lives. Learn about the characteristics, advantages, and possible effects of Proclaim’s most recent development in dental care.

The Custom-Jet Oral Health System Is Unveiled

The introduction of the Custom-Jet Oral Health System marks a significant advancement in Proclaim’s dedication to advancing preventive healthcare. With just one button push, this 3D-printed miracle claims to improve dental health and give consumers a rapid and efficient way to fight dangerous bacteria in as little as seven seconds.

Princeton, New Jersey-based orthodontist Jonathan Nicozisis, DMD, MS, highlights the importance of maintaining good oral health beyond simply avoiding gum disease. He points out the sometimes overlooked link between systemic disorders affecting the heart, brain, and digestive system and mouth bacteria. Nicozisis asserts that Proclaim’s Custom-Jet Oral Health System, which provides a customized and preventive approach, has the potential to become the new benchmark in at-home care.

Using Cutting-Edge Technology

The Custom-Jet system’s main component is a mouthpiece that is 3D printed and has up to 60 strategically positioned, patent-protected water jets. This innovative mouthpiece, with its distinctive design that allows it to clean all tooth surfaces and gum lines at once, offers a thorough and effective oral cleaning experience. Proclaim asserts that compared to conventional string flossing, its technique is up to 13 times more effective.

Proclaim Health’s CEO, Heberto Calves, clarifies the technology underlying the system. Proclaim attempts to automate and customize the cleaning process by utilizing the most recent advancements in digital scanning, 3D printing, and sophisticated fluid dynamics. The organization feels that by using this method, at-home oral care routines will be more convenient and pleasurable in addition to ensuring a greater capacity to eliminate microorganisms.

Clinical Verification: Using Proclaim’s Custom-Jet

Proclaim’s Custom-Jet Oral Health System goes through a thorough clinical validation process to prove its effectiveness. After using the device for 30 days, participants in a peer-reviewed study conducted at an ADA-independent research center showed notable gains. The findings showed a 41% reduction in gum inflammation, a 23% reduction in pocket depth, a 34% reduction in plaque buildup, and an 82% reduction in gum bleeding. These results show the system’s real influence on dental health and offer factual proof of its efficacy. Because of Proclaim’s dedication to evidence-based procedures, customers can rely on the Custom-Jet to produce quantifiable and encouraging outcomes, which strengthens the system’s reputation as a game-changing advancement in the field of dental care.

The Way Forward for Customized Dental Health

Proclaim’s Custom-Jet Oral Health System makes tailored oral health easy. After paying $899, individuals are connected to a local Proclaim dental partner office. This link allows for a rapid and easy intraoral scan, a crucial customizing step. Creating a custom 3D-printed mouthpiece requires scanning the mouth’s unique characteristics. The up to 60 unique water jets in this custom-fit mouthpiece precisely target and remove dangerous germs, plaque, and debris. Proclaim improves oral care and gives customers a customized solution that meets their needs by prioritizing personalization, paving the way for a future when oral health is closely related to total well-being.

The Oral Health Future

Proclaim hopes to revolutionize the oral healthcare industry by introducing the Custom-Jet Oral Health System. Millions of people’s general health and well-being are improved by the company’s tailored and preventive approach to treating the underlying causes of oral health problems. Proclaim’s integration of digital scanning, superior fluid dynamics, and 3D printing technology places it as a leader in the effort to transform at-home oral care practices.

As people all over the world celebrate the most recent discovery made by Proclaim, the prospect of improved overall health and healthier smiles is making a significant impact. The Custom-Jet Oral Health System is a prime illustration of how technology has the potential to improve preventative healthcare and pave the way for a future in which oral health is essential to the general well-being of every individual with a dental condition.

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