Qualcomm Unveils Game-Changing VR Chip: Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2

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Headsets for VR and MR to Soar in 2024
VR/MR enthusiasts will rejoice when Qualcomm unveils the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 chipset in 2024. A new generation of revolutionary headsets powered by this single-chip architecture created by Google and Samsung will challenge Meta Quest and HTC Vive’s market dominance. Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 enhances VR and MR over XR2 Gen 2.

Enhanced Performance

After the success of the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 boosts GPU and CPU frequencies by 15% and 20%, scaling VR. Smoother and more responsive performance is vital for a better virtual experience. The chipset improves visual acuity with 4.3K per eye at 90 fps.

Improved Camera Features for a More In-Depth Look at Reality

The XR2+ Gen 2’s capacity for 12 or more concurrent cameras with on-device AI capabilities is one of its most notable features. Richer and more harmonic VR and MR experiences are made possible by this invention, which makes it possible for headsets equipped with sensors to monitor user movements and interact with surrounding objects more efficiently. This demonstrates Qualcomm’s unwavering dedication to expanding the area of extended reality’s potential.

Increases in Efficiency and Affordability

Even though the XR2+ Gen 2 offers notable performance enhancements, Qualcomm makes sure that efficiency benefits continue to be the primary focus. In comparison to the XR2 Gen 1 platform, users may anticipate a 50% increase in efficiency, guaranteeing that the new chipset will save energy and power. Crucially, Qualcomm pledges to make this revolutionary technology affordable, which could upend the way the market is now structured.

Qualcomm’s XR2+ Gen 2 Vision

In a news release, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s XR division’s vice president and general manager, Hugo Swart, discussed the XR2+ Gen 2. He said, “(Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2) will take XR productivity and entertainment to the next level by bringing spectacularly clear visuals to use cases such as room-scale screens, life-size overlays, and virtual desktops.” The new chipset’s professional and gaming uses demonstrate its adaptability.

A Strategic Alliance between Samsung and Google

The XR2+ Gen 2 chipset, developed in partnership with Qualcomm, Google, and Samsung, is a strategic alliance to control the XR market. Utilizing Google and Samsung’s experience in the Android ecosystem and mobile virtual reality development, this trio is prepared to take the opposition on head-to-head. The announcement follows rumors from February 2023 that suggested preparations were on to develop a powerful XR platform—possibly in reaction to the then-speculative Apple Vision Pro headset.

The XR Showdown: Apple vs. Qualcomm

With the release of the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2, one may wonder how it stacks up against Apple’s Vision Pro. The race is heating up, with both chipsets ready to power next-generation headsets. Even though Qualcomm claims feature parity with the $3,500 Vision Pro that is expected, the real test will occur when OEMs begin to manufacture gear that makes use of the XR2+ Gen 2 and Apple finally makes the Vision Pro known, maybe by the end of January. The specifications and powers of these competing chipsets are highly awaited by the IT community.

Will XR Be More Affordably Priced in the Future?

The $500 Meta Quest 3 is one of the more affordable headsets that already uses the slightly less powerful XR2 Gen 2 chip, suggesting that extended reality may not be as pricey as people had previously assumed. Qualcomm’s dedication to price accessibility points to a change in the market that might open up high-quality XR experiences to a wider range of consumers.


With the collaboration of Qualcomm, Google, and Samsung, the XR2+ Gen 2 chipset is a game-changer as the trio redefines the XR environment. This chipset, with its improved performance, sophisticated camera features, and dedication to cost, is expected to power the upcoming generation of VR and MR headsets. Now that the world of extended reality is changing, Qualcomm and Apple are vying for domination, and it promises to be an exciting battle. As OEMs announce their gear and Apple releases the Vision Pro’s specs, keep checking back for updates. This year promises to be a game-changer for virtual and mixed-reality aficionados everywhere.

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