Rabbit R1 Review: An AI Companion That Falls Short


The Rabbit R1 AI companion is a likeable gizmo, yet nothing can and will ever beat or replace the readily available smart assistants, which are residing in our pockets at this moment.


In the contemporary world that is filled with all sorts of AI from home assistants to cars, the Rabbit R1 AI companion is right at home, primarily due to its design and fairly low price point. But does it have the tools to dethrone the digital assistants we have on our smartphones? Now that you have a general idea of the Rabbit R1, it is time to take a closer look at the pro and cons of this promising earphone.

 Design: Teenage Dream

 Key Hardware Features

One thing that might drop the Rabbit R1’s look is color, but its design is a creatively influenced by Teenage Engineering. The aesthetics of the device may be characterized by its orange color, small dimensions (73g, 96 × 96 × 15 mm), which allows one to consider it a portable device. Nonetheless, the device has a plastic form factor and has a glossy finish and slightly uncomfortable to slip into your pockets.

The components of R1 include a 2. 88-inch display screen, scroll wheel, and a turning Vision Camera. There is also a gray control button and two microphones as well as USB-C port and a SIM card tray. It has highly placed and useful components but has beauty line problems especially with the scroll wheel and the USB C of the mouse.

 Battery Life Woes

One of the major lacks of the Rabbit R1 is a battery life. The battery power – 1,000mAh affects the operating time of the device ranging from 4. 5 hours to 11 hours per charge. This is majorly attributed to network management, whereby, a good and strong WiFi network reduces battery drainage while poor networks accelerate the rate of battery drainage. Currently there is an update that has enhanced standby time; however it has not eradicated the issue entirely.

 Screen and Display

The R1 stands out with a small screen and predominantly in black and white, giving off vibes of older android smartphones. Indoors it garners that is sufficient for typing while outside the screen is rather unclear and gets covered by smudges and fingerprints very fast. The solution to avoid screen time is quite a fitting decision for Rabbit primarily as an anti-smartphone addiction application, yet it also drastically reduces its capabilities and appeal.

Software: Alice goes down the rabbit hole

 Large Action Model (LAM)

The Rabbit R1 does not use LLM but it uses Large Action Model or LAM. LAM is specifically concerned with comprehending the intentions of individuals and carrying out the tasks as a result of Web-based actions. This way allows R1 to communicate with applications such as Spotify, Uber, DoorDash, and Midjourney without standard APIs.

 Limited Capabilities

At launch, the R1 supports only four services: The four successful rivals of this industry are Spotify, Uber, DoorDash, and Midjourney. As can be seen, besides its ability to play music, browse for rides, or turn the lights on/off, it has no support for other applications. It is probable that in future releases, more services are to be included; as of now, the user has limited choices.

 comparison between MyKAI and other AI assistants.

In this case, Rabbit R1 has been compared to other types of digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant and comes out weaker. It does not have the wake word system, meaning that the users have to push a button so as to speak commands into the device. Additionally, it sometimes has misleading information to some of the simplest questions and has poor capabilities in geolocation searches.

 Performance and Usability

The Rabbit R1 is not a superior phone because of the ancient MediaTek Helio P35 chipset and only 4 GB of RAM. Originally, most of the computations in AI are done in the cloud, which is why the response time is relatively slow. Its menu structure, though operated by a small wheel, is sluggish and unintuitive so, managing it is a chore.

 Pros and Cons


•            Affordable

•            Cute design


•            Inconsistent battery life

•            Sluggish performance

•            Limited features

•            Gets facts wrong

•            Odd scrolling behavior

 Verdict: A Bad hare day

Therefore, the Rabbit R1 AI companion does not offer an engaging choice to the smart assistants that are already on our mobile phones. They look beautiful and they are quite cheap but they are unpredictable, features are limited and there are many interface problems. For now, there is no need to remove baronberg when you can rely on the digital assistant that comes with your phone.

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Rabbit R1 AI companion.
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