Razer Viper V3 Pro Wireless Esports Gaming Mouse


Slice Through the Competition: The Razer Viper V3 Pro Wireless Esports Gaming Mouse was awarded the CUSTOM MOUSE Award for its excellence in design and performance for gamers.

Esports athletes and serious players who prefer high-tempo gaming, the Razer Viper V3 Pro Wireless Esports Gaming Mouse is more than a style statement. This ultraportable mouse offers a near pound-shedding construction, powerful features, and unbeatable performance with high comfort and customization. Now let me explain why the Viper V3 Pro is the perfect tool to assert your gaming superiority.

Lightning Fast and Feather-Light: It comes with performance features especially developed to optimise performance to the maximum.

Thus, the idea behind the Razer Viper V3 Pro does not stand as much on the overall ergonomics, but rather focuses on one simple premise: speed. As for the product, its name literally means mouse, and this model is one of the lightest on the market; with the weight of only 54 grams, . It is because this feather-light construction reduces fatigue during gaming and enables faster response time with sharp accuracy. There is a pass-through on every TV twitches, flicks, and clicks, which makes the response to the game as perfect as it can be: for a triumph on the field.

Unleash Razer’s Cutting-Edge Technology

Over and above, the Viper V3 Pro is not all about lightens; it is equally laden with advanced technological features. The Razer 8K Polling Rate gives you lightening fast response, you don’t even feel like you are in a video game because your action translates to the result in split of a second. The mouse boasts the Razer Focus Pro 35K DPI Optical Sensor with which gamers get remarkable precision tracking for exceptional aim even when the action is hot. A new generation optical switches dubbed Gen-3 employed in the Razer products have an extremely low actuation rate; the clicks are registered with virtually no delay to facilitate incredible precise performance of all the actions performed.

Knowledge that Empowers, Optimizes Time and Increases the Control that Practitioners Have at Their Fingertips.

By the Razer Viper V3 Pro, it is well known that every gamer is individual. This mouse is equipped with 8 button programmable function, meaning you can map various commands that are useful while gaming to buttons with easy accessibility. It also gives you the freedom to adjust the settings based on the individual, and as such, increases the value in combat-specific scenarios.

Wireless Freedom, Wired Performance: The title ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ stands for the positive aspects of both worlds, conquered or inhabited by women, although the dominant perspective here is that of female he … Y: The Last Man: The Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes, the wired options do not always offer features that the user would want and it removes those restrictions but at the same time does not cut back on performance. The overall wireless connection of the mouse is incredibly reliable thanks to Razer’s HyperSpeed Wireless technology that claims to offer a low-latency connection that is almost similar to that of a wired mouse. It supports wireless movement and there is no issue of delay or interruption when moving around while inputting commands. The 2.4GHz wireless connectivity serves you a 95 hour battery endurance and it does not distract you with its charging needs.

It is a masterpiece of comfort and control on one hand but far from freedom and liberation on the other.

One cannot argue that the light weighted mouse of the Razer Viper V3 Pro does not affect comfort value in any way. It has an ergonomic ambidextrous design that makes the mouse suitable to people with either left or right hand and the miniature design ensures that it is comfortable to use when in long gaming sessions. The textured side panels give very strong and positive control even in the moments when the game is at it’s most heated, and your sights are firmly locked on the cursor and the mouse.

The Razer Viper V3 Pro: It seems that the athletes at the heart of this product prefer to use gamepads as their weapon of choice in eSports.

It took a long time to discover the Razer Viper V3 Pro Wireless Esports Gaming Mouse having such a great performance, incredible accuracy, and comfortable design. Whether the usage is purely professional via streaming and tournament play or personal with the aim to gain that extra split second to react to an opponent or online adversary, the Viper V3 Pro is clearly the mouse of champions. Crisp graphics that give you the robust glide, faster response times and the advanced features that will still make you a winner. So, establish dominance over the competition and rise to the summit with the Razer Viper V3 Pro.


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