Review: Urbanista Malibu Wireless Solar Speaker


Did you ever wonder why you should choose a speaker who does not just produce great sound quality but has the capability to harvest the suns power as well?Look no further! In this assesment, we are covering specifics related to the urbanista Malibu wireless solar speaker in depth. Ranging from its solar charging system to its lightweight design, the EcoTech Gadget is a tech savvy. We’ll touch on all the features that make it a great tool for daily use.


This is a actually the Urbanista’s custom, and the Malibu wireless speaker is the iconic one that follows this tradition. Even though it contains ‘brush,’ of its kind it is black or gray. In other words, it adds a bit of elegance into virtually any interior space.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Urbanista Malibu Wireless Solar Speaker:


  • Efficient Solar Charging: In optimal conditions, the solar charging of the system efficiently blends with battery renewal, supplying up to 45 hours of playback.
  • Durable and Portable: The Malibu combines an IP67 rating that makes it suitable enough for outdoor adventures together with its robust construction. At the same time, it is manufactured lightweight and portable enough to be easily carried whenever and wherever you might need.
  • Decent Sound Quality: The speaker of this model is capable of delivering a neutral sound with respectable bass and clean sound reproduction, which obviously leads to the pleasant listening experience.
  • Seamless Connectivity: A Bt5.2 bluetooth feature is on board making Malibu very reliable for wired connections and simple in pairing with devices that are bluetooth compatible.
  • Customizable EQ: The Urbanista control app grants users with the capacity to parameterize their audio by 5-band EQ and presets.


  • Inconsistent Sound: Critics have revealed inconsistencies regarding sound quality issues, in that the edgy treble and thin midrange are most pronounced at higher volumes.
  • Limited Codec Compatibility: The Malibu is a disappointing pick for audiophiles who value their investment in high-quality audio playback equipment because this model is not designed to carry high-resolution audio codecs.
  • Brand Concerns: If the financial problems that the parent company of Urbanista is facing concern product support after sales and future product updates, then that is a thing that needs to be addressed through professional means.

Solar-Powered Marvel

The Malibu have a distinctive solar charging system that is very efficient. Thanks to Powerfoyle solar cells from Exeger, the company is able to use both natural and artificial light sources to play music for a much longer time.


Regarding the moderately sunny days, you will enjoy the benefits of its 3600-mA battery, and up to 45 hours of playback time is possible to achieve.

Built for Adventure

With an IP67 rating, Malibu, is designed to stand up to the harsh outdoor conditions. Whether you just swim by the pool or hike through the wilderness, this speaker is up for the task.

The strong construction, along with the lanyard for transportation safety, guarantees that it will be available for your daily use every day.

Seamless Connectivity

Equipped with Bluetooth- 5.2, the Malibu guarantees continuous wireless connectivity. However, it does not support hight-res codecs, but it is easily paired with other devices and the connection is stable. Furthermore, the Urbanista control application gives users the advantage of a headphone playback control and EQ customization.

Audio Performance

As a sounding criterion, the Malibu has a well-balanced performance. Its high-range drivers give an authentic bass presence and excellent frequency response resulting in outstanding listening experience. Nevertheless, audiophiles searching for a neutral sound profile may not appreciate the speaker’s rolled-off top end and thin midrange.


While Malibu may have some innovative characteristics, it is not flawless. Some users are also complaining about uneven sound with sharp treble, when the volume is high.


Moreover, the support of high quality codecs that have not been implemented may lead to the dissatisfaction of audiophile.

Urbanists’s Standing

As Malibu shows Urbanista’s innovativeness, it is also of utmost importance to look at the big picture of the brand. While its parent company may be in trouble financially, future buyers should be on the lookout to some potential after-sales support and future product developments.


To sum up, Urbanista Malibu Speaker Wireless Solar combines the features of eco-friendliness and portability to provide a perfect solution for music lovers. Through its solar charging ability, sturdy design, and fair sound output, the wireless speaker is likely to excel in the competing segment of the market. Nonetheless, prospective buyers have to evaluate the parts it lacks with what suits to his specs and selections best.


Q1. How long is the battery on the Urbanista Malibu model?

A1. Overall, at one full charge, the Malibu is capable of about 30 hours of playback. During the daytime the Battery Bank can be charged using solar thanks to which it can reach up to 45 hours of autonomy depending on weather conditions.

Q2. Is it able for the Urbanista Malibu to yield under water?

A2. Yes, the Malibu is waterproof and dustproof, and the ingress protection (IP67) rating provides this guarantee. It’s good for the outdoors and can be used underwater for a short period of not more than the shallow water level.

Q3. Does it have a stereo pairing like Urbanista Malibu?

A3. Yes it is possible to couple two Malibu speakers therefore you can create a stereo sound structure that will be better for sound listening.

Q4. Will the Urbanist Malibu support high-resolution?

A4. Not mainly because the core purpose of Malibu is to work with standard SBC and AAC codecs that can affect the audiophiles’ audio quality.

Q5. Which ones are the Urbanista Malibu’s Bluetooth versions?

A5. The Malibu comes complete with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and that means having a stable wireless link along with an effective power usage.



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