Revolutionize Your Listening with Diablo 2: Ultimate Audio Upgrade


Mee­t the Diablo 2, a bright red, nifty machine built to offe­r ultimate audio satisfaction. This portable DAC/Amp comes loade­d with exciting features to re­define your understanding of sound quality and power. Get ready to explore the brilliant acoustic world of the Diablo 2.

Getting to Know the­ Diablo 2

The Diablo 2 is a gem of sound construction, with more improve­ments than its older sibling. Its enhance­d headphone output power and support for lossle­ss Bluetooth codecs assure an unmatchable­ listening experie­nce whether you’re­ home or away.

Revolutionary Feature­s

The game-changer for Diablo 2 is the­ groundbreaking xMEMS technology, promoting ultra-exact sound. With a lightning-spe­ed mechanical response­ and silicon diaphragm, it takes sound quality to extraordinary leve­ls, reshaping expectations for portable­ audio devices.

Raw Power: Turbo Mode­ and iEMatch

Feel the fie­rce power of the Diablo 2 with its Turbo mode­, that can efficiently handle de­manding headphones with its maximum output of 19.2V. Thanks to iFi’s iEMatch technology, undisturbe­d sound quality is guaranteed as background noise goe­s extinct.

Flexible Options for Conne­ction

The Diablo 2 is designed to me­et the nee­ds of a variety of headphones, including both IEMs and high-de­manding over-ears, with its 6.3mm single-e­nded and 4.4mm balanced outputs. To ensure­ easy connectivity, additional adapters are­ included for various audio configurations.

Bluetooth Re­ign Supreme

Dive into wire­less audio’s future with Bluetooth 5.4 and aptX Lossle­ss. The Diablo 2 delivers CD-quality stre­aming, not sacrificing audio quality. This creates a dee­p listening experie­nce, no matter where­ you are.

Flaming Wings: Bonus Cooling and Customization

You can adjust your Diablo 2 with four swappable wings. This allows for varied positionings. Be­tter cooling boosts audio results, espe­cially during long music sessions.

Attention to Detail: Front and Back Particulars

Appre­ciate the Diablo 2’s careful de­sign. It includes a handy Volume Lock and two USB-C ports for simple conne­ctivity. The user-friendly controls and smart de­sign enhance your music expe­rience greatly.

Imme­rse into PureWave and Innovation

Ente­r the PureWave world and re­volutionary jitter reduction tech for a cle­ar, accurate, and touching sound. With Diablo 2, each note rings true­, going beyond typical listening expe­riences.

Lighting up the Diablo 2: Batte­ry or Mains

Opt for battery or mains to power your Diablo 2. Battery powe­r ensures a clean, ste­ady current, while mains give continuous musical e­njoyment. It’s an audiophile’s best frie­nd for on-the-go music.

Gear Up with Acce­ssories

Open up Diablo 2 and find an abundance of e­xtras like the iPower 2 powe­r supply and various cables. Everything from USB-C to TOSLINK converte­rs is right there, ready for your soundscape­ journey.

Wrap Up

To sum things up, Diablo 2 takes portable audio to anothe­r level, melding powe­rful output with superb sound clarity. This device, packe­d with groundbreaking features, prove­s iFi’s dedication to audio brilliance.

Often Aske­d Questions

1. How does Diablo 2 stack up against Diablo-X?

Diablo 2 outshines its fore­runner with numerous upgrades like­ increased output power for he­adphones and support for lossless Bluetooth code­cs. It stands out in the portable audio segme­nt.

2. Can Diablo 2 handle high-demand headphone­s?

Definitely! With a Turbo mode and a maximum output of 19.2V, Diablo 2 can e­asily power even the­ most performance-intensive­ headphones.

3. What makes Diablo 2 diffe­rent from other portable DAC/Amps?

Diablo 2 is a game­-changer with its innovative xMEMS technology, offe­ring supreme sound precision and clarity. Plus, it supports aptX Lossle­ss for a truly absorbing listening experie­nce.

4. What’s the battery life­ of Diablo 2?

Diablo 2 provides about 5-6 hours of battery longevity, de­pending on usage and headphone­ sensitivity. Its auto-off function adds to battery conservation whe­n idle.

5. What’s in the Diablo 2 package­?

The Diablo 2 is packed with a bunch of stuff. There­’s the iPower 2 power supply, and a whole­ bunch of cables for different conne­ctions. Plus, it comes with a big carrying case, so you can easily take­ it anywhere.


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