RICOH fi-8170 Professional High Speed Scanner


Boost Productivity with the RICOH fi-8170: Optimising an Existing High-Speed Document Scanning Business Environment

RICOH fi-8170 is the professional, high-speed MFD scanner that is designed to enable professionals digitize a documents in office environment effectively and efficiently. The network enabled scanner that tackles the above difficult tasks in document management requirements programs and therefore recommendations it is ideal for any company.

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Fi-8170 has the maximum scan rate of 70 ppm in duplis to produce the best result of scanning bulk amount of documents without any delay. When it comes to capturing contracts, which could be seldom for some users, invoices, or even vast reports, fiancier’s productivity will increase further.

Advanced Feeding Technology

When one is using an automatic document feeder of 100 sheets, small reports, and documents formatted in letter formats, big envelopes, and identification cards are also swept in. Another key aspect is the multi-feed detection feature by using ultrasonic that will detect any sheets that were left out or even arranged wrongly for scanning.

Exceptional Image Quality

Among other options that come with the RICOH range of scanners you have the Clear Image Capture or CIC that guarantees sharp scans with every click. Onward, this mode improves on brightness and color contention besides character distinguishability; this ensures that in the digitized paperwork all the said papers are clear and easily legible.

Seamless Network Integration

To a certain degree, the multifunctional device is realized with regards to its networking with the present document management systems through networking. This mean that you do not have to worry about scanned documents to be cumbersome to work with in that they can easily be shared as well as distributed within your organization.

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This is a high-resolution color LCD panel, which allows the user to scan and configure the scan modes at the exterior part of the scanner. Additionally, the included PaperStream ClickScan make it easier to use through operating a scan and document consolidation tool in addition to the creation of pdf that can be searched and indexed as well as text extraction and communication with business solutions.

Designed for Durability

With the upgrade in feature and construction, the fi-8170 streamlines the effective functionality within jobs involving heavy duty scan operations. Their design is more bluff and it helps it to run for several hours continuously without requiring some sort of repair works.

More Than Just Scanning

Include in the pack is a power adapter, USB 3; 30 pin AV cable; 8 pin AV cable; earphone plug; earpiece & mic plugs; FM antenna & HDMI cable longest 1. Accompanied with it, it has two cables these are M-100 micro cable and a micro USB cable type 2 and a microfiber cloth. This convenience supports you not to end up in a situation where you are just left with one or two things which would have helped you to start your creative session.


The RICOH fi-8170 is developed with an intention to be a feature-rich and SOHO-focused document scanner that consists of high-speed scanningproportions, comparative steadiness, and really superior resolution. Therefore, it should have network connectivity as some of its auxiliary elements and the construction of the device as a whole so that it could be efficiently used in business to improve the function of document processing and the corresponding productivity rates.









1. Lastly, how quickly does the RICOH fi-8170 scanner work?

A captivating feature of the fi-8170 scan is their speed of up to 70 pages per minute per page (ppm) in duplex mode to help meet high volume document scanning needs.

2. What other dimensions and formats of documents does the fi-8170 have capabilities?

This unit is an efficient 100-sheet ADF that allows the scanning of letter-sized papers up to envelopes and IDs. It also comes equipped with ultrasonic multi-feed detect to give thorough feed of all forms of the document.

3. Is the fi-8170 capable of producing scans that contain quality information?

Yes, the scanner does come with RICOH Clear Image Capture (CIC), through which you can achieve sharp scans. CIC enhances brightness and colors of the document images, and adapts to their characters for better cognition in the digital environment.

4. Am I finally able to connect the fi-8170 to my network?

Absolutely! The fi-8170 is equipped for connectivity to networks, making it easy to interface with any other existing document capturing systems. It also allows the scanning of documents and their swift Sharing and distribution across your enterprise.

5. What is available on the fi-8170 software package?

Organizations that use this scanner also get PaperStream ClickScan software. First, this turns the process of scanning into a simple journey as you can create pdf documents that can be searched, extract text from scans and link the software with other business applications.

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