Safeguard Your Home: Explore IKEA’s Innovative Smart Sensor Range


In a bid to offer customers enhanced control and security over their homes, IKEA has unveiled three new smart sensors: VALHORN, PARASUELL, and BADRI. These sensors is a trailblazer of IKEA in the domain of smart home technology, targeting to give users the comfort and the security while away from home.


To meet the needs of comfort and safety that homeowners require, IKEA has launched a range of smart sensors that ensure users greater control over their appliances and concerns. Having sensors that allow to monitor and operate homes long distance are the new development in technology for homes toward a brighter future.

The Smart Sensor Set of Three

The trio consists of three distinct sensors, each serving a specific purpose in home monitoring and control. The trio consists of three distinct sensors, each serving a specific purpose in home monitoring and control:

PARASOLL: Doormat and Window sensor

The PARASOLL is an innovative sensor that has to be mounted on doors and windows. It is inconspicuous. It works by detecting when these access ways are opened or closed, in consequence warning them if there are unexpected entries or exits. The sensor is the main component that enables the home security system to complete its function via the real-time generation of notifications to the home owners.

VALLHORN: Wireless Motion Sensor

VALLHORN is a multi-sensor that can be deployed both indoors and outdoors. Such device main function is to sense movement and turn lights on and off accordingly. Additionally, color temperature as well as intensity can be adjusted according to one’s personal preference making ambience lighting suitable for different contexts.

BADRING: Water Leakage Sensor

BADRING is effectively created for the purpose of the detection of water leaks in in-home water usage. When the leak is detected the sensor automatically releases mobile notifications or activates the alarm it comes off. This approach is proactive and therefore it mitigates the effects of water related occurrences through quick actions.

Stay Connected With DIRIGERA and IKEA App

For the correct operation of smart sensors and reconciliation, IKEA provides DIRIGERA hub and IKEA Home smart app. Through the use of these platforms accessing and controlling one’s home remotely becomes possible. Through controlling lights and receiving immediate notifications, homeowners can feel connected and completely up-to-date, even when away from home.

Price and Easy to Use

One of the key features of IKEA’s smart sensor is its cheapness and user friendly nature. Badged with the capability of serving people from a broad range of user segments, these sensors offer a clean and user-friendly look that is naturally integrable into modern homes. Either it is deployed as a standalone solution or is offered in conjunction with other smart products from IKEA, the sensors provide a seamless experience to the homeowners.

Zigbee Software

All three smart sensors run on Zigbee platform that will help to benifit the users now and in future. The technology is a standardized one, which ensures its compatibility with other smart devices and guarantees quality and long-term support for users. In the sense that they undergo continuous updating and improvement, users will see their smart sensors becoming increasingly sophisticated and dynamic as time goes by.

Release Dates

The two brands, PARASOLL and VALLHORN, will be made available for sale from January 2024. The third brand, BADRING, will also be made available for sale in April 2024. Those who are ready to enjoy the advantages of the intelligent sensors may check on their availability through the IKEA stores near them and its online platform.


In the end, the integration of IKEA smart sensors in homes is an important technological step. These sensors literally redefine the concept of home monitoring and automation, as they are put in more control of users and therefore provide more peace of mind. With their user-friendly design, and the advanced features that make them seamlessly integral to homes worldwide, IKEA’s smart sensors set the pace for smarter and more secure homes globally.

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1. Are the smart sensors hard to be installed?

• Absolutely, the smart sensors were develop for easy mounting and do not require technical know-how for installation.

2. Can I connect them to other smart devices of the home?

• Yes, the sensor is compatible with other smart home appliances like masks, air conditioners or fans making home automation and control easy.

3. How long are the sensor batteries electrocycles?

• The time span that the sensors are working depends on the usage but is meant to be long-lasting for the convenience.

4. Can I enjoy notifications on multiple devices simultaneously?

• Indeed, IKEA\s Home smart app enables notifications to be received on various devices the user is connected to, thus keeping users informed independently of their location.

5. Do the sensors require a subscription service, too?

• No, the sensors have no subscription fee attached to them. Once bought, they are self-sufficient and can work until the end of their lifespans without any extra spending


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