SAMSUNG Freestyle 2nd Gen: Your Smart Gaming Hub


Think of the possibility of converting any environment with a screen, be it your sitting room, compound, or ceiling of your bedroom, to a fun place. That is exactly what the SAMSUNG 30”- 100” The Freestyle 2nd Gen with Gaming Hub provides. This smart portable projector is not just an innovation; it is your pass to an exclusive view and games avenue. Here are the details of why this gadget is a choice when it comes to making the right decisions.

 Point & Play Flexibility

Think about it: You’re at a friends house and now you are all wanting to watch a sick video or play a game. Another convenient feature of the Freestyle 2nd Gen is that you can just choose a location, and put the projector, maybe tilt it and that is it. The content animates or becomes alive. With a flexibility as wide as a cradle stand, you can guarantee that the height that is perfect for you is the one that will give you the best view of a stand from floor to ceiling, reaching 180 degrees. It is as if you have a magic lamp that will turn your programs and games on from your television set to portable screens.

 Easy Setup

However, to draw the conclusion let me start with the fact that this product is extremely easy to set up. Auto Leveling, Auto Focus, and Auto Keystone facilities are also incorporated, that eliminates the need for manual setting manipulation. This projector has some features like Auto Keystone and Keystone that help to adjust the image on its own, hence no need for further adjustment on your side. I bet this must be the easiest way to design a projector as placing a book on a table.

Smart Entertainment at Your Fingertips

This is not a simple projector it is a portable wise theater. There are all sort of applications you are in a position to have and these include, the use of streaming apps, workout videos, and even the use of recipes. It’s funny that almost inside your pocket you have an entertainment box that you can take with you anywhere you go. These are it, whether you wish to watch a movie, learn to cook, or maybe do a little workout, the Freestyle 2nd Gen is for you.

 Gaming Hub Excellence

Gamers, rejoice! Console Games, Streaming on Games, and much more come under the Gaming Hub in the Freestyle 2nd Gen. It is easy to organize the preferred games, individual applications and additional accessories. Also, it shows suggested games based on your interests, so you can find games to play and may like them. It is as if you have an assistant who is specialized in gaming and knows your preference.

Immersive 360 Sound

Who said that great movies and games can be made without great sound? The Freestyle 2nd Gen comes with a full range of audio facility that is 360-degree to make the sound completely enclosing. This means high quality speakers so that one is not just observing the content, but rather feeling it. But if you wish to crank it further, you can add a Bluetooth speaker, Samsung Sound Tower or a Soundbar for an even better loudness.

 External Battery Compatibility

Feeling that the battery of your Apple tablet would run dry before you finish your favorite movie, or the game you are playing? Specifically, regarding Outside Batteries option, Freestyle 2nd Gen is compatible with the external battery. Plug in a USB-C type compatible battery and start using it and charge this battery with the help of C type charger. This feature makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use In addition, there is the issue of floor space. Picture going to the movies and seeing a film you have always loved having to deal with the impossibility of outlets.

 Scale & Move Screen

It is always good to note that on some occasions, the wall or the surface in which the projection is will not be ideal. No problem! To be more specific, in the Freestyle 2nd Gen you can actually reduce the scale and position of the picture. While you definitely cannot attempt to project an image, this device ensures that you can project an image between 30 inches and 100 inches and it would always remain level. This makes it possible for you to always get the best viewing experience irrespective of the environment.

 Multiple Voice Assistants

Searching for programs, increasing the sound level and managing the connected equipments is really convenient here. The Freestyle 2nd Gen has supports several voice assistants ready as it came from the factory. It is just a matter of having commands where one can control the entertainment choices via voice, thus making the every day viewing simple as well as enjoyable.

 Full High Definition Experience

fully immerse your eyes in the Full High Definition (FHD). The picture quality on an HD resolution of 1920×1080 is bigger, sharper and a lot more clear. Whether it is films, games, or sports, FHD gives what is seen on the screen a majestic, grand and sensational touch.

Smart Calibration

For the folks who want the picture quality to be closer to cinemas, there is the Smart Calibration available in Freestyle 2nd Gen. It is also important to know that you stand a chance to improve on your screen quality right from your phone. This complete image optimizing tool offers the quality of cinema with perfect color, exposure, and contrast within 720 Hrs. It’s like having someone who understands the brand and make of your projector advising you on how to get the best out of your set.


That is why SAMSUNG 30” – 100” The Freestyle 2nd Gen with Gaming Hub is not just a projector. It is a smart theater that provides technique and portability to a once unadorned area; it offers amusement, gaming and striking graphics. Some key features that are provided include; easy setup, smart entertainment, gaming hub, immersive sound, smart calibration, and based on these features, they are some of the most sought after gadgets that any tech aficionado or a regular user would desire to own. It ranges from having a movie night, playing video games, or just watching your favorite shows, the Freestyle 2nd Gen makes it ever so exquisite.

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SAMSUNG 30” - 100” The Freestyle 2nd Gen
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