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Prepare for the newly developed ring that will be released by Samsung as the Samsung Galaxy Ring. Samsung initially started hinting about the Galaxy Ring at the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event in January and now that we have come across a real-life Galaxy Ring in real-life action well ahead of what is expected to be the July product launch date. Perhaps, a Samsung’s Galaxy Ring may be on the store by August.

 Samsung Galaxy Ring Newsticker

Updated June 17

  • Leak offers the first look at the design of Galaxy Ring charging case.
  • Samsung reported in the course of a legal case that the Galaxy Ring is intended for shipment “in or around August. ”
  • Documents recently submitted the commission highlights the actual dimensions of the ring and the battery used on the Galaxy Ring.
  • An informant expects the price of the Samsung Galaxy Ring to be within $300 to $350.

 Cheat Sheet: Biggest Rumors

  • Release date prediction: July 2024 as a start, and August 2024 as the release.
  • Price prediction: From that figure, a contribution of $300 or higher.
  • Wellness features: Health status of the heart, the quality and duration of sleep, the ‘Vitality’ index
  • Smart features: The integration issue with other Galaxy devices
  • Design: Currently, the available colors that are available to consumer are black, gold and silver while the available sizes are as follows; 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.
  • Battery sizes: It should further be noted that the capacity is given by 17 mAh, 18. 5 mAh, and 22 mAh.

 Potential Release Date

Samsung gave a substantial hint of the timing in a pre-suit legal salvo against Oura. Samsung thinks Oura would sue Samsung citing trademark infringement and wanted a court to declare that everything on the Galaxy Ring is standard with smart rings. In that lawsuit, Samsung suggests that the Galaxy Ring will be available or around August.

 Expected Pricing

We are yet to discover the official prices but potential estimates based on the other smart rings in the market could be made. Specified, Oura Ring is $299, Circular Pro 1, $410, and the Ultrahuman Ring AIR – $349. Based on such prices, it is believed that the Galaxy Ring will cost within the $300 to $350, in accordance to leaker Yogesh Brar’s hints.

Design Insights

As you could already guess if you are familiar with states astrological symbols the Galaxy Ring is a ring. Sighted at MWC 2024 in February, it comes in eight sizes ranging from five to twelve and will weigh roughly three grams, making it even lighter than the current Oura Ring. It will come in three colors: The major colors that most people would easily identify with this fabric are black, gold, and silver. Charging case of Galaxy Buds is quite similar to Samsung based case added a hint of familiarity to the buds.

 Battery Life Expectations

Smart ring battery is very important since the device will be worn on the hand, and the user cannot charge it frequently. Of course, We are talking about the Oura Ring, which is a smart ring, it lasts about 5 days on a single charge. The Galaxy Ring, based on its FCC certification, will come with three battery sizes: And the capacity values of LiFePO4/C composites are 17 mAh, 18. 5 mAh, and 22 mAh. Samsung guarantees up to nine days of work of battery, but in fact it will depend on loads and used functions.

 Possible Health Features

The Galaxy Ring will include various health-monitoring technologies:

  •  Electrocardiogram ECG sensor for pulse and its variability.
  • Blood flow measurements.
  • SpO2 cuff for blood oxygen level.
  • For Irregular Heart Rate, using PPG sensor.

It will also contain tracking of the amount of sleep, the heart rate during sleep, ease of falling asleep, respiratory rate and any movement during sleep. Expect it to diagnose symptoms of the sleep apnea. As is Oura’s Readiness Score, the My Vitality Score will be introduced, estimating your health based on workout intensity, and sleep quality. Reproductive health will also be tracked through the Galaxy Ring and skin temperature and heartbeat with the help of Natural Cycles application.

 Smart Features

On the smart front the Galaxy Ring will be able to control other devices from Samsung, making some operations as simple as a waving of a finger. 9to5Google reports on an APK teardown that shows that it will share a connection with smartphones by Bluetooth. Theoretical information: Sometimes, a sizing kit is sent prior to the actual ring that’s why a perfect fit is assured.

What We’d Like to See

With few smart rings on the market, here’s what we hope the Galaxy Ring includes:

  • Activity tracking: WAlking, running, rate of the heart.
  • Advanced sleep tracking: Real data and real, stable data that is collected and recorded in the sleep mode.
  • Temperature tracking: They can be used for Health and Menstrual cycles tracking.
  • Media control: Tap, play/ pause and at the same time change between songs or even volume.
  • Wireless charging: BONUS:- If it does, then additional points for performing reverse charging on the Galaxy devices.
  • Tap to pay: payment services which include a contactless payment solution with compatible near field communication NFC technology through the use of Samsung Pay has placed Them in a better position compared to Oura.


This ideal shows that it is about time that Samsung started focusing their attention on smart rings. Maybe, they will find Galaxy Ring helpful if they seek not a smartwatch and a health-focused wearable gadget at the same time. It might provision a new market segment, thereby outright not addressing SmartWatch devices such as the Apple Watch. Apple may have prompted Samsung to release a free version of the Galaxy Ring and a paid version of the gadget just like the firm’s health and fitness applications where both companies have issued different levels.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring
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