Satechi SM1 Mechanical Keyboard: The Ultimate Productivity Booster


Do you get frustrated by reaching for one device with one hand and another with the other while working? Introducing the Satechi SM1 Mechanical Keyboard, the new revolution in peripheral equipment. This general purpose keyboard will prove quite useful for gamers, professional and everyone else who uses a computer in their line of work. Now, let’s explore some of the aspects that see this keyboard as ideal for anyone in need of the productivity enhancing tool.

 Level Up Productivity

 Seamless Device Switching

Think about the fact that by using one keyboard you can manage from two to four devices at a time. The Satechi SM1 Mechanical Keyboard enables users to do exactly this. The initiating of the Bluetooth mode can be done by pressing FN + 1 or FN + 2 while the USB receiver mode can be accessed through FN + 3 while wired mode is accessible by FN + 4. Whether you are utilizing a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or a regular desktop this keyboard is perfect for you.

 Customize Your Keyboard

 Personalization Options

The Satechi SM1 Mechanical Keyboard incorporates a total of 84 keys with the ability to remove the keys’ tops and comes with low profile brown switches. These switches are as smooth as silk to type with while at the same time providing the correct tactile feedback. That is why game lovers and professional players also have the freedom to work according to their desires on the keyboards.

 Ergonomic Design for Comfort

 Designed for Extended Use

Stress on the keyboard may cause discomfort and tiredness if one spends a lot of time on the keyboard daily. It is for this reason that the Satechi SM1 has ergonomics of its design in mind. It has important stabilizers to stabilize the keyboard and, non-slip feet to avoid and possible unevenness while typing. Of course the design is rather inconspicuous and actually serves to decrease tension on your wrists if used for a long period of time.

 Low-Light Visibility and Backlighting

 Customizable Backlighting

Working in low-light conditions? No problem. Thus, low-light visibility is optimal on the Satechi SM1 Mechanical Keyboard owing to a feature that comes with 14 lighting modes. Using F5 and F6; you can turn the brightness level up low, for the low light settings then turn the high light’s backup on or off by pressing the light bulb icon for 5 times. Besides, when the batteries are low, the spacebar will have a backlit that will blink, so you do not get surprised.

Wide Compatibility

 Compatible with Multiple Devices

The Satechi SM1 is a chic mini wireless keyboard that supports most of the Type C devices such as Macs, iPad, Windows, and Chromebooks. The product includes Windows key that can be substituted with the Mac “CMD” and “Opt” keys. For switching between Mac/iPadOS/Ios, the option is hold FN + O and for the PC option, it is hold FN + P.

Perfect for Gamers and Professionals

 Versatility at Its Best

For all the gamers who value precise responsiveness of keys or professionals for whom it is important to have a business-like, work-oriented keyboard, Satechi SM1 Mechanical Keyboard will be more than enough. Black color of the low profile switches doesn’t make much noise and can be used in a gaming environment as well as an office one.

 What’s Included

 Everything You Need

Some of the things that come with the Satechi SM1 Mechanical Keyboard include a USB-C charging and data cable, a 2. 4 GHz USB receiver, and a user manual together with one year warranty, three replacement Windows keycaps. This saves time and also guarantees that you have all that you require in one place, and you begin right away.

 Easy Charging and Connectivity

 Stay Powered Up

Unlike traditional mouse designs, the Satechi SM1 is rechargeable such that you will not find the necessity of using batteries to power the mouse. To charge it, there is a provided USB-C cable, which you need to connect to the back of the keyboard. It is portable to carry the keyboard anywhere you want especially in areas you have to work.

 Durability and Build Quality

 Built to Last

Constructions of the Satechi SM1 Mechanical Keyboard focus in on the provision of durability. These come in high-quality materials and very well designed and built to hold up to daily use and abuse. This keyboard is built sturdy; whether you are working on your desk and clearing documents through the day or typing on the go.

Adjustable Settings for Personalization

 Make It Your Own

One of the most standout features of the Satechi SM1 is a possibility of its keyboard customization. Keys can be individually removed and back lighting has several modes which can be configured to the user’s requirements. If you have a preference for certain colours or if some of the keycaps have come off, Satechi SM1 provides this.

 User-Friendly Features

 Ease of Use

This Satechi SM1 Mechanical Keyboard is said to be convenient in its usage by users. It has easy to use controls as well as is easy to set up and is suitable for anyone to use. Comes with an included user manual to help you get set up, so you can begin using your keyboard immediately.


The Satechi SM1 Mechanical Keyboard is a useful and professional quality keyboard that makes typing easy and comfortable. Thanks to perfect device change function, endless possibilities of tweaks, comfort, and versatility, it fits gamers, business individuals, and absolutely everyone. Take your typing game to the next level with an ergonomic keyboard that will definitely level up your workmanship with the Satechi SM1.

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Satechi SM1 Mechanical Keyboard
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