Say Goodbye to Shaky Footage: Experience Three-Axis Stabilization with Osmo Pocket 3


In an attempt to improve your videography skills? Hello the Osmo Pocket 3, a portable masterpiece, it is tiny but amazing and features that make handheld filming on a whole new level. It is a pocket-sized digital camera, with the cutting-edge 1-inch CMOS sensor, touchscreen, and user-friendly interface, and very convenient to capture the moments of life with the stunning clarity.

Powerful 1-Inch Sensor

The gene of the Osmo Pocket 3 is the CMOS sensor. With this latest and up to date technology, you can shoot the highest quality (4K/120fps UHD) videos with unmatched and great detail and clarity. You can get a perfect story with more vivid implications of the sweeping landscape or fast-shooting action with this camcorder.

Three-Axis Stabilization

Say bye to shakiness without the Pocket 3’s 3 axis mechanical stabilization. If you are in motion or are shooting in difficult conditions, this innovation ensures that your videos remain stable and are taken professionally. Set the speed to the right running speed depending on the scene and allow Pocket 3 do the rest.

2-Inch Rotatable Touchscreen

Explore with ease via the Pocket 3’s 2 inch twist and turn rotatable touch screen. Whether you shoot with horizontal or vertical, the OLED display takes the aches and pains out of framing your shots and adjusting settings all while you go. Via a single tap, pick your shooting mode variation or focus on this subject fine-tuning for good results all the time.

Full-Pixel Fast Focusing

Never let a moment slip away into the abyss with full-pixel fast focusing. From a disc or a moving subject, the Pocket 3 will lock in with accuracy and keeps every detail?in stunning definition. Enable Detail art for concentrated view on foreground to live streaming or bringing crucial items visible in your scene.

ActiveTrack 6.0, Stay Centered

Make use of ActiveTrack 6.0 to keep the subject as the focus. Whether you are recording yourself or just trying to keep the target in focus, the powerful follow modes of Pocket 3 guarantee that your subject will stay in the middle of the frame. With face auto-detection and dynamic framing, one can shoot videos that promised to look nice and professional.

Sound That Surrounds

Comprehensively explore realistic audio stimuli with omnidirectional stereo recording. The built in dual microphone set up of the Pocket 3 ensures that sound is captured from all angles and thus the way your videos look is as good as how they sound. Get connected to DJI Mic 2 Transmitters for ultra-clear recording that is ideal to be used for live streams, interviews and vlogs.

10-Bit D-Log M Color

10-bit D-Log M is the key to discover your creativity. Up to one billion colors will be available and post-production, cinematic results will be created. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, the Pocket 3 comes with the features you can actually work with to bring your vision to reality.

Moments By You

When it comes to granting night shots, family fun, or even different nature scenes, the Pocket 3 is your go-to partner in realistic documentary-style filming. Its small build and smart functions make it suitable in any occasion, and you’ll never wait for a call again. Whether you use it for your school days or pet stories, the Pocket 3 is always at the wheels, ready to go.

Creative Tools: Be Creative, Use Imagination

Let your creativity run wild with the Pocket 3’s entire suite of creative features! From the LightCut app to timecode features that are built-in, the array of options is infinite. Just some clicks and you edit your footages, produce epic videos, and share your stories to the world. Thirdly, the Pocket 3 by your side is the beginning of an endless possibility.

Seamless Storage with the Help of Automatic Axis Locking Systems

At the end of the day, just turn off the Pocket 3, and its automated axes locks will do their job. Your gimbal will lock in the pre-programmed position and auto save, ensuring it will be safe and secure till your next expedition. Now, storage can be a breeze with the Pocket 3!


Fast Charging, Long Lasting

A dead battery should not be your stop as you drive. The Pocket 3 is capable of fast charge and it takes only 16 minutes to charge 80% of it, which is more time available for you to frame the shots you love. Whether you are using 4K or 1080p, the Pocket 3 is able to offer up to two hours of shooting on a single charge, meaning that you wont miss any action.

The project should always be Glamorous using special visual effects.

Let your sharpest face shine with Glamour Effects 2.0. Whether you are shooting vlogs or interviews, pocket 3 offers you the automatic beautification which makes you always look great all the time. Tap the Screen and all will be done by the Pocket 3 itself.

With the help of DJI Mic 2 Plug&Play, dual-person recording is now possible.

Get the best quality recording with Pocket 3’s compatible DJI Mic 2. The Pocket 3’s knowing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module features two DJI Mic 2 Transmitters connectivity that offers top quality sound no matter whether you are working alone or doing interviews. Bid farewell to ambient sounds and welcome to studio grade quality of audio.

2-inches Rotatable Display: Spin the Wheel of Happiness

The Pocket 3 is equipped with a 2-inch full-colored OLED touchscreen, which gives you easy access to the beautiful visuals and a fast control. It doesn’t matter whether you are checking menus or aligning the shots, the friendly interface allows you to capture the right shot each time. Turn the screen to fire a shot or tap to access the advanced options and settings.


In the end, the Osmo Pocket 3 is way more than a camera—it is a creative tool that gives users a chance to take their photography to another level of vividness and accuracy. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or an amateur videographer, the Pocket 3 is a device for your stunning film productions.


1. What is the number of minutes needed to charge the Osmo Pocket 3?

• The Osmo Pocket 3 charging time takes you as little as 16 minutes to charge it from 3 to 80%, which means you will spend less time waiting and more time filming.

2. Is the Osmo Pocket 3 able to record in low light scenario?

• Yes, the Osmo Pocket 3 allows you to record in a 4K/30fps low-light video mode, which enables you to take amazing moments even in the dark.

3. Can I use external microphones with the Osmo Pocket 3?

• Yes, the Osmo Pocket 3 is compatible with USB Audio protocol which enables you to connect external microphones or use external monitoring earphones for better audio quality.

4. How much runtime the Osmo Pocket 3 is capable of achieving on a single charge?

• Osmo Pocket 3 is capable of offering up to two hours of recording time on one charge when filming in 4K, so you won’t be missing any important moments of the action no matter what.

5. Do you know whether the Osmo Pocket 3 can shoot in the vertical direction?

• Yes, the Osmo Pocket 3 has a 2-inch adjustable touch screen which enables switch between horizontal and vertical modes of shooting, for various content formats.

Unleash the creative side within you with the Osmo Pocket 3 and take pictures of the world in unusual ways you have never envisioned.


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