Capturing Your Screen: 10 Steps to Make Screenshots in Windows 10/11 and Mac

Screenshots in Windows

Screenshots in Windows

In the digital age, amid the growing popularity of screenshots, they have appeared as an inseparable service that allows us to catch and forward data from the display of a computer. Independently of whether you’re a student, a professional, or a tech entrepreneur, there is always a place for a screengrab in one’s daily life.

Technical issues such as troubleshooting and presenting from webinars to tutorials using capturing and saving screenshots have made screen capture an easy tool as we go about our everyday online activities. In this complete tutorial, we will be looking at 10 different ways of capturing your desktop’s screen image for both the Windows 10/11 and Mac operating systems, so that you will have the ability to take a careless screenshot without any problem, regardless of the platform you are using.

Screenshots in Windows

Windows 10/11 Screenshot Methods:


1. Through the iconic Print Screen (PrtScn) Method, you can also choose the screenshot technique that’s as simple as it gets. If you have this key on your keyboard, hit it to take a screenshot of what is on your entire screen. Still, I should remind you that this command operates in close copying mode, putting the screenshot on your clipboard, leaving you to open an image editing program like Paint or Photoshop and paste it from there to save or edit it.

2. Introduced for Windows versions before the current Windows 10/11, the Snipping Tool is still a preferable app for taking screenshots in Windows 10/11. It is a tool that gives you the option to take detailed screenshots of specific areas that can be rectangular, freeform, or even whole independent windows. When you have taken all the needed shots, you may save this as an image file or simply make some interesting annotations on it using the Snipping Tool’s various editing capabilities.

3. Windows 10 enhanced the feature of the screenshot tool, and a more qualified tool called Snip & Sketch was designed, which brings the technology of the snapping tool. Screen capturing with the Snip & Sketch application is performed in multiple modes to cover all types of requirements: rectangle, window, and full screen. Furthermore, this app comes with the ability to mark up, crop, and even broadcast the screenshot right from its version.

4. The Game Bar If you’re a gamer or have social media followers who capture screenshots while you’re using full-screen applications, the gamebar in Windows 10 and 11 can be a lifesaver. Pressing the Windows key + G has an effect that makes the Game Bar accessible, which has a button that is intended for screenshot capture. This component is advantageous, especially to record situations occurring in a game environment.

Among Windows Breed Screenshot Tools, there is also an assortment of third-party applications that add more features and customization options. ShareX, Lightshot, and PicPick are exemplary tools that support great screenshot capture features such as managing scrolling capture, the use of annotations, and even screen recording facilities.

Mac Screenshot Methods:

6. The Apple symbol shortcut Cmd+shift+3 on a Mac keyboard is one of the most basic for making a screenshot. This two-in-one tool snaps a picture of your entire monitor, which is then automatically saved as a.png file to your desktop.

7. Crop + Shift + 4 A shortcut, which makes it possible to get a certain part of your display, is the right option. By hitting the Windows key + Alt + stap V key together, you convert the cursor into crosshairs, and you are now free to select an area on the screen by dragging and dropping the crosshairs. A drag-and-drop feature has been incorporated into the design as well, in which the mouse or trackpad button should be released after selecting the area that will be captured and saved as a PNG file on your desktop.

8. The Amazing “Command + Shift + 4 + Space” Shortcut For the lovers of the command + shift + 4 + space shortcut, the shortcut saves them from complicated screenshots taken by individual windows or menus. The other feature is the ability to click the cursor icon that changes the camera. Glide on above the desired window or menu so that it can be visualized clearly. Use the mouse or trackpad and press the button, and then the window or a menu will be snapped in PNG format on your desktop.

9. The Command + Shift + 5 Shortcut On Mac Mojave and its versions, there is a built-in dedicated screenshot Windows utility known as Screenshot. Doing this by pressing Command plus Shift plus 5 can make the power-ups of screenshots or video recordings available. This app allows you to make the full screen, the designated section, or the chosen window snap. It has annotation tools that consist of text addition and annotation of shapes or highlights.

10. Third-Party Snipper Apps Just like Windows, many third-party screenshot applications are alternate ones for Mac users as well. The most known and potent applications now (Skitch, Snagit, and Capto) have integrated features (infinite scrolling capture, video recording, and cloud storage), enabling a richer screenshot experience.

Screenshots in Windows

Image caching is an essential feature in today’s technological age, and both Windows and Mac operating systems provide a good range of built-in tools and third-party software solutions for screen capturing. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just an enthusiast for various purposes, using these 10 methods to take screenshots will provide you with the required skills for taking screenshots and sharing online content with less effort. From the classic tool named Print Screen to the more complex tools like Snip, Sketch, and Screenshot, you are now armed with the information to select the best information for a particular situation. Make use of the screenshots and experience everything with the visual appearance and other documentation.


Is it possible to take a scrolling screenshot on a Windows or Mac notebook?

Windows and Mac can scroll screenshots as well. On Windows, there are clickable applications such as ShareX and PicPick for scrolling capture. On Mac, you can make use of additional apps that provide in-tool scrolling capture; these apps are known as Skitch or Capto.

But how do I annotate and edit them after screencasting?

Windows 10/11 offers Snip and Sketch with simple features like a marker, highlighter, and the ability to cut contents into desired sections. Mac OS comes pre-installed with the screenshot tool located under Command + Shift +

It also has annotation tools, like many other apps.

Besides, both systems function with many third-party screenshot tools and have innovative functions in their editing capabilities, for example, the PicPick tool for Windows and the Skitch app for Macs.

Will I be able to take the screenshots and the screen recordings at the same time?

Although screen graphics tools, like those on Windows and Mac, do not support taking screenshots and recreating the screens at the same time, many free apps provide this functionality. For example, software like ShareX for Windows and Capto for Mac allows you to capture screenshots as well as record your video simultaneously.




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ScreenshotsScreenshots in WindowsScreenshots in Windows 10/11 and Mac
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