Sharp 65-Inch Aquos XLED TV (4T-C65FV1U) Review



The television market is highly competitive and leading brands like LG and Samsung are always innovating in technology and aesthetics. Sharp, which was once in the forefront, still offers excellent TVs but is struggling to compete with the others. Their latest offering, the 65-inch Aquos XLED TV model 4T-C65FV1U, attempts to reclaim some of the market share with its advanced features and sleek design. However, does it do enough to warrant its premium price when pitted against the LG and Samsung devices? So, let’s look at the specifics and see what they tell us.


Design and Build

Sharp has always been a company that produces beautiful designs and the Aquos XLED is not an exception. The 65-inch model has slim bezel, which makes the viewing experience even better. The construction is rugged, with a stable base and a sleek design that should look good in most contemporary living rooms. It is obvious that Sharp has not cut corners on the design and the construction of the product, but the question remains, is the performance on par with the appearance?

Display Quality

The strongest point of the Aquos XLED TV is, of course, its display. The model comes with a 4K Ultra HD display that offers high-quality images and is backed up by Sharp’s XLED technology. This technology is designed to improve brightness and color contrast, which it does to some extent. Colors are bright and rich, and the blacks are quite black but not as black as some OLED screens of competitors.

The TV has HDR compatibility with HDR10 and HLG standards to deliver improved picture contrast and color range, which is now a standard feature. Still, it does not support Dolby Vision, which is available in many of its competitors and can be a big disadvantage for those who care about the highest image quality.

Sound Quality

The Aquos XLED features built-in speakers that offer reasonable sound output. It is not going to offer the same level of audio quality as a dedicated sound system or soundbar but it does offer good, loud, clear sound for a medium sized room. The TV also has DTS and Dolby Audio compatibility which helps in improving the sound quality especially when watching movies or high definition TV shows.

Smart Features

Sharp’s Smart TV platform is user-friendly and fast, with a clear menu that lets you quickly switch between apps and services. It features popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video that can be easily controlled through the remote or voice commands. Another advantage is the presence of a built-in Chromecast that enables one to cast content directly from their smartphones or tablets.

Still, in comparison with LG’s webOS and Samsung’s Tizen, Sharp’s interface looks less refined and operates slightly slower. This could be a disadvantage for users who want a smooth smart TV experience.


The Aquos XLED also has an extensive list of connectivity options including multiple HDMI ports, USB ports, digital optical audio out, and Wi-Fi and Ethernet for network connectivity. This allows for the connection of a number of devices, including game consoles, sound systems, Blu-ray players and streaming devices.

Price vs Value

The biggest issue with the Sharp 65-Inch Aquos XLED TV is its cost. It has a good set of features and performance but is priced to compete with top of the line LG and Samsung models which often have superior performance and feature sets including OLED technology and high-end image processing.

In terms of price, customers would expect the latest technology and the most desirable functionalities, and although the Aquos XLED does offer many appealing features, it does not quite deliver on all fronts, for instance, it does not have Dolby Vision or a more enhanced smart TV operating system.


The Sharp 65-Inch Aquos XLED TV (4T-C65FV1U) is a decent television that has acceptable picture quality, satisfactory sound, and an appealing design. But when it comes to the value for money, Sharp could have done a better job. Considering the current competition and the more sophisticated products provided by other companies at similar or lower prices, it is difficult to fully endorse the Aquos XLED.

For potential buyers, this TV could still be a worthwhile investment if found on sale or if the buyer is a loyal fan of Sharp. Otherwise, it is advisable to look for other products in the market that can provide better value or cheaper prices with comparable features. Sharp’s Aquos XLED is a decent TV, but in a world where only the extraordinary is worthwhile, it is just average.

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