Shure MoveMic One: Perfect Clip-On Wireless Mic for Mobile Devices


Are you frustrated of getting low audio quality in your interviews, podcasts or in your content creation. Let me introduce you to the Shure MoveMic One – this is a wireless clip on microphone especially for mobile apps. For instance, if you are covering a one-person interview or producing content, or pod casting, broadcast quality sound can arrives through this compact and easy-to-handle microphone system.

 Why Shure MoveMic One is worth it?

As far as recording sound is concerned, message is measured in terms of clarity and simplicity. The conventional earphone headphones have this aspect addressed in a conventional way whereas the Shure MoveMic One has the two aspects combined in one small device. This microphone system is perfect for video producers with a bit of experience or first-time producers who want a simple avenue of getting good sound directly into their mobile devices.

 Shure MoveMic One: main characteristics

 SM-Brand Interviews, Materials & Programs

Mainly for solo performance, the Shure MoveMic One is ideal for one-on-one interviews, pod cast and any other uses by an individual. This truly a great alternative to having a natural sounding voice as it adds a professional touch to the recordings due to its accuracy and clearness.

 Mini Clip-On Mic/Transmitter

This is a highly efficient ultralight clip-on lavalier microphone, which is, at the same time, almost invisible. Simply clip it on, and you are good to go. It has a sleek and compact structure which make it not to compromise your sight aesthetic, besides it has the best sound quality.

 Record Direct to Phone through MOTIV Apps

Traditionally, there used to be very large equipment used in recording. The MoveMic One by Shure has the feature to record sound directly to your phone via Shure’s MOTIV Audio and Video apps. This makes it extremely easy to arrange your recordings and also to edit them while on the go.

 Pink, small, simple and very practical

It is easy to set up the system and there is no necessity in hiring technicians for its configuration. Similarly to its companion, the Shure MoveMic One does not present a complicated design, so you can begin to record as soon as possible.

 IPX4 Water-Resistant

Concerned with recording voice in sub-par conditions? The Shure MoveMic One features an IPX4 level of water resistance, this implies that it can handle splashes of water / light rain or even snow and is suitable for recording outdoors.

100′ Range

Avoid restrictions and take advantage of the Shure MoveMic One which has an impressively acceptable range of up to 100’. They are very useful when it comes to the dynamic type of interviews or when the presenter will be moving around.

 Includes Cables, Windscreens

This model of Shure is complete with all the cables and windscreens necessary for optimum performance and the best sound.

 8-Hour Rechargeable Batteries

Durability of the batteries is very vital when it comes to recording equipment. The Shure MoveMic One comes with 8-hour rechargeable batteries which means enough recording can be done without having to charge the batteries again and again.

Charging Case for 24 Hours

For extended usage beyond that, there is the charging case that gives an extra 24 hours of power. This make sure your Shure MoveMic One is always charged and can be used anytime you feel like using it.

 Compact and Ultracompact Design

This one is perfect for mobile content creators due to the Shure MoveMic One portable size and the completeness of its design. No matter if you’re vlogging, podcasting or doing interviews, and its compact size is perfect, because it will not make you feel its weight.

Effortless Connectivity with MOTIV Apps

The MOTIV apps of Shure provide the integration with the MoveMic One by which you can easily manage and personalize your move. Following are the audio apps which are easy to use and offer multiple features to improve your sound.

 Durability: IPX4 Water-Resistant

Other features of IPX4 rating confirm that Shure MoveMic One is ready for any weather conditions one might face during performance, which makes this microphone suitable for being used outdoors. This durability ensures that you don’t have to worry about your equipment, which in turn you can freely attend to your content.

 Impressive 100′ Range

The range of microphone pickup that the Shure MoveMic One has is within a hundred feet to provide mobility in your recording. This is particularly useful for shows and disrupts or when you have to be on the camera while doing an interview.

Complete Package: Cables and Windscreens

Accessories are important and if one has to choose between having the right pair of shoes or a stylish handbag or the latest dress or the trendiest necklace, then having the right accessory can mean a lot. The MoveMic One comes with some cables and windscreens to ensure that you are ready to capture different scenes and environments.

Long-lasting Battery Life

Endurance is quite a crucial concern for most content making individuals. The Shure MoveMic One features 8-hour rechargeable batteries to offer a long usage period that will help in recording all the content you desire.

 Charging Case Convenience

The wires are charging cases and provide additional power of up to 24 hours. This feature makes sure that your Shure MoveMic One is always in a position to go, specifically during long recording.

Using Shure MoveMic One in Different Scenarios

The versatility of the Shure MoveMic One makes it suitable for various scenarios:The versatility of the Shure MoveMic One makes it suitable for various scenarios:

  • Interviews: Very useful for arranging one-to-one interviews, gives clear and rather professional quality sound.
  •  Podcasts: Perfect for those podcasters seeking to get quality microphone with simplicity in use.
  •  Content Creation: Perfect for everyone creating content for their channel, whether it is vlogs, YouTube, or social media sharing pages that require good audio quality.
  • Outdoor Recordings: Due to its IPX4 rating it is suitable for use in an outdoor setting.

How to Get Started with Shure MoveMic One

Getting started with the Shure MoveMic One is simple:

 1. Charge the Device: Be sure your microphone and charging case have charged batteries.

 2. Connect via Bluetooth: Sync the microphone with the activated mobile device through the application called MOTIV.

 3. Clip On and Record: Place the microphone properly, launch the MOTIV app, and begin shooting all the scenes that you want to capture.


In typed and broadcast of speeches, conferences, and events Shure MoveMic One is an application that will assist a person to have enhanced audio in a very easy way. The design of the speaker is rather compact, it has numerous outstanding qualities, and is incredibly easy to use, that is why it is perfect for interviews, podcasts, and content creation. By using the Shure MoveMic One, one will easily be able to take his/her recording work to the next level.


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Shure MoveMic One
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