SJÖSS 30W USB-C Charger – Fast, Portable, and Safe Charging


When it gets to charging of your devices, knowing that you have the best charger as per your device is very important. As for the charger which is genuinely reliable and efficient, the SJÖSS 30W 1-port USB-C charger is what one should consider. Created by Mehments Mehmet and having a compact look this charger can surely satisfy all your charging requirements whether it is in your office or in a road trip.


The now familiar scenario of charging one’s handset or any other electronic device is a hurry is very familiar to most youngsters. The SJÖSS 30W 1-port USB C charger will fit the bill with fast charging as well as other numerous features. It does not matter if it is a smartphone, tablet, or a laptop that you want to charge, this charger will solve your issue.

Why Choose the SJÖSS Charger?

Here are the reasons why you should consider this charger to be your favorite charger, often referred to as SJÖSS charger. Finally, owing to a maximum output of up to 30W, the charger guarantees your devices charge with a lot of intensity. It is flexible with most of the fast charging standards as well as lightweight and compact; ergo, suitable for daily or travel use.

 Key Features

  •  30W Power Output: The charger gives a fast charging power output of 30 watts hence charges the devices in the shortest time possible.
  •  Universal Compatibility: Supports the Power Delivery (PD 3. 0), Quick Charge (QC4 +) and Programmable Power Supply (PPS).
  •  Lightweight and Portable: It is also portable due to its small and lightweight nature, it can easily fit in your pocket.
  •  Personalization: This one comes with 3 colour stickers green, orange and blue so that the users can make it unique.
  •  Safety Features: It has in-built Over current protection, Short circuit protection and Over heating protection.

 Fast Charging Capabilities

Arguably, one of the great strengths offered by the SJÖSS charger is the relative charging time. Thanks to the 30W power output and support for PD 3. 0 and QC4+ your devices will be charged to full in no time. Ever wished that you could get your phone’s battery from being dead to half full within half an hour. That’s the beauty of the one, that has chosen fast charging with the help of SJÖSS charger.

Compatibility with Devices

The SJÖSS charger is very universal and as you can see from the list can charge numerous devices. On the type of your device, whether it is a Smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or any other portable device at all, this charger can be relied on. The charging speed may differ from device to device, at the same time, you can be sure that the charger under the brand SJÖSS will help to charge the gadgets at the maximum speed.

 Design and Portability

The SJÖSS charger that is currently marketed comes with a modern appearance that was developed by Mehmet Mehmetalioglu. This makes it ideal for the busy people because it hardly occupies any space and is also very light. It is small and portable enough to fit in your pocket or handbag and thus it can travel from place to place conveniently.

 Personalization Options

People do appreciate that personal like and the SJÖSS charger comes with the colour stickers that you can use to make the charger unique for you. You can get the delicious drink in green, orange or blue according to your fashion tone or your state of mind. I think it would be yet a nice idea get your charger customized in some way so that it would not only be different from the other Chargers but would also be personally identified.

 Safety Features

As for charging safety, more could never be too much, and the SJÖSS charger is completely safe. In this regard, it has an in-built feature of over current protection, short circuit protection, and over heat protection. They make sure that the devices you are charging are protected from any possible harm that the charging process may cause on them.

 Operating Temperature

The SJÖSS charger is designed to work optimally in a working temperature of 5°C to 35°C (41°F – 95°F). This makes it efficient to many situations for instance if you are working in an air conditioned room, or in very hot outdoor weather.

 Charging Performance

The kind of the USB cable matters a lot, when it comes to charging speed and functionality of the device being charged. If you want to achieve these recommendations’ optimum performance, only connect your device to a superior quality USB-C cable. With this SJÖSS charger, you can fast charge your phone and tablets and you can also charge most of the laptops charging ports.

Ideal for Travel

It is a small charger but can take anywhere due to the universal supply voltage of the SJÖSS charger. There is no more stressing which charger to use for which gadget during a trip. Light weight reduce bulkiness of the product a plus this is good news knowing that you can charge your devices in any location fast.

 Technical Specifications

  •  Designer: Mehmet Mehmetalioglu
  •  Article Number: 305. 744. 69
  •  Power Output: 30W (3A)
  •  Compatibility: PD 3. 0, QC4+, PPS
  •  Operating Temperature: 5 ~ 35 ℃ (41 ~ 95 ℉)
  •  Safety Features: Over-current protection which is also referred to as short-circuit protection, overheating protection.
  •  Personalization: It consists of 3 colour sticker (Green, Orange, Blue).


The SJÖSS 30W 1-port USB-C charger is right for anyone who wants to make sure his electric devices are charged and is ready for use at all times. The Speed, versatility in compatibility with other gadgets, and the safety measures it comes with makes the charger a worthy investment. This charger has all the features that one requires either at home or on a business trip; thus, one cannot miss this gem.

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