SJÖSS 45W 2-Port USB-C Charger: Fast, Reliable Charging


As far as modern people are concerned, the necessity of possessing a reliable and efficient charger cannot be overestimated. This makes SJÖSS 45W 2-port USB-C charger as an ultimate solution in charging woes for all the electronic devices that one uses. And wherever you go, you need a fast, effective charger – for your smartphone, tablet or laptop- thus it is an indispensable gadget. Okay, let’s look at the Pros that make the SJÖSS charger unique.

 Compact and Portable Design

Yet, it is portable in design and has only one input: the SJÖSS charger. This is due to its neat design which makes it easily portable; you could fit it in your bag or even your pocket. This makes it convenient and perfect for travelling to avoid the usual power convection problems that comes with many travel destinations. It is also a compact device hence it can easily be placed on the desk or on the bedside table without consuming much space.

 Personalize with Color Stickers

Another thing that application can do is to add a name to the frame of the SJÖSS charger to make the charging more enjoyable. It has three packaged color stickers of green, orange, and blue conveniently packed at the rear of the charger. These stickers do not only provide colour but can also assist in differentiating the charger; particularly if one has many chargers in the house.

 Universal Compatibility

The SJÖSS charger here is universal and can be used to charge many devices. Also, any laptop, smartphone, and tablet or nearly all the laptops fall under the category of devices that can be charged by this charger. It is compatible with different types of fast charging profiles which include Power Delivery (PD 3. 0), Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC4+), and Programmable Power Supply (PPS) to make sure that your devices charges to the fastest speed possible.

 Understanding Output Power

The mentioned SJÖSS charger may have a USB-C outlet, through which it can possibly deliver up to 3A/45W. This means when one USB-C outlet is in use, it can transmit a formidable current of 45W of charging capacity. If both outlets of the USB-C are engaged, the power delivery is divided, making each of them output 22W. This flexibility is the reason, why it is possible to charge several devices simultaneously and get the same rate of charging.

Power Delivery and Quick Charge Compatibility

Coming with Power Delivery (PD 3. 0) and Quick Charge (QC4+) technology to guarantee it can supply the highest class charging rate. Whether you have a need to bring a charge to your phone for some time before going out or charge it all night, this charger is suitable. An advanced supply voltage regulation of the described solution is provided by the well-developed Programmable Power Supply (PPS) to take the charging efficiency to the next level depending on the discharge demands of the connected device.

Importance of USB Cable Quality

However, there is something you need to note the length and quality of a USB cable you are used greatly influences the charging rate. Therefore, selecting a better but comparatively shorter cable enhances the SJÖSS charger’s charging capability and charging device at the maximum possible rate.

 Safe Charging Features

Therefore, safety has not been compromised when using SJÖSS charger. It incorporates over current protection, short circuit protection and overheat protection all from the device. These features make it possible to protect the devices from electrical dangers when charging and also make you feel relieved.

 Optimal Operating Temperature

SJÖSS charger is designed and suitable to work at temperature of between 5 degree C and 35 degree C (41 F to 95 F). This makes it efficient in different environmental conditions, therefore it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. In case of usage it is possible to observe that devices become warmer when charging and this is quite normal, and soon, as soon as the device is charged, it cools down on its own.


The SJÖSS 45W 2-port USB-C charger is one of the best multi-port chargers to consider for all your electronics gadgets. smart charger has characteristics of compact structure, personalization, and compatibility for any device making it the best charger for everyone. This charger offers security and accomplishment so your devices get charged as quickly as possible and also in safety, wherever you are at home or otherwise.

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SJÖSS 45W 2-port USB-C charger
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