Skullcandy Terrain XL Review: A Closer Look


Skullcandy’s Terrain XL Bluetooth speaker promises a blend of rich audio and rugged sturdiness. But does it stay as much as the hype? Let’s dive into the information and notice if this transportable powerhouse is well worth your investment.


Looking for a transportable speaker that can resist your adventurous lifestyle? The Skullcandy Terrain XL might seize your eye. Priced at $79.Ninety nine, it boasts wealthy lows, bright highs, and a water-resistant construct. But is it all sunshine and rainbows? Let’s explore its features and overall performance to find out.

Compact Design

The Terrain XL packs a punch in a compact shape factor. Its 1.Four-pound frame fits snugly into your backpack or beach tote, making it perfect for on-the-go adventures. Available in more than one colorings, which include Astro Dust and Blue Blaze, it adds a pop of favor to your outside escapades.

Underwhelming Controls

While the Terrain XL impresses with its design, its onboard controls depart some thing to be preferred. Users file fussy buttons that regularly misfire, leading to unintentional extent adjustments or song skips. This can be irritating, mainly in the center of your preferred song.

Audio Performance

When it comes to audio nice, the Terrain XL promises a blended bag. With twin 20-watt drivers and passive bass radiators, it gives rich lows and bright highs at moderate volumes. However, heavy-handed virtual sign processing (DSP) can flatten the bass and distort the sound at higher volumes.

Deep Bass Handling

For bass fans, the Terrain XL may additionally fall quick of expectancies. While it performs admirably on tracks with slight bass, it struggles to reproduce deep bass frequencies at excessive volumes. This dilemma can detract from the general listening experience, especially for bass-heavy genres.

Built-in Speakerphone

One standout function of the Terrain XL is its built-in speakerphone capability. Whether you’re taking a conference call or catching up with friends, you can depend upon clear audio and robust sign reception. However, the lack of committed name controls can also inconvenience a few customers.

Battery Life

Skullcandy estimates that the Terrain XL can provide up to 18 hours of playtime on a unmarried rate. While that is first rate for a portable speaker of its length, actual battery existence may vary depending on usage styles and extent tiers. Plan accordingly for extended outings.

Waterproof Design

Fear not, out of doors fans—the Terrain XL is built to withstand the factors. With an IPX7 score, it could brave water submersion up to a meter deep for 30 minutes. Whether you are poolside or beach-bound, you can enjoy your favorite tunes without worry.

Companion App

Unlike some competitors, the Terrain XL lacks a partner app for enhanced customization and manipulate. While this may not be a dealbreaker for anyone, tech-savvy users may leave out the capability to first-class-music their audio enjoy or access firmware updates with ease.

Pros and Cons


  • Rich lows and brilliant highs at moderate volumes.
  • Waterproof construct, allowing for worry-free outdoor use.
  • Includes speakerphone capability for arms-free calls.


  • Fussy onboard controls frequently misfire, main to unintentional changes.
  • Aggressive virtual sign processing (DSP) can flatten the bass and distort sound.
  • Lack of a associate app for enhanced customization and manipulate.


  • Channels: Stereo
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: No
  • Multi-Room: No
  • Physical Connections: USB-C
  • Portable: Yes
  • Water-Resistant: Yes (IPX7 score)
  • Speakerphone: Yes
  • Built-In Voice Assistant: None


In the world of portable Bluetooth audio system, the Skullcandy Terrain XL holds its personal with a rugged layout and first rate audio performance. However, its finicky controls and lack of a partner app can also give pause to discerning clients. For the ones looking for a sturdy alternative, options like the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom provide a greater balanced bundle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Skullcandy Terrain XL water-proof?

Yes, the Terrain XL boasts an IPX7 rating, making it water-resistant and appropriate for outdoor use.

2. How long does the battery ultimate at the Terrain XL?

Skullcandy estimates a battery lifestyles of approximately 18 hours according to charge, but actual utilization can also range.

3. Can I pair multiple Terrain XL audio system together?

Yes, the Multilink feature allows you to pair as much as ninety nine Terrain audio system for a larger sound setup.

4. Does the Terrain XL have a companion app?

No, the Terrain XL does now not have a companion app for customized manage or firmware updates.

5. How does the audio overall performance of the Terrain XL evaluate to different audio system in its charge variety?

While the Terrain XL gives first rate audio best, competition like the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom may additionally provide a more balanced sound profile and additional capabilities.

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