Skyted Unveils Groundbreaking Silent Masks at CES 2024

News Skyted Unveils Groundbreaking Silent Masks at CES 2024

The French company Skyted, which provides smart communication solutions, is preparing to introduce a ground-breaking invention at CES 2024. Based on the popularity of its quiet communication solution, which was on display at CES 2023, Skyted is launching two innovative mask models: the Business Travel quiet Mask and the Hybrid Mask, which are intended for those who like traveling and gaming. With these innovative masks, quiet gaming will take on a whole new meaning, and the idea of private discussions will be redefined.

Skyted’s CES Eureka Park Success Story

Skyted is a prime example of one of the success stories to come out of CES Eureka Park. It is headed by former vice president of Airbus, Stéphane Hersen, and backed by esteemed organizations like the European Space Agency, Airbus, and the French Aerospace Lab (ONERA). Based on insightful comments from CES 2023, the business has improved its 2024 designs, which has resulted in intensive product testing and R&D activities.

Although Skyted was first designed with travelers in mind, its product line has expanded to serve a wider range of consumers, including office professionals, gamers, and more. The worldwide pandemic has pushed the trends toward remote and hybrid work, which has brought attention to the widespread demand for these kinds of cutting-edge communication tools. Skyted’s objective to “Stay connected but discreet” has now expanded its reach to many markets, including B2B, B2G, and B2C.

On January 8, 2024, Skyted will begin its Kickstarter campaign, with manufacturing beginning in the fall of 2024. Backers of our crowdfunding project will get discounted prices on the cutting-edge Mobility Privacy Mask and the Hybrid Silent Mask for gamers and travelers. There is a tangible sense of excitement among tech aficionados and privacy-conscious people as Skyted gets ready to present its newest products at CES.

Skyted Gaming Mask

Designed to improve gaming, this mask offers players an unmatched level of immersion. With its sound-absorbing technology, this mask lets you communicate with colleagues invisibly and privately at the same time. With its configurable skin choices, real-time haptic vibration, and illumination, the Skyted Gaming Mask offers players a gaming experience that is rich in senses.

Skyted Mobility Mask

Designed to provide safe communication in total privacy at any time and from any location, the Mobility Mask from Skyted Has features like VoiceBooster, Transparency mode, and Sound Bubble. This mask is a flexible option for anybody looking for a private conversation experience.

Aeronautic-based acoustic innovation is used in Skyted’s masks, which are capable of absorbing 80% of speech frequencies. With the help of this cutting-edge technology, conversations may be held in loud environments with perfect clarity and little chance of being overheard. Skyted’s solutions are designed to provide privacy, uninterrupted communication, and improved learning experiences, with an emphasis on meeting the demands of a broad user base.

The Hybrid Mask and the Business Travel Silent Mask are designed to be lightweight, discrete, and appropriate for a variety of settings. The masks provide a special fusion of technology and usefulness, blending in perfectly with users’ daily lives.

Kickstarter Launch and CES Showcase

Skyted will launch its crowdfunding campaign on January 8, 2024, giving supporters first access to these revolutionary masks. Attendees at CES will get to see live demonstrations of the Mobility Privacy Mask and the Hybrid Silent Mask, which will highlight their features and performance.

Established by former Vice President of Airbus Stéphane Hersen in 2021, Skyted has become a world leader in the “no voice out, no noise in” movement. The business has created acoustic technologies that let people make private, secure, and noiseless phone and video conversations from anywhere. With support from industry leaders, including Airbus, the European Space Agency, and the French Aerospace Lab (ONERA), Skyted is inviting CES guests to sample their breakthrough silent masks in Las Vegas from January 7–12, 2024.

Key Features and Technologies

For gamers, Skyted’s new masks provide cutting-edge capabilities like Voice Protect, Private Bubble, and Voice Awareness. Confidential talks may take place even in public spaces because of Private Bubble’s intelligibility and perceptibility control technology, which guarantees sound privacy. Voice Protect combines three distinct technologies to improve cybersecurity and make calls that are private and of the highest caliber for hidden protection. In order to address the problem of loud speaking during games, Voice Awareness for Gamers gives parents the ability to set voice levels and limitations, which may help to reduce aggressive behavior in virtual worlds.

A technological innovation in communication, Skyted’s silent masks answer the increasing need for privacy and private interactions in a variety of contexts. The industry is excited to see how these innovative masks will affect communication, gaming, and privacy in an increasingly connected world as the firm gets ready to begin its Kickstarter campaign and present its newest developments at CES 2024. Skyted’s dedication to maintaining a discreet but connected connection heralds a new age in communication solutions, where technology effortlessly complies with personal choices for privacy and continuous connectivity.

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