Small Universe X Sugar Cubes: A Sweet Treat for Retro Gamers?


The world of retro gaming handhelds is trying to please the bustling crowd of gamers who are into revisiting the retro games for nostalgia. In this crowded space, the Small Universe X Sugar Cubes is finding a way to create a new buzz.

The retro handheld offers the gamers an intriguing rotating display and power specs. Let’s delve deeper into the Sugar Cubes to understand if it lives up to the hype.

A Sleek Design

The Sugar Cube has a sleek metallic body that radiates a premium feel. It is a reminiscent of the Analogue Pocket. Moreover, it is available in several vibrant colors which exudes a retro charm. So, the design has something for everyone.

The Rotating Display

The star of the show is the rotating display. The 3.9-inch, 1240×1080 OLED rotating display charmed many gamers. Its 4:3 aspect ratio might initially seem off, but the magic lies in its ability to rotate a full 98 degrees.

The genius design allows a seamless transition between portrait and landscape mode. It caters to the diverse orientation requirements of several retro titles. The OLED panel also provides vibrant color, contrast ratio and brightness.

The display rotation feature allows players to enjoy arcade games in vertical mode. Sugar Cubes aims to be the best at offering 3×2 and 4×3 consoles.

However, the screen looks almost like a perfect square. So, it is hard to tell how much difference it will make. It is still praiseworthy that they came with a different new feature.

Packed with Power

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is powering the Sugar Cubes. It is a 64-bit ARM-based chip, which is similar to Rockchip CPUs used in Linux-based handhelds. These processors are usually found in high-end smartphones. So, it translates to impressive performance that can handle demanding emulated titles like God of War. Moreover, the cherry on top is players can play games from Game Boy, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo 64.

A Familiar Blend

The control scheme might feel familiar to seasoned retro gamers. The dual analog sticks, a D-pad, and four face buttons are strategically placed for comfortable grip and control. Moreover, additional shoulder buttons and customizable triggers enhance control complexity for more demanding games.

Software and Storage

The operating system details are still under wraps. Rumors suggest an Android-based custom interface optimized for retro gaming. This could open doors to extensive app support, emulators, and customization options. Similarly, the storage option is also unconfirmed. Still, hopefully, it will be sufficient for storing a generous library of retro classics.

Concerns and Uncertainties

Despite the Sugar Cube’s exotic claims, some areas remain a mystery. Pricing has yet to be revealed, and given its sleek design and specifications, it may not be budget-conscious.

The rotating exhibit is new, but it raises questions about its durability. Moreover, we don’t know if constant rotating will lead to early deuteriation. Additionally, software ecosystem and game compatibility need further clarification.


While the Sugar Cubes made a buzz with its rotating display, will it hold on to the expectation? According to Retro Dodo, the design has similarities with the OH WOW handheld. Moreover, since the company making Sugar Cubes has no prior handheld experience, it is wise to think twice before purchasing.


The Small Universe X Sugar Cues has the potential to be a game-changer in the retro handheld scene. The handheld has a unique rotating display and powerful core. The premium build, vibrant display, and impressive performance are enticing features.

However, the unknown price tag, potential durability concerns, and lack of software details leave some lingering uncertainty. Ultimately, whether the Sugar Cubes delivers a truly sweet experience or leaves a bitter aftertaste will depends on after its release. Currently, it is a promising contender in the retro handheld arena.

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