Sonus Faber Suprema: Extravagance in Audiophile Bliss


With their newest creation, the Suprema speaker system, Sonus Faber has again reached new heights in high-end audio, where sonic purity meets unfettered luxury. These $750,000 speakers are a statement of opulence, accuracy, and sonic excellence.

Suprema 2.1 and Suprema 2.2

For those who consider music holy and have $750,000, the Sonus Faber Suprema calls. At CES 2024, these custom speakers were introduced as the Suprema 2.1 and 2.2. Two main columns, one subwoofer and one electronic crossover, make up the $680,000 Suprema 2.1, guaranteeing an aural symphony. The $750,000 Suprema 2.2 has two subwoofers for a soul-stirring low-end. The Suprema speaker system costs $750,000, which is equivalent to 16 new Tesla Model 3s. This is a sonic investment, a custom speaker system for discriminating listeners wanting the highest level of audio quality.

The Suprema competes in audio nirvana, where perfection is unbounded. These speakers rival the Magico M9, which TechRadar recently heard at a trendy London dealership, for the same price. Magico’s mid-range S3 is a tough rival for ambition because of its performance and sound. Opulent design and precise sound are flawlessly combined in the Suprema series. Sonus Faber’s creative design is evident in the main column, which is inspired by the lute’s form. The elliptical subwoofers are inspired by Stradivari violins, bringing musical legacy to the speakers.

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

The Suprema series’ high price is justified by its high-quality materials and precise workmanship. Carbon fiber, which is lightweight yet strong, strengthens speakers. Acoustically chosen wood warms and resonates sound. Precision and durability come from CNC-milled solid aluminum, representing the brand’s workmanship. Subwoofers inspired by Stradivari violins are elliptical for more than looks. It blends artistry and sound to honor classical music’s long history. The lute-shaped main column honors classical instruments and the brand’s beautiful style.

Sonus Faber’s Suprema collection promotes sustainability in an eco-conscious age. The eco-friendly leather front panel is tanned without chromium. This gives speakers exclusivity and meets the rising desire for ethical and sustainable luxury. The Suprema series is a visual spectacle that draws attention wherever. The lute-shaped main column is a piece of art that blends classical and contemporary design. The glossy finish and fine craftsmanship raise the speakers to luxury.

What Does $750,000 Deliver?

Despite its high price, the Suprema series is more than simply a purchase. These speakers provide a premium listening experience. Its goal is to immerse the listener in a world-class symphony, not just provide audio accessories. Everyone wants to know what a $750,000 speaker system delivers. The Suprema range delivers an extraordinary aural experience beyond its luxurious materials and design. These speakers strive to immerse listeners in pure sound with every note, chord, and crescendo.

Acoustic engineering in the Suprema series is novel. Eight front-firing speakers and two rear-firing drivers make up each 4/5-way main column. The “Camilla” mid-range’s cellulose pulp diaphragm shows the brand’s dedication to sound quality. The treated silk dome tweeter and super tweeter offer excellent high-frequency performance. Recycled cork is deliberately put into speakers to modify sound. Twin 38cm transducers with carbon fiber membranes and neodymium magnets offer undistorted low-end frequencies down to 16Hz in the subwoofers.

Crossover Filters and Electronic Mastery

The Suprema crossover filters demonstrate the brand’s perfectionist approach. To achieve “the perfect tonal balance and most rigorous control of the acoustic phases,” these filters provide a smooth frequency transition and an immersive soundstage. Dual mono and perfectly balanced electronic crossovers with 100% analog phase cutting and control circuits add intricacy to the system. The power supply, housed in solid metal, and the audio signal, “guarded in a precious lacquered wooden enclosure,” demonstrate Sonus Faber’s painstaking approach to audio quality.

As expected, the Sonus Faber Suprema is not mass-market. These custom speakers will be “available on request” from authorized dealers this month. Due to its rarity, each pair of Suprema speakers is a masterpiece designed for audiophiles who demand perfection. Sonus Faber’s Suprema line is not its first high-end audio venture. Its Omnia wireless speaker, one of the finest in its class, has made the Italian audio expert famous. Sonus Faber has also created 21-speaker systems for the Maserati Grecale, demonstrating the brand’s adaptability and commitment to high-quality music.

Sonus Faber Suprema – Where Luxury Meets Acoustics

As the pinnacle of high-end audio, the Sonus Faber Suprema exudes elegance and acoustics. These speakers give a visual and acoustic experience that surpasses typical audio systems. Despite its high price, the Suprema series is about sonic excellence and an everlasting devotion to quality. If you can afford the Suprema, you can experience the purest form of aural joy, where craftsmanship, innovation, and creativity meet. The Suprema is more than simply a pair of speakers—it represents a lifestyle where elegance and acoustics blend perfectly.

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