Sony SA-RS5 Wireless Rear Speakers Review


If you want to boost the quality of your hom Audio then the following home audio systems would be of great help to you. If this is the case, the Sony SA-RS5 Wireless Rear Speakers might be what you’re looking for. They have proposed deep and crisp sound and compatibility with other Sony soundbars and receivers. Now, let’s explore the features of the described speakers.


Just picture having a cinema style in your living room with just two speakers. Here’s what the Sony SA-RS5 Wireless Rear Speakers offer and that is the convenience of wireless speakers. As speakers that are intended for use in combination with Sony soundbars and receivers, these will try to offer an enhanced audio experience. But does all this imply the best on the part of the entities? Let’s find out.

 Key Features

Sony SA-RS5 Wireless Rear Speakers arrive with several features to meet the demands from those who listen to music in their home theater occasionally as well as for those users who actively seek for qualitative sound. Here are some highlights:

  • 360 Spatial Sound Mapping for preparing a surround sound.
  • Wired or wireless connection with other devices made by Sony.
  • Internal battery with up to 10-hour capacity and is chargeable very fast.
  •  Bookshelf ones for throwing sound through your room.
  •  Based on PLaudio with an easy OPTIMIZE button of the sound field.
  •  Total power in output of 180W.
  • Able to fold and able to be set up in any position, can be used anywhere without needing a power source.
  • Fully-ossified Block Design for filling up the entire room with sound.
  • For installation purposes, these JVMs are wall mount-capable.

 360 Spatial Sound Mapping

Another element that can be highlighted in the Sony SA-RS5 is the 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. This technology helps to generate actual acoustics speakers out of two real elements and seem to envelope you with the sound. This is like the feel of having the complete surround sound without having to put so many speakers.

 Direct Wireless Connection

No more messy wires and strenuous processes to be followed in order to connect with a system. The direct wireless connection feature guarantees a stable connection with some Sony soundbars such as HT-A7000, HT-A5000, and HT-A3000, & STR-AN1000 Receiver. This also contributes to installation since you do not have to-struggle to create room for the installation since there will be no clutter.

Built-in Battery

Befuddled of looking for a power outlet? The built-in battery in the SA-RS5 speakers is 10 hours on a full charge on a single power source. Additional, for those who might be in a hurry the fast charging feature helps to give the hours of play time after charging the phone for a short period of time. This is flexibility enables the speakers to be positioned anywhere within the room without the hinderance of power cables.

 Up-Firing Speakers

It does help that the up-firing speakers fire sound at the ceiling, as you get sound from above in addition to left, center, right, forward, backward, and side. This feature is of most usefulness when the speakers are positioned to create a three dimension playing area for movies or music.

 Sound Field Optimization

To balance the input sounds to perfection sometimes can be very daunting but it’s not the case with the SA-RS5. Sound Field Optimization is the default feature that enables you to press the OPTIMIZE button and the surrounding speakers change to the environment’s nature. This way, you can immerse in the music or home theater sound quality offered to you, irrespective of the irregularity in the shape and size of the room.

 Power Output

These speakers are powerful having a total of 180W power output. If there is an action filled movie that you want to watch or your best-loved album that you want to listen to, the SA-RS5 speakers give you loud and clear sound with great bass.

 Flexible Layout

Probably, one of the brilliant features about the SA-RS5 speakers is its modularity. A built-in battery is incorporated to the device so they can be used any where without necessarily being connected to a power source. It also means that you can place them as you find fit, on a shelf, stand, or even on the wall.

 Design and Aesthetics

The SA-RS5 has the Omnidirectional Block Design installed by Sony. Apart from being stylish and fitting any interior, a slender and minimalistic design of these models contributes to better sound distribution. The speakers are fashionably built to complement your interior space, and at the same time, offer powerful sound for your room.

 Wall Mount Capability

SA-RS5 speakers’ basic model has a wall mount prepared, so if you have a problem with space on the floor you can easily mount your speakers on the walls. This is to say that it not only leads to space-saving, and, at the same time, can positively affect the quality of the sound since the speakers are placed at the conveniently high level.


In terms of performance, one would not be disappointed when choosing to use the Sony SA-RS5. Thus, 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, up-firing speakers, along with extreme power, defines the sonic immersion. These speakers offer impressive sound whether you are watching a motion picture, playing a computer game or listening to music.

 Pros and Cons


  • Easy wireless setup
  •  Impressive audio output as the speakers provide clear 360 Spatial Sound Mapping experience.
  • Long battery life, fast charging option
  •  Flexible placement options


  • Premium price point
  •  Conserves power and provides the best performance particularly when used with other Sony related items.


Therefore, the Sony SA-RS5 Wireless Rear Speakers are a great home audio accessory to have if you’re a user of a Sony soundbar or an appropriate receiver. Combined with the concepts of state of the art technology, uncomplicated controls and a highly glossy look and feel, make them a worthy investment for anyone who would wish to improve the sound experience of any media.

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