Sony SRS-XV500 X-Series Party Speaker: Ultimate Party Experience


Planning a party and thinking of hiring the best speaker to take command of it? The Sony SRS-XV500 X-Series Party Speaker is here for business; for sound that is loud and clear, bass that is deep, and a host of features to ensure the party does not stop. If you are in a karaoke night or just want a speaker that will give some mood lighting then this is a great speaker to have.

Powerful Sound with Clear and Deep Bass

Ever wished to have concert quality sound at the tips of your fingers? The Sony SRS-XV500 does that and more with its robust bass as well as clear and loud sound. The band is fantastic – it is as if having one’s own concert inside one’s living room, suitable for any occasions, be it a festive or informal and leisurely night.

Karaoke and Guitar Inputs for Interactive Fun

Music lover or a bubbling talent with a knack for singing and/or playing the guitar? Karaoke and guitar inputs are what you need and the XV500 has gotten you covered in this department. Now, you can perform for your audience or crank up your favorite song together. It turned out to be like a small stage providing the musical gifts and making all occasions fun.

User-Friendly Illuminated Touch Control Panel

This is to inform that controlling your music has never been easier. The touch control panel is backlit and the control layout is very simple and logically designed in the XV500. The volume, track selection, or the lightening can also be controlled easily without having to stop the music and having a DJ around by simply using your fingers on the touch pads.

 High Efficiency Tweeters with X-Balanced Speakers

New in the XV500 are high efficiency tweeters combined with extended woofer cone X-Balanced speakers for a clear and loud output. For these kinds of speakers, they are made in such a way that the circuit has to be optimized so that every note made is as clear as they come. It is somehow like having a professional sound system within a compact and portable unit.

 Long Battery Life and Quick Booring

No music lover would agree with this statement more than when they are hosting their party only to see their speakers stop working. Fortunately, the XV500 comes with up to 25 hours playing time that will serve to play the music all through the night. And what if the battery does die? There is always fast charging to get you going in a few minutes. This means no break and always have fun, extending the function of a party.

Easy Portability with Comfortable Handle

Stroking with considerable heft, the motorcycle is very portable; fitting easily in places of work, home or business. This portable speaker can be easily carried from one room to another in your house or taken to your friends’ house. This way, it seems one carries a piece or flare of the party around and can enliven any place.

 Weather-Resistant Design

Feeling unsafe because your play is threatened by a sudden rain shower? Don’t be. The XV500’s rating is IPX4 splash-resistant, though water will not interrupt the tunes in any way. Whether you are dancing around pool side or showering under the light rain, this speaker is designed to brave the rain and much more to enable the party to continue.

 Lighting to Suit the Mood

Achieve the ambiance you want by having lights that complements any mood that you are in. The XV500 lighting can be changed from bright party lights if your have a party occasion or just dim soft lights for a relaxing occasion. One cannot help but think it’s like getting a free light show with your party, simply added that extra touch to really make your get togethers come alive.

 Fiestable App to Plan the Perfect Party

Liven up your party and add new interactions with your friends with the Fiestable app. This may let you to choose your music preferences and lighting to make a friendly party. It is possible to choose tracks for playback, manage effects for the DJ and karaoke functions and much more through your phone thus making the party a whole lot easier.

Personalize Your Sound with Sony Music Center App

Three of them are already in your start menu to change your Audio settings? The Sony Music Center app lets you adapt the sound of your headphones with the equalizer feature. Operate your equalizer, playlist, and even the settings on your speaker using just your smartphone. PIP is like having the television remote control for your sound system, and which means total control over your music.


First of all, the Sony SRS-XV500 X-Series Party Speaker, is not only a speaker but the whole sound party system. It is creative with sound, interactive and multi-usable with so many options for settings to enhance any gathering. Regardless of whether you are preparing for a grand live performance, or you just invite several friends to a small party, this speaker has all the features that will turn the event into an incredible spectacle.

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Sony SRS-XV500 X-Series Party Speaker
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