Sony STR-AN1000: Ultimate 7.2 CH Surround Sound Experience


Welcome to one of the best living room ideas that is turning the living room into a fantastic movie theater. So here is the brief introduction of the Sony STR-AN1000 which is a 7. 2 CH, home theater surround sound system. This powerful A/V receiver gives the sound that let movies, music, and games yield to life. So, let’s explore the wire becoming the 900 HDMI receiver and discover why it is worth having in each home theater system.

 Power and Performance

I have selected this Sony STR-AN1000 and it has 7. 2- Channel A/V Receiver with 165W x 7 (1KHz, 6 ohms). This yields to clear and powerful sound quality when you are watching an action feature or even listening to pleasing music. The power consumption is 240W and power source should be 120V with 60Hz.

 HDMI Connectivity

This striking AV receiver brings future-ready HDMI performance with 8K & 4K/120, HDMI 2. 1 compatibility into your home. It has six HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs to enable you connect different devices like gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and streamers. Such a broad connectivity makes it possible to watch high definition pictures and hear crystal clear sound.

 Dolby Atmos & DTS Support

An actual experience might be when one is caught up in a rainstorm and raindrops are touching him or her. After that kind of sensational immersion you get with Dolby Atmos and DTS take with you into your home theater. These object-based sound decoding technologies help in generating a multiple planes of audio which makes you feel that you are inside the scene.

 Immersive Audio Technologies

Automating the home theater setup has become easier than ever with Sony’s Digital Cinema Auto Calibration IX and 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. They set themselves for perfecting the audio quality in the room you preferred, thus making them suitable for any room space.

HDR Format Support

The STR-AN1000 supports the leading HDR formats: New methods: Dolby Vision, HDR10, Hybrid Log Gamma, and IMAX Enhanced. These features uphold the guarantee of the ideal picture quality through enhanced contrast, brightness rates, and color differentiation. It will enable your movies and shows to look much more life like than they do today.

 Sonos Integration

To the enthusiasts of Sonos audio products, they will be glad to know that the STR-AN1000 is “Works with Sonos”. This implies that it can quickly be connected to other Sonos systems in your home thus allowing you to have great sound all over. Manage all your Sonos from your Sonos app for ease of use.

 Streaming Capabilities

Stream your favourite music easily with integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Chromecast, Spotify, & Apple AirPlay. Hear your audiobooks easily through smartphone, tablet, or right from the online services; connect to the STR-AN1000. It has multiple streaming capabilities depending on the type of stream you would like to watch.

 Smart Home Integration

Strategically, the STR-AN1000 is integrated into your connected home devices through voice commands using Google Assistant. In addition to the Hybrid Network Technology, this lets you voice command your receiver for greater usability. Think about commanding your assistant to play your favorite tune or turn up the music and never having to move a muscle.

 User-Friendly Setup

I wish to enlighten both the professional and the layman on how to set up a home theater system with the help of Sony’s graphical interface rather than going through the rigor of thrilling options. When attaching cables and setting up different options, the visualization of the guidelines is rather helpful and easy to follow, so the user remains engaged and gets the basic configuration promptly.

 Multi-Zone Distribution

Why to have your favourite music in one room only? The STR-AN1000 has Zone 2 &3 functionalities to enable it to play music in several rooms of your home. This tends to mean that while you are watching a movie in the living area your neighbor is enjoying music in the kitchen.


Sony has defined home theater for family and friends with its STR-AN1000 7. 2 CH Surround Sound Home Theater system that goes beyond an A/V receiver. Using innovative audio solutions, abundant connection opportunities, and easy-to-use controls, it is created to bring your home cinema to a whole new level. Computing devotee, cinema masochist, or a music fanatic, the STR-AN1000 can make a good company.

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Sony STR-AN1000 7.2 CH Surround Sound Home Theater
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