Sony Unveils Advanced Mirrorless Cameras: The Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7CR

Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7CR (Pinterest/@Takis Tsiambouris)

Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7CR (Pinterest/@Takis Tsiambouris)

Sony recently announced the launch of its two new mirrorless cameras in Indonesia, namely the Alpha 7C II and Alpha 7CR. The event took place in Jakarta last week. The Alpha 7C II is the successor to the 2020-released A7C, while the Alpha 7CR is a new variant branching out from the A7C lineup.

The Alpha 7CR boasts specifications similar to the A7R Mark V, including a full-frame 61 MP sensor and an artificial intelligence (AI)-based autofocus technology that can automatically detect and track subjects. Unlike the A7R Mark V, the A7CR has a compact body with a rangefinder-like design, reminiscent of Sony’s A6xxx mirrorless camera series.

During its launch, tech reviewers had the chance to test the Alpha 7CR’s tracking autofocus capabilities and image quality. The A7CR inherits the high-resolution sensor of the A7R Mark V and features a Pixel Shift Multi Shooting with a staggering 240 MP output. It also employs a dedicated AI chip to enhance its AI-powered autofocus feature. The A7CR’s AF performance is on par with the A7R Mark V, especially when paired with the Sony GM 24-70 f/2.8 lens.

The camera’s new interface includes enhanced touchscreen operations and additional shortcuts. When set in tracking mode, the camera swiftly focuses on a subject’s face with precision. The Eye AF technology, when activated, locks the focus onto the subject’s eyes – either both or the closest one, depending on the depth-of-field. A hallmark of this AI-driven autofocus technology is its “stickiness,” ensuring that the focus remains locked onto the subject even if momentarily obstructed.

Even in scenarios where individuals frequently pass in front of the lens, the A7CR adeptly tracks its subject, never losing focus or needing to refocus. Just like the A7R Mark V, the A7CR can maintain focus on a subject’s face from various angles, even if they’re turned away from the camera. This makes shooting models as easy as pressing a button and composing the shot.

With a resolution of 61 MP, the A7CR captures intricate details in images, from individual eyelashes and skin textures to the delicate folds of flower petals. However, despite additional lighting, the indoor lighting conditions at the launch event were somewhat dim, necessitating the use of ISO 2000 at a maximum aperture of f/2.8. As a result, some noticeable noise was evident in the A7CR’s photos, which might have compromised image detail. Under brighter conditions, such as outdoor landscapes, this camera is expected to produce even better results.

Nevertheless, the indoor shots captured by the A7CR during the brief hands-on session appeared vastly sharper than those from other cameras with lower resolutions. The high resolution of the A7CR provides increased flexibility for cropping, allowing photographers to transform a medium shot into a close-up without sacrificing much detail. Naturally, to maximize its 61 MP resolution, the A7CR should be paired with high-quality lenses, accurate focus, and appropriate shutter speeds. With its high resolution and agile autofocus, the A7CR is poised to be a versatile tool for various photography genres, from indoor studio shots and nature landscapes to street and action photography.

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