Take Your Streaming to the Next Level with Logitech for Creators Mevo Core Live Streaming Camera


For many years, Logitech has been the industry leader in camera technology. This is largely because the corporation keeps redefining what a fantastic webcam looks like and how you are presented as the star of the show when it comes to strategy.

The technical specifications


Start with technical specs. Only image sensor, frame rate, and resolution matter for webcams. When it comes to recording video, the Mevo Core can achieve 4K resolution, but its maximum streaming resolution is 1080p. A frame rate of 30 frames per second (fps) is provided by both resolutions, which is quite typical for recording and uploading video to websites like Twitch and YouTube.

The picture sensor on this camera is the real deal killer. This is not the small image sensor from your webcam or smartphone. The Micro 4/3 image sensor (MFT) is used by the Mevo Core. Because it is around three times larger than standard cameras and smartphone sensors, it performs better in low light. However, there’s more to say about the camera and image sensor. You can utilize an MFT lens with the Mevo Core if you own one. The Mevo Core may be used with any MFT lens, however according to Logitech, it has a selection of “certified” MFT lenses from Panasonic Lumix, Olympus, and Sigma. For now, more on that.

How is it feeling and looking?

I just demonstrated the Mevo Core’s build quality during Office Hours with my maker community. Opening this camera startled me in a good way. The boxy 3.5in x 3.5in x 3.25in Mevo Core has a 23Wh lithium-ion battery and weighs 1.5lbs (700g). Although plastic, the material is not “cheap.” You can truly sense the Mevo Core’s quality when you hold it in your hands.



The Mevo Core has exceptional image quality. This isn’t just any webcam, though. You can anticipate improved low-light performance with the Micro 4/3 image sensor, but you will be blown away by the results in excellent (managed) lighting, such in my home studio. Placing the Lumix 45-175mm f/4 zoom lens on the Mevo Core next to my Canon R5 C with its 24-105mm f/4 L lens, I was pleasantly delighted by the image quality in my basic comparison.

Although this test cannot be deemed “fair,” it is a useful method of determining how well the Micro 4/3 sensor and high-quality glass (lens) will perform in comparison to a full-frame sensor on a powerful camera. Check it out for yourself here. It’s not a horrible image at all. I will mention that I found the Mevo Core image noise to be more pronounced at ISO 1600 in my current lighting. With almost little noise, the R5 C is set at ISO 1600. In order to better match the exposure brightness of the Canon, I raised the exposure and set the Mevo Core to ISO 800.

What characteristics exist?

One of the things that will draw developers to the Mevo Core is its intriguing, boxy design. There are four ¼-20 mounts on each side, which are ideal for mounting plates for tripods, monitors, external microphones, and other equipment used by creators to record video. Although the Mevo Core contains an inside microphone, you should only use an internal microphone on a camera when capturing audio.

In addition to having two USB-C connectors and an HDMI port, the Mevo Core supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6E. This feature is useful since it lets you use the Mevo Multicam mobile app on your iOS or Android device to control the camera. Changing the exposure, focus, and zoom settings of the camera is quick and simple with this app. It also boasts an AI Auto-Director that enables content producers and broadcasters with numerous Mevo Core cameras to quickly flip between viewpoints and camera angles to produce visually stunning videos for their viewers.

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Cost and Accessibility

Since Logitech isn’t currently in the business of producing lenses, you’ll need to either locate your own or hunt for some possibilities supplied by OM System or Panasonic if you’re interested in the Logitech Mevo Core. This is to be expected, even though Logitech is unveiling this new camera today.

The Mevo Core is currently available and will retail for $999 here. Here are the specifications and ways to buy it, in case you’d like to look it over.

  • USB-C UVC & HDMI Video Outputs; Active Micro Four Thirds Lens Mount; Up to UHD 4K30 Video Capture; Up to 1080p30 Direct Wireless Streaming
  • Integrated Wi-Fi 6E for Using Multiple Cameras
  • 3. Array of microphones with noise cancellation
  • Two tally-lights and one 3.5mm audio input
  • Mevo Multicam App Control Integrated 4-LED Gauge, 6-Hour Battery
  • USB-C Power Input with Cable

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Take Your Streaming to the Next Level with Logitech for Creators Mevo Core Live Streaming Camera
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