TCL Unveils QM7: 2024 TV Marvel

News TCL Unveils QM7 2024 TV Marvel

At the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, TCL, a well-known participant in the television business, ignited the stage with the reveal of its much awaited 2024 TV range. The better TCL Q6 and QM8 models are among the standout newcomers, but the improved model from the previous year, now known as the QM7, is the one taking center stage. The ‘M’ for Mini-LED, which this TV introduces, is meant to be a game-changer, taking the visual experience to new levels.

The Letter ‘M’ Denotes Mini-LED

The primary change to the QM7 is the implementation of Mini-LED technology, which is denoted by the ‘M’ in its name. TCL revealed some important information at a pre-show discussion with Tom’s Guide. They confirmed that the largest model of the QM7, which has a 98-inch screen, will have 1,300 Mini-LED zones. With up to 2,000 nits of peak brightness, this breakthrough promises unmatched clarity and vibrancy and translates into a visual feast.

A Quick Look at the Highlights

TCL intends to challenge the Hisense U8K and establish the QM7 as a serious contender. In addition to being a visual marvel, the TV is evidence of TCL’s dedication to producing immersive audio experiences. AIPQ Pro Processor integration guarantees superior image processing performance, enhanced by a newly conceived 2.1-channel audio system featuring a subwoofer subtly positioned on the back of the TV. This assures the viewers of an engaging audiovisual symphony.

The Qum891G Is The Best Mini LED

With the QM7 taking center stage, TCL’s 2024 QLED selection expands to include the QM891G, which is billed as the “Ultimate Mini LED.” More than just a massive TV, this enormous 115-inch 4K QLED TV is a technological marvel. With 20,000 zones of brightness and more than 5,000 nits of peak brightness, the QM891G is designed to outperform rivals such as Samsung, LG, and Sony. At its heart, the new TCL AiPQ Ultra CPU improves image processing capabilities even further, ensuring a stunning display.

TCL has included a 6.2.2 channel sound system with the QM891G to add to its majesty. The immersive experience provided by its enormous monitor is not only matched, but enhanced by this audio configuration. TCL’s QM891G is evidence of their dedication to extending the frontiers of home entertainment technology.

The TCL Q7: Excellent Mini LED at a Reasonable Price

Officially dubbed the TCL QM751G, the QM7 is TCL’s most reasonably priced quantum dot Mini LED TV. It provides a strong feature set in addition to being reasonably priced. The QM7 boasts 1,300 brightness zones, a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits, and 95% DCI-P3 color accuracy, which should provide an intensely colorful and detailed viewing experience. Achieving dynamic HDR content that makes movies and television shows come to life requires combining HDR Ultra with Dolby Vision IQ.

With its Motion Rate 480, 120Hz panel (144Hz VRR), and AMD FreeSync Premium, the QM7 is a formidable opponent in the gaming world. The QM7 is a compelling option for gamers on a budget since, despite its slower speed than the more expensive models, the Game Accelerator 120 still promises an improved gaming experience.

Design and Presentation Choices

TCL is aware that customers have different tastes, so the QM7 comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate this. Across all sizes, the FullView 360 Metal Bezel-less design remains the same, with the goal of offering an immersive viewing experience that goes beyond the screen’s content. In addition to a new 98-inch model, the TV sizes are 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches. With the exception of the 98-inch model, all sizes have the new 2.1 channel speaker system, TCL’s AiPQ Processor, and a height-adjustable pedestal stand.


By revealing its 2024 TV portfolio, TCL further establishes itself as a leader in the market and continues to push the envelope of what is possible in the television industry. The QM7 presents an intriguing option for customers with its Mini-LED technology, which promises to redefine pricing without sacrificing quality. As a flagship model, the QM891G displays TCL’s commitment to providing the best possible viewing experience with its enormous size and remarkable specs. TCL is expected to have a big impact on the competitive TV industry when these models go on sale later this year. They will give customers a variety of alternatives that will suit their unique preferences and improve their at-home entertainment experience.

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